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    Guys need a water fed fibreglass pole for washing my windows , will need to be 5-6m in length as one of the windows is above my conservatory. Anyone had any experience of this type of equipment? I am also going to paint my eves this summer but can’t access the portion above my garage that has a sloping roof and is attached to the side of my house. Think I will need some sort of hydraulic  mobile access platform that I can work and move my self any suggestions?

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    For equipment like window washing my first port of call would be amazon, i like the fact the products are reviewed by the purchasers. This caught my eye, not cheap, but very well reviewed, maybe can be found cheaper elsewhere as sold by a 3rd party.

    Don’t know about the platform thing, scissor lifts, or a cherry picker would be quite expensive to hire i would imagine… one of those jobs where it would perhaps be more economical to get an odd-job man in for?


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    Trev that looks just the job, when the weather improves I will go out with tape measure as I think it might be a bit short.

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    My bungalow windows need cleaning I’m waiting to see what young kirkwood says on bbc breakfast weather before I venture out looks like Thursday is nice sunny day

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    Guys had to repair a hole in the wall at the weekend, i used the method with the timber behind to complete my repair but this clip gives a few methods of repair.

    How to Repair Gyproc (Drywall)

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    I’ve done the same thing years ago brydo, screw timber battens either side of the hole, then screw the plasterboard on the timber batten….done it on 2 occasions in fact..

    1. was when i was re-tiling and removing the old tiles were taking off the plasterboard as well.
    2. when the house we moved in had spotlights in the ceiling and the transformer went, so i took them out and filled in the holes using this method and using a holesaw drill bit to cut the plasterboard to the exact size.

    It works very well

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    It does Trev it’s great what you can find on line. I had to remove all the gyproc in the bathroom last year due to being unable to remove tiles, what a job.

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