The most dangerous things you can do in a car

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    Menorca Mike

    Brydo lovely ladies can cause accidents I’ve noticed them and nearly crashed 1139 times

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Thinking about your next cars AP while driving has to be up there.

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    using the bloody touch screens they insist on installing.

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    Worst thing is taking your eyes and attention off the road and progress of your vehicle. The following distracting factors could and would contribute to this failing:

    Ambient lighting with 10 colour options
    Auto emergency braking Front Assist with pedestrian and cyclist monitoring
    Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) stop & go including Front Assist, City emergency braking system and speed limiter
    Driver Alert System
    Lane Assist
    Vehicles with special upgrade measures (?)
    Dynamic road sign display
    App Connect
    Discover Navigation Pro touch-screen navigation infotainment system with 10 inch display
    Infotainment system with 10″ display
    Comfort telephony with LTE and wireless charging

    These are all standard features listed on the VW website for the ID3, you could add to them “Not enough buttons and levers and switches to do stuff“.


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    I can’t believe how clean you’ve kept this thread, well done guy’s lol.

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    What CAN he mean..?

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    It’s sounds to me like it’s an advert (propaganda) for autonomous driving.

    What about using a handbrake turn to avoid an accident anyone ever done that. rally driver style.. electronic ones don’t quite help the same so not something i’ve done for years and years now..

    But I luv a bit of snow as i get to practise the skills of how to handle a car / van sideways, Power sliding around roundabouts (where safe to do so of course) and getting it back again in a controlled manner.. Can help you get out of a sticky situation.

    As can braking hard in a straight line for as long as posssible before your tempted to steer to avoid something ahead.

    On another note a bee coming in your open window and your doing 60 mph in a van on a county lane can be a big nightmare.


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    I was pretty wild when I was young. Especially in cars, some of the things we did we were lucky to survive, but when you are young you think you are invulnerable and better than any rally driver. I had better not repeat them as I would not want anyone to try them out. Youth is wasted on the young, it took me a long time to settle down. Nowadays I would say the biggest hazard while driving is touch screens. Whoever came up with them wants shooting. Driving wise the biggest external threat seems to me to be the proliferation of different modes of transport and their denial of any of the rules of the road applying to them. Oh, and texting on the move, especially cyclists.

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    Menorca Mike

    using the bloody touch screens they insist on installing.

    . I had test drive in the new Golf with this and it was so dangerous your eyes were off the windscreen the voice control was bad too saying sorry please repeat that it was such a shame as I’m on my third Golf but this stopped me having the new one and the new Seat Leon which is just as bad

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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