Things have just taken a massive turn….BMW i4 to join the scheme

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    Matt T

      I’ve just had a call from my BMW dealership to inform me that the i4 is coming on the scheme he’ll know more on Monday or Tuesday. I had an extended test drive in the active tourer schedule this morning but I’ve told him I’ll wait he’s arranged a test drive of the i4 for Tuesday so he must be in the know.

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      Lord muc

        Molly, this is very similar to the gran coupe, this has the new bmw dash layout, and is obviously electric. I have a GC, on a two year extension, and this could make me change. It’s probably been put on, as its a slow seller as the m sport variant isn’t much more retail. Very nice car though, if looking for electric car rather an suv.  Leather is an expensive option. Unlikely the 3 will come on anytime soon, but who knows. Very surprised this is similar AP to the GC, but when i was in a dealer, a GC was priced up at nearly 40k. I wouldn’t hang around as it could just disappear. Just a shame its not the m sport


          At 5k ap it’s very tempting given the high prices of the Ev6 and some others Audi Q4 would be only contender for me in terms of quality but additional 1k ap.


            Something else for the Mail and Telegraph readers to foam about……


              ah well another one i cant get in/out of nor afford the ap.

              its all well and good bmw etc putting cars on that they cant sell retail but it dont help those of us that have spine/knee issues and limited funds.

              still if your fflexible and have deep pockets go for it lol.

              Matt T

                Mitch, all the available colours are free. I was thinking about the orange or green but the orange looks a bit rusty brown to me, they had an X1 in orange,  but the green looked lovely on a 4 series convertible very nice. But when I went saw it in mineral white I was sold. It was shining in the sunshine and looked amazing especially with the blue accents. I’ve placed my order. I’ll be sad to see the merc go but it’s a more than suitable replacement


                  I’ve been watching reviews of this since it appeared on the list on Saturday and I’ve only just realised it includes the tech pack option worth 2k which includes

                  Harman/Kardon Surround Sound Audio System
                  Live Cockpit Pro with Head up Display
                  Storage for wireless charging


                    £1500 if you want leather!


                      Shame it’s not M Sport!

                      Tony Cook

                        Any one know how soft or stiff the ride/suspension is in the bmw i4 35e Sport compared to the M-sport version please ?

                        Avatar photoStuart

                          Would not pay 1500 for the leather option but will deffo be adding the lumber support for 290. Also read on a review that all i4 models come with heat pump as standard which makes a massive difference in winter to the range. Also be getting rid of that blue trim which looks ok on white but really tacky on the other colours.

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                            Thanks lord muc, think I’ll go with the i4!
                            has anyone got any tips on what optional extras to add, if any?

                            Lord muc

                              Fab car, just had a test drive, smooth, very fast, super tech, lovely dash and sound system, absolutely crazy, its not the msport, even the salesman said, the difference in price on a pcp is virtually nothing. However, the car is brilliant. I think its needs the sunroof, its not a pano, just over the front 2 seats, rear was a bit dark, but then i rarely have a passengers. Colours, the blue is not available, does look good in white, (the current car is white, and i do like to change), the grey is nice too. One thing to mention, the new cars have a toggle switch instead of a short gear stick. Very, similar to the GC msport i have at the moment, so will miss the steering wheel and trim, the acceleration, snaps you back in your seat!! Great fun. If its for you, go for it.

                              Ju ju

                                I believe the I4 sport comes with fabric seats, That wouldn’t do for me, a Bmw without leather seats is like an under spec Ford Escort popular from the 1980s. If the M sport was available at £1500 extra advanced payment that would be more appealing.


                                  Thinking the Sanremo green with sunroof

                                  Lord muc

                                    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Molly, depending on finances, and how long you intend to keep the car. Lumber adjust, sun roof, (although, its a smaller electric roof, with interior cover), leather seats, (expensive). The interior can be a little dark, so maybe a lighter leather or red, or the sunroof. It looks like the tech pack is included, so you get the harmon karden sound system, which is brilliant.</p>
                                    I have the gran coupe Msport, and intended to keep it for 5 years, it came with leather seats as standard, i have red, so lovely. Just wish i had added the sun roof at the time, but was unsure of pip renewal dates.

                                    Tony Cook

                                      Thank you so much for sharing your your detailed review of the non M sport i4. Please can you tell me what the ride and suspension was like thanks? Also was it wallowy and soft or was it quite firm please ? Which city was your dealership in where you tested it please?

                                      Lord muc

                                        Molly, one extra i forgot, because i thought it was standard, is tinted rears, you can get them oem, £350, or after market. They are essential imho. Really make the car. I have oem on the GC. Which is white with red interior.  I guess i would go for oem fitted again, as the doors are frameless, and look good  however, the aftermarket is fine, if the price is right. Ps some folks say you can’t do on it motorbility, but who is telling.

                                        Lord muc

                                          Tony, it was much smoother than the GC, i have, you do have the comfort and sport selector, which changes the ride, it was very silent too. Very limousine like, until you hit the throttle!!

                                          I tested mine in the brighton branch, portslade with phillip langrish,, who couldn’t do enough for you, good bloke.


                                            Any idea of how long the wait for ordering one is?

                                            Tony Cook

                                              Thanks for letting me know about the ride etc, did you say the one that you test drove was a non M-sport version?  ( just the sport one)


                                              can’t find a bmw dealer in West Yorkshire that has a sport version as they all have M-Sport ones in stock and am told they are much stiffer suspension wise and that the sport version is very wallowy in comparison.

                                              Any idea what delivery times were quoted ?

                                              Thanks 😊


                                                Would of ordered with sunroof but not paying for price of comfort pack on top for elec seats too ,which i would need.Guttef


                                                  I have cancelled my 2 series gran coupe and ordered the i4 just yesterday. I’ve been told estimated arrival time for it is about March/April 2024.


                                                    I saw both the M Sport and the Sport version, I do prefer the look of the M Sport but that version is not available for mobility users and we cannot upgrade to it. Which is a shame as i really like the car and I am also torn on the colours cant make up my mind which one I want between white and black!!

                                                    Lord muc

                                                      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Tony, my ride was in a msport, i have a msport gran coupe, and the ride in the i4 was definitely a lot smoother than mine, especially over the bumps and ruts in the industrial site roads. I sat in the back on the return, to test the comfort and space for a passenger. It may have had adaptive suspension, not that it makes much of a difference, as i had on my X1. i think most dealers would have the Msport as a demonstrator, as they tend to fully loaded to impress.</p>

                                                      Lord muc

                                                        <p style=”text-align: left;”>Rowein, just wondering if you can dress up the trim to mimic the msports, i know on my gran coupe, the dealer would have swapped the silver grill for a black one, and added a spoiler, (for a reasonable fee), you would not get the sports seats, which i love. And possibly, change the blue side accents for the black msport style. I wonder too, if you order the heated steering wheel, if its the msport style?</p>

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