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    Still no delivery date for our new tiguan 😢but dealer is doing his best.anyone know how long the wait is?

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    My Golf arrived in 3 weeks I’m sure your VW won’t be long young Jane

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    Jane,have you got an order number if so you can track its progress on the VW website under the owners tab page.

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    Another thing you can do is go onto there live chat on the VW web site give them your order number and they should be able to tell you exactly what stage of build your car is at.

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    Yes I did that young dog just googled track my order new VW and put my order number in it’s quite exciting imho

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    If Seat had that system it would be like watching paint dry…. both coats!

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    spoke with VW last week and this is what they told me 

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    Ouch. If VW cannot get the delivery time below 13 weeks don’t expect to see the car on the scheme next Q.

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    Nick Gray

    How simple would it be for any dealer in the UK to steal a car for another dealers group stock. They all get paid and it would cut waiting times right down. I remember a car I wanted at Ford was 5 month build but they had the same model in the same colour un reg sitting in the show room but no can’t have it we need it to show customers nevermind the fact we have 3 more outside for test drives grrr

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    Glos Guy

    We ordered a new Tiguan on 20th Jan. Dealer didn’t actually order the car on the VW system until 1st Feb. As of today (12th) the VW tracker still shows as ‘processing order’ and I have twice asked via online chat if they have a provisional build date and they don’t.

    I had a bad experience with a different VW dealer last time where they took the order, telling me that they had a build slot in order to get me to go with them, but in reality they had used up all their build allocations for that period, so they sat on the order until the next month. Not impressed so went elsewhere this time, but if I don’t get a provisional build date within the next week I shall be asking some probing questions.

    VW dealers are allocated a limited number of build allocation slots by vehicle for each period (month or quarter) and aren’t good at admitting whether or not they have used them all up as they don’t want to deter customers from placing orders. So, lead times can vary wildly depending upon which dealer you order with.

    It will be interesting to know whether those ordering from the dealers offering £500 Cashback end up having to wait longer, if those dealers have exceeded their quotas but are continuing to take orders.

    I’m afraid that it isn’t as straightforward as asking dealers to try to find a car from stock. Few manufacturers build speculatively these days and once you add a few options you are nearly always looking at a factory order.

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    I’ve been told 20 weeks from order date of mid January, BUT hopefully will be a few weeks prior to that, I did not have AP discount but have reverse camera and park assist, will keep you up to date on progress

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    Wow when did you order


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    True it it doesn’t work and no one tell us to the chat.will try again tomorrow. No rush.if we get it after first of March then we will get a20 18 plate😆

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    Hi Jane… I had the discount like you and ordered 13th Jan from Mike at VW Bury, I have confirmed build week 8 (26/2)…. Mike will keep you updated, I got an email from him each time there was a change …..

    The others are right that the VW online chat can give you information on where your order is at….

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    Glos Guy

    Hi Alan. Was that a Tiguan and, if so, how long after 13th Jan did you receive your provisional build date? Thanks.

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    Here’s my build status ….


    Your Tiguan is on its way

    Tiguan SWB SEL 2.0 TDI 4Motion 190PS 7-Speed DSG 5 Door
    Order no.xxxxxxxx

    Colour: Indium Grey Metallic
    Upholstery: Titan Black
    Your car has been built and has now left the factory. On average it takes 4 weeks from build for this model to reach your local Volkswagen Retailer.

    Contact your retailer
    Car settings



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    Glos Guy

    Hi B.B.  That’s the same model we have ordered. Out of interest, when did you order it and can you recall how long it was before you received a provisional build week? Thanks.

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    We Placed our order 12/01 and the provisional date we first got was wk 26 as you can imagine we were not happy with a 6 month wait.

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    Glos Guy

    Thanks. I will be equally unimpressed if ours takes that long. The dealer had said that it would be around 13 weeks but I think that was a guess. Can you recall how long it was after 12th Jan that you were told your provisional build date? My order is still showing on the tracker as ‘Processsing order’ (the first stage) and I believe that it has to go to the next stage ‘Order with Factory’ before the provisional build week is allocated. I know that the provisional build week can change, but it usually comes forward rather than moves backward, so it does at least give you a worst case scenario.

    It’s also worth noting that week 22 is usually the time when VW make their next model year changes. We lost out last time as our car was built just a week or two before then and we would have had a much better Sat Nav & Media system if it had been built a few weeks later. It can also work the other way. When the 2018 model changes were implemented on the Tiguan in week 22 last year, the SEL lost headlight washers as standard and they became a £175 option!

    I do find it amazing that in 2018 it can still take 3 months or more for a mainstream manufacturer to build a new car ordered by a customer. Fair enough if we were ordering a Morgan or something, but these are mass market cars, VW have presumably lost business after the emissions scandal and sales of diesel cars (in the U.K. at least) are dropping sharply. With all of these factors, you would think that we could get a factory order within 6 weeks or so. Prolonged lead times for new car orders really take the shine off things for me!

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    It was 8/02 when I went onto Live chat as the information from the dealer has been poor tbh as they have not once updated us on how our original order has progressed.

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    Glos Guy

    Thanks. Sounds as though we are in a similar situation. Dealer didn’t place our order on the VW system until almost 2 weeks after we placed the order with them, and that was when I chased asking for an order number. Now I am chasing VW (through chat) for a provisional build week. Doesn’t fill you with confidence, does it. Getting a new car should be a pleasure. I find it incredibly frustrating! It will be worth comparing notes as our orders progress.

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    I think you summed it up in an earlier post about dealers that keep taking orders against a limited amount of build slots they have available .

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    Other than be to able to track the build of your car on VW website there is another website where you can track what ship your car is coming over on and to be able to track the ships progress however I can’t remember how to do it does anyone have an idea what the site is called and how to do it.??

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    Hi Glos Guy, I ordered a Tiguan Sel with extras…. Got provisional date about 12 days after order then went to confirmed about 14 days after that….

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    Not sure if this is the one you are thinking of, but when I lived on the south coast I used http://www.marinetraffic.com

    This tracks ships position and destination,  so from the port you will be able to see what ship has a UK destination and track it from there.

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