Thinking of Ordering a Hyundai kona electric 64kw in Jan 2022 is it worth the AP

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    was thinking of ordering the car due to the best mileage but not sure what’s your opinions?

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    Chris. If you won’t be ordering until January, there’s no knowing what the prevailing AP will be by then, so it’s impossible to say if it will be worth it.

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    That is true but I’m wondering if the car is any good as far as says it is

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    There are lots of happy Kona Electric drivers on here, not sure anyone so far has been disappointed or regrets the switch!

    So yes, if the AP is affordable and the car is the right size for your needs, get one and enjoy it, I love mine.

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    Virtually everyone has to make some compromises when it comes to getting vehicles. For us the compromise we made was on size of boot. We are really happy that we did, as we love the car and are finding the money saved noticeable. We have not learned our way fully around all the features but the comfort and driving experience make it a great choice for us. We don’t (yet) have a charge point but using the supplied 3 pin plug cable is working fine for us. Even the fact that we got 2 cables (3 pin and Type 2) with the Kona is better than some manufacturers offer. Would it be worth it to you in your circumstances? I can’t say, but after nearly 1000 miles it has certainly been well worth it for us.

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    @Intranicity thankyou I just hope when I order I haven’t got a long wait time due to the situation with the chip

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    Wait a long time*

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