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    The thing I don’t understand about the “CAP” I thought it was £28,000 for manual and £29,500 for automatic…cleary this is not the case the actual “CAP” is £22,400 for manual and £23,600 for automatic…so when I here the government telling us more lies. Who do we go to, so we can challenge there own figures. The sole purpose of the motability scheme is so disabled people can get mobile and try and live some sort of normal life. So every single one of us who qualify for the scheme after being totally interagated and after jumping through every hoop that’s thrown at us. We all are exempt from VAT on the vehicle. So why as a charity for disabled people we are forced to pay the VAT.????

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    So we all should be entitled to  £33,600 for manual and  £35,400 for automatic given we are all exempt from the vehicle VAT.!!! FACT NOT FICTION.

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    My understanding of the VAT free on vehicle, was if you where a pernament wheel chair user and significant and pernament modifications had to be made to it, to enable use purely by the disabled person.

    As i enquired on purchasing a car vat free at one stage, but being lucky and  only requiring a mobility scooter hoist. I could get that vat free but not the vehicle itself.

    I understand changes where brought in as people where abusing this facility. ie getting a vehicle VAT free with just the steering wheel knob on then selling it straight back to dealers as a pre used car delivery mileage and only having to remove the steering wheel knob.




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    The cap is based on the “On The Road Price” of each vehicle …. OTRP includes VAT, even though Motability claim back VAT paid, they would initially be charged it by the manufacturers as VAT is part of a chain.

    If we use a BMW X1 18d manual as an example, the OTRP is £27,990 …. £10 under the manual cap.

    The VAT component is £4511.67p …. giving a price of £22,558,33p excluding OTR pricing.

    So …. £22,558,33p is the actual figure we are looking at in real expenditure terms, but as I said earlier Motability correctly use the OTRP because claiming back VAT comes at a separate stage in the accountancy chain.

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    According to motability also confirmed by Mercedes-Benz just yesterday morning if you are disabled and the car is an assential and not a luxury, to let you live some sort of normal life. According to both parties you are exempt from paying the VAT. and yes I agree there has been alot of abuse on the scheme over the years, but why should the majority of us who don’t abuse the scheme be tarnished with that same brush.!!

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    So pops given that explanation clearly the CAP Is not 28,000 and £29,500….because the end result is they do claim back the VAT even if it is at a later date. but obviously if they were to announce that the actual cap is only 22,400 I’m pretty sure there would be outrage across the country. But it is what it is. What can any of us do…everyday I feel more like the scrounger Oliver Twist asking “begging” please Sir can we have more….

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    I understand your anger Mal, but I think that this cap is symptomatic of a wider problem that we will all have to face in the next decade or so. As HM rightly said we’ve faced a cap and cull previously and the scheme soon bounced back, but sadly (in my opinion) that won’t happen this time.

    The UK has lost it’s manufacturing base gradually over the last few decades, and as a nation of service industries we have become dependant on being a part of a euro wide trading group.

    Brexit was a knee jerk reaction to immigration concerns, and also a protest against the lack of government support in ‘less well off’ areas of the country. It became heavily politicised with specious arguments about the NHS and Security which caused a lot of people to vote with their hearts rather than their heads (again in my opinion).

    If it had been a referendum based purely on the financial benefits or otherwise of remaining in the EU, the result may well have been very different.

    A few self seeking politicians put their own interests ahead of  those people they should have been representing, and the result is that the reduction of our trading base will lead to our economy struggling in the short to medium term at least.

    We now have to deal with the realities of our national situation as we transit from being Great Britain to Little Britain. Our diminishing influence will be felt in our pockets over the next few years.

    Apologies for bringing politics into the equation, but Motability is a UK based business and therefore affected by changes to it’s trading conditions, that are obviously outside it’s sphere of control.

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    Yes very frustrated pops but totally agree with your response and no need to apologise for bringing politics into it as politics govern most things in life.

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    Cheers Mal.

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    Well said pops

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    I do agree with Pop’s comment about, the lack of car manufacturing in the UK. Our car manufacturing industry, was sold off by both Labour and the Conservatives. I can only hope that will slowly change in the next few years. 

    I know that Motability has expenditures. I also believe brexit has caused some uncertainty but culling cars from their scheme,  will not increase sells or alleviate any damage that leaving the European Union might cause. Motability needs to have a robust contingency plan and work alongside the government, to ensure that the scheme is not severely harmed once the UK leaves the European Union.

    I don’t want to get in to politics ,as this is not the platform but I completely disagree with your comments about the EU referendum and why people voted to leave.

    I don’t believe 17.4 million individuals from different walks of lives, voted to leave solely on the issues you stated. You/ we can’t comprehend or know why all 17.4 million people voted to leave.


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    Which part of Mobility is a business and which part is a Charity where it has funding made available for those who meet their level of needs. I believe via the UK govt support financially Mobility. A few years ago the Motabilty fund, I recall reading, had so much money, one of the directors borrowed over a million £ to ramp up his business.

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