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    Still no delivery date for our new tiguan 😢but dealer is doing his best.anyone know how long the wait is?

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    I have today got the WLTP certificate for my Tiguan so everything in place now picking up Saturday after a long 7 months wait, never throught code would ever come , but not all Tiguans codes have come only 150TDi diesel models so lots of people still waiting for who knows how long , hope they all arrive soon , me lokking forward to Saturday

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    G J Ross

    Thankyou Stamfordboy for the update on the WLTP certificates.                Waiting on a 150tdi since ordered in March. Latest news is that it has arrived in the UK. Good luck to you for Saturday, I can’t wait for mine, it’s been too long.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi G j Ross</p>
    I ordered in March as well , I’m picking my tiguaT up Saturday after a 7 month wait, once car was in UK they moved after about 5 days been at dealership for2weeks now , hopefully now codes are starting to arrive things will start moving a lot faster and you get your car very soon

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    chris m

    hopefully picking my Tiguan diesel 150 se nav up next few days I did see a 68 plate on the road yesterday so must have the wltp codes now

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    I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve , picking up early tomorrow morning ,so after a 7 month wait looking forward to tomorrow morning , hope lot’s of you are getting good news soon about your Tiguan ,

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    Picked up this morning after a 7 month wait , but it’s drives and looks wonderful , Very happy today after 7 frustrating months dealing with VW customer service (ha ha) hope everyone still waiting for your Tiguan your pick up day arrives very soon

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    Fantastic news Stamfordboy, what a challenging time you had, but saw it through, and now got your prize. Well done, I wish you many happy, enjoyable miles.

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    JS (justsaying)

    Great news Stamfordboy. Enjoy.

    and well done for everyone that had the patience to wait.

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    Question for everyone of you that have now taken delivery of their Tiguan. You guys have got the 2019 specification models correct?

    When did the change over at the factory take place?

    I have just had this back from my VW dealer when pressed about an update on my order which was placed 2/3 months ago. I had previously spoken to VW customer service and they told me a provisional build slot of first week of November.

    “I hope you’re well, the order is currently in a transition phase from a model year 18 to a model year 19 during this period the allocated build slots can fluctuate, as it currently stands the previous provisional build week was WK44, I am awaiting the model year changeover to complete so I can give you a clearer estimate on lead time.”

    Is he basically talking out of his backside?

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    Hi Masquerede

    The change over to 2019 spec happened from August 6th 2018 , my Tiguan was built on 15th August and is the 2019 spec confirmed by my dealership on pick up day last week , so any Tiguan built now will be 2019 spec, my model SE NAV diesel 150 , what the difference is between 18 and 19 specs I couldn’t say, all I know is it’s a nice car and a lovely drive

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    Thank you for confirming that, I am very much looking forward to the Tiguan and glad you are happy with yours, it is a lovely vehicle.

    Incidentally, my order is a 190ps variant SEL 4 Motion, hopefully it passes WLTP testing soon.

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    Hey all my car lease is up in April and am looking at the tiguan my question is can I order now seeing that there is such a long wait?

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    I test drove a VW Tiguan R-Line yesterday (lovely car) the motability specialist i dealt with would not give me a date, in her reply saying it could be 4 to 6 months depending on the spec you order?!?!?


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    Hi djbasics

    Collected our Tiguan R-Line 150ps dsg yesterday. Know its too early to give a comprehensive review but having done 135 miles already I have to say I am very pleased with it. Took 5 months but that has already been forgotten! Well worth the wait imo!


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    Hi Toshtl,


    Can i ask how long did it take your Tiguan to arrive?




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    Mike 700

    I was going to order a VW Tiguan SEL which would be a factory order, with a 32 – 36 week lead time!

    I quite fancied Titanium Beige metallic, or Silver, with leather upholstery, but a cancelled order came up, and I put my name on it !

    I have now done just over 3000 miles in my Silver White Metallic Tiguan with black velour upholstery, with the panoramic sun roof open most days, it also has heated front seats, picnic tables, drivers 12 way electric seat adjustment and a massage facility, a fully Automatic tailgate which is probably the best option available ,and self parking .

    It also has the following equipment which comes as standard –

    1: Attention alert – camera/sensor based driver fatigue warning, especially useful on long boring Motorway journeys, audible and via steering wheel vibration

    2: Adaptive Cruise Control with Automatic braking and auto acceleration function – keeps a fixed distance from the car in front by slowing down and accelerating automatically as necessary – Stops the Tiguan from running into the back of the car in front /accident, without any driver input.

    3. Automatic Lane keeping assist which detects if the car is wandering out of lane, and steers it back on track ‘automatically’ , even through bends, without the ‘Need for .for driver input’, except for a hand on the wheel!

    4. Pre- crash passenger protection , locking windows etc etc automatically, flashers on etc.

    5, Pedestrian protection bonnet, via sensors!

    6 Quite a large and flexible , extendable , boot area 35.6 in. To 46 in. Length and 520-615 litres, without a lip, making for an easier loading of scooter, walker and shopping. There is a sliding rear seat Squab 60/40 and three reclining rear seat backs 40/20/40

    It is a fairly quick and economical ( 44.5 mpg overall ) 150 diesel with a smooth 7 speed auto and paddle change included

    Also need to mention the auto ‘extra bright ‘ led lights ( bi- xenon type ) as well as the safety features!

    As a former Volvo XC 70, 90, 60 twice, driver, I can thoroughly recommend the Tiguan, and I would say that it is well worth the wait?

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    Mike how much was the advance payment sounds a lovely car

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    Mike 700

    Hi Mike,


    I had a £500 discount , off the standard AP, simply by asking for it- no arguments, no discussions , just a straight forward yes!

    I was also very happy with  a negotiated,  very very decent , discount off the options, but this was unique to me, and it would be the same for anyone else I guess?

    All of this with the delivery time  / shortage of stock background !

    Someone was looking over me I think?


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    Placed order 5th May 18. Collected car 19th October 18. Dont think yours will take that long though. Dealer told me Tiguans were coming in daily now that VW have finally got there act together.  Only extra I ordered was Side Scan which should be standard on £35k car imo. Was a bit worried about the 20″ wheels being  very harsh ride but it feels ok to me on the A and B roads I use. I find the seats nice and comfortable even without the lumber support. Its a lovely car both inside and out. AP when we ordered was £2749 with a £500 discount. Think it is £250 now. We were presented with a Gift box with engraved VW bits and bobs a full set of VW car mats and boxed Flowers. All in all very pleased!!

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    James Gilmour

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hi we are ordering our first mobility car very soon. Really like the look of the Tiguan but we are slightly concerned about the wait for it to arrive. I noticed from recent reviews that things are getting slightly better. Can anyone confirm this or are we still looking at 5,6 maybe 7 month wait for delivery?</p>

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    Hi James

    Currently the only Tiguan that is WLTP compliant is the 2.0TDi 150 BHP engine. The 1.5 TSi engine has passed but production of these for the UK market will not start until early next year. The 2.0TDi 190 BHP is still yet to pass its certification for WLTP, we would think it will be very soon as they have just recently started the production of the 190 BHP as it was stopped leading up to 1st Sept (start of the new WLTP rules)

    I currently have the 2.0TDi 150 BHP I ordered on 2nd July and it was in the dealership on 26th Sept.

    People that have ordered after me are getting there’s through for delivery so things are good at mo especially the 2.0TDi 150 BHP

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    Jim Gilmour

    I have read that the higher the spec the quicker you get it. Is there any truth in this as we are ordering Thursday and we are gonna go for the R line.

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    Hi Jim

    As Newfie said, if you order the 2.0 tdi 150 bhp R-Line, Sel etc the wait should not be that long nowadays! Adding any amount of extras does not seem to make any difference to the timescale.


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    This is quite an interesting forum for anyone either getting or thinking of getting a Tiguan


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