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    Still no delivery date for our new tiguan 😢but dealer is doing his best.anyone know how long the wait is?

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    Thanks Trev,sadly I’m a bit premature as it’s still in transit to the docks as of the 10/02. 🙁

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    Glos Guy

    I’m confused! It’s being built week 26 but is already in transit to the docks?

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    I dealer managed to find the same spec and colour as the one I had originally ordered on there system that was in the process of already being built and reserved that one to me and cancelled my original order if that makes any sense.

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    Bloody iPad uses predictive text and won’t let me edit my posts. !!

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    Another one is vesselfinder.com

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    Glos Guy,we were not prepared to wait 6 months for the car that’s why the build has come earlier.

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    I’m totally hooked on marinetraffic.com. Sadly been watching my ship going back and forward between Emden and Sheerness for about 2 weeks, even though my car was only built last week!!!

    I’m absolutely amazed at how many ships cross the North sea everyday

    Now my car is at the port, my ship is at the port, and due to sail tonight, so fingers crossed and I’ll check with customer services tonight, the car will be on the Makassar Highway, and not on the quay!!!

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    Markymate, I was exactly like you. I tracked my car on the ship through a busy north sea …. it was better than Christmas! Enjoy.

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    Glos Guy

    Ah, I see. Great result!

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    Glos Guy

    I hope that nobody was tracking that one that went down with a load of brand new cars a few years back!

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    Funny you should mention that, I watched a couple video’s on youtube the other night of 2 vehicle carriers that capsized in recent years. Made me cry!!!

    Pops, I just don’t know what I’m going to do with myself once the car gets here.  Think I’ll just have to watch everyone’s Tiquan’s being shipped over…..

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    Markymate,what details were needed for you to track your Kodiaq once your car was on the boat.????

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    Hi Bulldog.  All I needed was the order number from Skoda. Then it’s either live chat, or phoning customer services. They’re more than happy to tell you how your build is going.  I’ve just been onto them because the ship that’ll bring my Kodiaq over has just left Emden, unfortunately it’s not on it, as the car only got to the port late last night.  It’ll be back on Friday afternoon, so fingers crossed.

    I think VW have a customer tracking page, but Skoda aren’t that up to date as yet!!

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    Ok thanks. 🙂

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    Picked mine up last Tuesday. My dealer kept checking stock for 2 days until one appeared off the line which was the same spec as the one i wanted or there abouts. Then put in  a fake purchase order for the car to get it shipped to the dealers and once it arrived put it through on motability. Came with a few extras i didnt want but they agreed to pay for them so i was made up. The car is unreal and i only waited 3 weeks from going in to picking it up.

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    Sorry i stand corrected just looked on my planner and it was 4 weeks and 2 days, they also confirmed the add-blu was free for the lease and just to pop in for a refill anytime.

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    Congrats on getting your Tig what version did you go for Stuart.. 🙂

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    Hi BB, i went for the 2.0 TDI 150 2WD version. Test drove the 4WD one and it felt slower i thought. The 150 is a belting engine and the DSG is so fast you hardly notice it change. Honestly one of the best cars ive ever owned.

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    Don’t forget to post some Pics Stuart . 🙂

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    I’ve tped order be in but it does not find my order😕

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    Glos Guy

    Hi Jane. If you are inputting your order number in the VW tracker and it is not finding your order, then I’m afraid that the chances are that the dealer you ordered from has not actually placed your order with VW yet, in spite of what they are telling you. As I mentioned in a previous post, VW dealers are only allocated a certain number of build allocation slots for each vehicle type (e.g. Tiguan) per month. They tend not to mention when they have used up all their slots for fear that you will order at another dealer in order to get your car quicker (which you would). I have even had experience of dealers lying about the fact that they have slots available when they don’t. As dealers rarely admit this, the only way to find out is from VW Head Office. A few years ago, the dealer assured us that they had ordered but it was only when I had confirmation from VW Head Office that they hadn’t that they admitted it and then finally placed the order. I would try the online chat one last time and if they say that they cannot see your order, call the dealer and tell them that you have been told by VW that the order has not been placed. There is a day or two delay until placed orders appear on the tracker, but if it’s longer than that then I’m afraid the dealer is most likely telling fibs.

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    What Glos Guy is correct in what he’s saying,but it could be a simple reason that the order number is wrong (human error) hopefully I would double check that if you haven’t already.

    fingers crossed for you that it is just an error. 🙂

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    Is the Tig made at Wolfsburg with the Golf ?? My Golf was at factory then at dealer in 4 weeks I tracked it everyday

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    It is young Mike. 😉

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    Woohoo just been on VW chat and got this good news….


    Ebrahim I can see that your car was built in Wolfsburg in Germany and is on a ship called MAKASSAR HIGHWAY, on it’s way to the port of Sheerness.

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