The new audi q3

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    Darren Newsome

    I spoke to motability earlier on today and the new audi q3 is to go onto the scheme next quarter

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    There isn’t a new Audi Q3?

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    Auto express seem to think so.


    Good news though as the q3 is a nice SUV.  The existing model was removed from mobility earlier this year,min presume to make way for the new one as happened  when the Skoda Yeti was replaced by the Karoq

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    It’s already out as the VW Tiguan, Skoda Karoq/Kodiaq and Seat Arona/Ateca.


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    Being an Audi fan, and having the current Q3 S Line Plus I’m also always checking for more info on the all new Mk2 Q3 that will be released soon

    but the clue is in my last sentence..

    the all New Mk2 model hasn’t been released yet, it’s not even had the finished glossy promo shots done hat come out months before a cars release –  it will probably be at the end of the year before that happens with orders for the start of 2019

    perhaps when the dealer said the new Audi Q3 will be on the scheme , he simply means the latest model ie when they changed the ranges from SE, S Line and S Line Plus to Sport, S Line Edition, and Black Edition, this was just the final face lift in the current Mk1 models life to jazz it up a bit and still push for more new sales before the all new model gets released

    so if the Audi Q3 appears on the scheme in the next quarter then I can only assume it’s to push for those final sales/orders of the current Mk1 model


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    Glos Guy

    I’m inclined to agree with Winston. When a new car is launched it often doesn’t appear on the Motability scheme until the following quarter or even the one after that. When they do eventually appear, the AP’s are usually high. Around 12 months after launch the AP’s fall to something more in line with its peer group. Sometimes it can take even longer. Classic example is the Kodiak. Took  a few quarters until it appeared and AP’s remain very high.

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    Autocratic seem to think it’s launched next month (and with Udis inspired design only anoraks can tell the difference from the outside etc)


    Tbh the Kodiaq  is the only new release that didn’t make it onto scheme when released (partly due to newness. Partly due to huge, huge delays in  production and hence delivery to customers)  certainly all the cars I’ve noticed being new launched/new generations have been added to motability when launched. 3008/5008, DS7, XC40, cx-5, Grandad x/Crossland x, Monday,  Karoq, T-roc etc

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    I was told it would be out 1st quarter 2019, and still not on listed. 

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    John Cooper

    I don’t it will ever come back on to be honest with you

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    My dad is currently driving his new mk2 Q3 around now so it is most definitely out. It will take a while before it appears on the scheme I suspect.

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    John Cooper

    I had a conversation with someone who does the deals with Audi at Motability and he said that there was zero chance it would go back on! Unless the price cap changed!

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    hi john cooper

    have you a phone number and name for the person who does the deals with audi at motability.

    trying to find out when the audi a1 35 will be on the one seems to know why

    it is yet not on the scheme,any members know.

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    I spoke to Motability and they said the new Q3 is not coming back to the scheme. Well not yet anyway because of the price.

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    John Cooper

    Catturbo I spoke to a manager on the normal number and it went from there

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    thanks john cooper.i will wait to see if any members know why the

    audi A1 35 has not been put on the meets all the rules for the scheme.

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    Allan Clarke

    Audi would sell lots of the mk2 q3 if it came on motobility,looks like it isn’t so its a volvo xc40 for me,audi

    shoots itself in the foot what a shame.


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    Menorca Mike

    Yes it’s a shame looks lovely

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    I’m not sure why it isnt on the scheme as the starting price is below the 30K threshold, i believe.

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    The starting model is just over 30k

    as it’s just new I’m sure Audi will be happy enough with their full order books and not feel the need to push it to us, but maybe after a few more quarters you might see it sneaking onto the scheme

    Im guessing would be at the lower trim level, and for those not bothered by that it would make a great car

    who knows know if the price cap and ap cap get raised significantly it could all change 👍🏻

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    Kelli Brazil
    1. Could I ask what dealership your dad got his q3 from
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    Kelli Brazil

    Could I ask what dealership he got this from I currently want one

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    They are available to buy at all Audi dealerships.

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