The search for my next car begins….

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    Douglas Brimson

    The search to replace my Sportage officially starts today.

    I do about 15K miles a year, a mixture of local, long distance and city driving, and my primary concern -due to my lower back issues- is comfort.

    Cars currently on my list are:

    Citroen C5 aircross Flair plus 1.5 diesel auto

    Mazda CX5 Sport Nav 2.2 diesel auto

    VW Tiguan Match 2.0 Diesel auto (or possibly the R-Line version)

    DX7 Crossback Performance Line 1.5 Diesel auto.

    All comments gratefully received.

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    well i think looking at your list the type of car your looking at your spoilt for choice in the sense theres a lot to go at in the largish suv market. i had a citroen c4 grand picasso auto and it was superb kept it for 4 yrs. ive been looking at small suvs as i too need a higher seat due to lower back issues. ive been looking at the seat arona recently and whilst there i was quite impressed by the seat ateca a lot of kit for not a large ap. as i said the citroen diesel auto impressed me and if the replacement for the c4 grand piccasso whatever it is is as good then its worth a look.

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    All of your choices are nice cars.

    we looked at the DS7, nice inside although it was very dark the only thing that put us off was no front parking sensors on the performance version, we then looked at the c5 in the other part of the showroom and as the ds salesman put it, all the same bits but in a different body and a lot more for your money. We would have definitely seriously considered the c5 but for a poor salesman at our local dealership who couldn’t find the car and then told us the 3008 was exactly the same car!

    Had one of the first cx5’s when they launched in the UK and loved it, (before our Motabilty day’s), would have again except we like trying different cars.

    and the Tiguan, you know what you get with vw, solid, comfortable and reliable (well my golf gte was), does what it says on the tin in my opinion, just check the boot size if you need to carry a wheelchair

    good luck



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    I would advocate adding the Hyundai Tucson to your list. We currently have a Santa Fe (not now available on the scheme) but what I will say it my wife finds that Hyundai seat heaters are in exactly the right place to soothe the lower back. Plus if you look at the Premium SE spec theres a shed load of stuff for the money.

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    Douglas Brimson

    I’m not really a fan of the Hyundai. Having had a Sportage for three years, their too similar and whilst I love the Kia, I fancy a change.

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    Tomas (Tomas)

    I once had a Hyundai i40 and without doubt was one of the worst cars that I’ve ever driven.

    CVT gearbox……enough said.

    Loads of extras but all the cheapest version of that extra. Examples non HD reversing camera. Had to configure the car every morning as it didn’t remember the last settings used.

    A car built to be cheap.

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    Tomas (Tomas)

    If an auto box is not important, the VW Allspace SEL ticks most boxes.

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    For looks definitely the Ds7 however I haven’t driven one but so far haven’t read any negative reviews..good luck 👍

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    Great list of cars Douglas, have you taken a look at the Skoda Karoq in SE L trim.  My mate has one and its a lovely comfortable drive with the DSG box.


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    Douglas Brimson

    Auto box is vital.

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    Douglas Brimson

    I do like the look of the Karoq although Mrs B doesn’t like the look of it.

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    I’ve also now dialled into the Tiguan and its very much a possible for our future change.

    I will say though that I was pleasantly surprised by the Ateca for the AP’s they are asking. In my case i liked the FR Sport 4wd auto but sadly that trim does not come with adaptive cruise only standard cruise and so i considered it no further. It does come on Exellence Lux spec but I didn’t like that variant.

    Dependent on what you want / like its definitely worth a look.

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    Definitely go and check out the DS7 yourself.

    I wasn’t one bit impressed. Its very small for such a large car. The boot is very horizontal. I’m personally not a big fan of alcantara and i thought it looked particularly poor in the showroom car. I wasn’t impressed with the fit and finish of the car, and for me the interior styling is very marmite, i.e. love it or hate it …….. i didn’t love it.

    Its a very personal thing with the DS …. you may just love it.

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    I really like the CX5 and i’ve checked it out a couple of times. One concern i have is the seat squab feels a little short, I am 6’2″ with arthritic problems in lower limbs and so need good leg support.

    If you are tall have a close look at that when you check it out.

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    Douglas Brimson

    I’ve had a look at the DS7 but not driven it yet. Truth is, I fell in love with it but there are things missing on the models available on Motability that are quite important to me, heated seats being one.

    I did look at the Ateca but it didn’t do anything for me or Mrs B.

    As for the CX-5, I’m short and stumpy so it fits me quite well. And it does look amazing in red which would be my colour of choice.

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    If you are long in the leg like me. I have a Tiguan SEL with comfort massage seat for driver and a seat squab extension for the driver too.

    I’m not sure what other specs these are on?

    I found the ride on the R type too hard for my joints.

    But try and test drive both on a bumpy stretch of road if you can.

    The tech you get and the quality is hard to beat.

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    We definitely intend to test drive the Tig in future. We’ve checked it out in the showroom and liked what we saw, which is slightly ironic as it was always the car “we didn’t like”

    For the time being we’ve put a lease extension in place as it was the sensible thing for us to do right now.

    But we will look forward to coming back to it down the line.

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    In a sea of blandness out there – the Mazda CX-5 particularly stands out. If you don’t need a car that big – take a look at the CX-3 which is equally as handsome. Also due at the end of this year is the CX-30 small crossover.

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    Sadly the cx5 seats were what made me decide on the tiguan.

    We had a 2015 Mx5, the new shape, sadly the seat hight and the lack of adjustment meant it became no good for me any more. Great shame as it was so nice to drive. Grip and more grip when you wanted. ESP off when you wanted to hang the tail out on track days…. a good friend of mine races in the mx5  championship. He used to service our cars.

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    Stuart Bush

    Ive had the Tiguan SEL for almost 18 months now and i think its the best car ive had on motability so far. Although i do like the DS3 crossback la premiere.

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    I agree Stuart, for the money (in the quarter I was looking  anyway). There was nothing about better available for tech and comfort.

    So many things about it to like. Even if it’s not the most exciting suv to look at. It’s more practical and user friendly then anything else we tried with great range on the diesels.

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    Douglas Brimson

    Had a good look over a Skoda Koraq, the new Kia Sportage and the CX5 today. The CX5 was far and away the most comfortable and the most luxurious. The seats are flippin’ gorgeous.

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    I think the CX5 interior is just superb, love the polished metal and satin black wood in the dash

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    Regarding the Mazda CX-5, I have the 2L Auto Sports Nav+ petrol.

    I am 6’3 and have had 3 lower spine ops and replacement hip amongst many other problems and I find the seat to be one of the most comfortable for driving off the many cars I’ve owned.

    ‘The Seat is electrically adjustable with lumbar support so is easy to find the most comfortable position with memory to store it.

    If you are only doing about 15k a year, I would consider petrol over diesel. I do mostly short town journeys with some dual carriageway and motorway driving and I’m returning late 30s in mpg.

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    For me it was the head rest adjustment, in the vw they adjust up down and forward and back.  Something I need and not many cars on the scheme have this?


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    Douglas Brimson

    Mossfin; Wow, that’s impressive. I’m a diesel fan but I am seriously thinking of going the petrol route if I go for the CX5.

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