The kona electric delivery time thread and general Kona EV discussion

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    I know a few of us are eagerly awaiting delivery of these so thought I’d make a thread so we can all keep track of updates etc


    Ordered ultimate Misty jungle (with light leather) on 9th November. Delivery slated for end of March. Dealer has had no update yet.

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    Speedo’s I dare you put a pic up @Tillyman 🤣

    Good to hear your mastering the car though 🙂

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    Not sure they do my size anymore kezo – maybe sumo style.
    But I was surprised by just how much the a/c affected the range.

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    Ok – so I’m playing devils advocate here – but today I made a short journey about 6miles there and 6miles back it was a mix of 30 – 40 and some 50 mph speed restrictions – I had it in comfort and a/c set to 18c fan cranked to halfway and ventilated seats on full. I was returning about 3.5 kWh on average – highest 4 lowest 3.2 – but 3.5 was the average. Firstly – I see no point in being uncomfortable when my journey presents no range anxiety, although my light grey seats would hide any salty sweat marks 😂😂 But in my view makes a strong case for ventilated seats and sunroof plus heated seats and steering wheel that the ultimate has. If you know you are going to make the occasional long journey that may require charging away from home – not using a/c or heat is going to make a substantial difference in range. In winter I can put on extra layers – but nobody wants to see me in Speedo’s – would require some series councilling 😂😂. So I think Hyundai have done a good job at helping you not having the need for a/c

    I did 2 journeys today, the first to drop off someone, with the sat nav recommending a mix of motorway and urban roads, 4.4, the return alone using urban roads 7.2. Am playing around with the car in terms of trying to achieve the highest figures, but now it´s time to just enjoy and not worry about energy consumption.

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    I think it only really matters when you are making a journey that is near the edge of the range – I cannot image I will use sport much – comfort is more than adequate for joining roundabouts or slip roads but I will be using the a/c on a low setting along with ventilated seats on hot days and at lower speeds the tilt on the sunroof is useful and not too noisy – I had an xtrail with sunroof anything much over 30mph and it made quite a racket.

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    Hi all.
    Just been reading about the increase in car theft by intercepting the signal from your key and amplifying the signal and relaying to second person to open car and steel it – I suspect most of you are already aware of this – I got a couple of aluminium foil lined pouches for our keys over three years ago when we got the Prius.
    Something to be said for old fashion keys after all.
    It is the amplification of the signal which makes it difficult to know how secure you are  – I have to be standing right next to the car door for it to work and we always take the keys up to bed with us.

    Normally I would say that the Kona isn’t up market enough – but with the shortage of new EV cars I’m sure there will be a market for them.
    The idea of going all “blue Peter” and lining the bedside cabinet draw with aluminium foil – does make me feel like I might be over reacting – but it does make you wonder 🤔

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    We’ve used the shielded pouches for the keys for the SEAT Tarraco we have just now, I read too many times of cars being stolen this way.  Just a habit now when I get home.

    Do any of you know where I could download a Kona owners manual?

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    Hi Carmad – I got my Kona just over a week ago – it came with a manual – didn’t find it that useful – trying to do too many things for too many people in one book.
    So it is constantly saying if you have this model – if you have this upgrade etc – very ambiguous and confusing and on top of that trying to do it in several different languages.

    There are various how to vids out there that I found to be much more helpful – Canada has the ultimate and the vast majority of things seem the same apart from left hand drive – I found copying the vids on my phone and chopping them up into smaller how to chunks useful.
    I also screenshot various pics of different screens to reference when not in car.
    The European Hyundai site also has various videos on how to.

    I am aware that I haven’t directly answered your question but maybe given some  alternatives – I’m guessing you haven’t got your Kona yet and like I did just trying to get an understanding of how before it arrives.

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    Ian Websell


    It appears we have been popping out in our Kona’s today. So have we. We have done an 86 miles round trip today, after working out auto regen, thanks to @tillyman. They were all ‘A’ roads 40,50,60 mph and the car had returned 5.7kwh. Even with air con on, now and then,  😳😳🤔🤔 used cruise in places as well. Please don’t ask me how, cos I have no clue as to why. We were not expecting that, but will take it all day long.
    As for the key issue, we bought a box that looks like a jewellery box that sits on our dresser in the bedroom, the keys pop in there. And will be going with us on holiday. As caravan have thin walls. 🤔🤣 plus you cannot  hear an EV go Brum Brum when it gets stolen and speeds off up the road. All you here is the ping ping noice in reverse. So I thought the box was a good investment. Amazon £19.99.
    Keep on enjoying your EV’s and if you have not got yours yet, hang on, it’s worth it. 👍👍 stay well and safe.

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    Hi Ian – glad you got the regen sorted.

    I think I got a low figure cus I whacked the a/c up to what I really wanted – no range consideration at all – when I go to Cornwall (250 miles) I will pre condition car and use the a/c as little as possible, if at all.

    I have just been looking on Amazon and will purchase a faraday box for our dresser to put our keys in  – that are already in aluminium lined pouches in.
    Ian I’m not sure if you keep your keys in pouches – but if you don’t – I would strongly advise you to get some before going to the van – signal copying can happen anywhere when you open the car – if I am not almost touching the door it will not work  – so it will need to be amplified a lot in order to clone it.
    Enjoy your break at the van – hopefully the weather will hold – or  at least just gentle rain at night 👍

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    good to see we have lots of happy kona drivers now.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Just completed a full charge, range is showing as 341 which I’ll take. Due to visit London next weekend so like others will precondition climate beforehand.</p>

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    Ian Websell

    Hi @tillyman

    Thank you. When we bought the box, it came with two pouches as well. So we use the box as home and pouches when we go out shopping etc. but shall take both when we are away. It’s worth the £20 to protect the love of our life, Evie my EV, yes she has a name, I’m sad to say. It was Eric, the EV, don’t ask 🙄🤣🤣

    What have you all called your EV? If you are mad as frogs, like us, I’m sure you have, but I understand if you don’t want to tell me 🤣🤣

    Enjoy your weekend and your EV’s 👍👍

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    Just car – and it’s an it – easy one choice pronoun 😂😂😂

    I got my pouches of Amazon over 3 years ago – but have just ordered faraday box to keep them in – especially when we go away – out for a drive before too long only a short distance to some gardens – but I thought I will use sunroof ventilated seats but no a/c and eco mode. 👍

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    I also got my Defender Signal Blocking Pouch RFID – Grey Phone Case Signal Blocking Device from amazon. I will post the link if it helps. This also can take your mobile phone as well.

    100% SAFETY WHEN DRIVING – The DEFENDER phone blocking device has signal jamming technology to block signals including incoming phones calls, WIFI, GSM, 4G, Bluetooth & even NFC. Stop those unwanted dangerous distractions by using this phone blocker pouch. Mobiles can be a HUGE distraction when driving and it is illegal to use your phone while on the road. The DEFENDER mobile blocking case removes any temptation you have and allows you to concentrate on driving.
    PROTECTION FROM WIRELESS SIGNALS RELAY ATTACKS – Our DEFENDER storage pouch will give you confidence when your phone, bank cards & keys are inside the signal blocking pouch they are protected against any wireless signal attacks from thieves, fraudsters & criminals trying to copy or clone your personal devices. Order this DEFENDER signal blocking case with RFID and protect your personal belongings simply placing your personal items inside this signal jammer case.

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    I get the pouch but i don’t get why you take it upstairs with you when you goto bed for example.

    If someone really wants to steal your car they will steal it. Often by breaking into your house to get the keys or by following you and then hijacking your car.

    So my keys stay downstairs.

    All actions have consequences many don’t consider, like the car makers didn’t when they made cars impossible to steal without the keys and that was criminals then targeted the keys. I guess the one good thing about them cloning the signal is no violence is needed.

    There are alot less cases of car theft nowadays than there was imo, but that’s mainly down to less joyriders or some just needing a buggy home so they stole a car. I know this as I worked in the car recovery and removal industry for quite a while. Then others are stolen for parts and you just find a shell and have been striped or they’re sent abroad in containers or used to commit robberies.

    If your really worried about your car I’d say get a tracker as at least that way your safe, if you was targetted you just hand the key over and than activate the tracker.

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    I just pray public chargers don’t go up in price they are the way I charge up

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    One week in and still very happy with car. Am trying to stop obsessing on getting the most out of every kWh! I was thinking Chris, even at 50p kWh, that’s still giving me 3x the miles vs petrol.

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    Hi Rox – about 7 yrs ago I had my BMW X1 stolen – used wire through letter box and sprung the latch  – we kept keys in the kitchen but out of site of front door – they new exactly where they were and stole car – we only knew something was wrong next morning when we realised front door was ajar – since then we take car keys up with us – dead lock front door but leave keys in  – in case of fire.
    So yes we all have to assess risk – make judgement call and live with it.

    For the record that was the advice from the police – I’m not saying either of us are necessarily right or wrong – but that works for us.

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    What I also meant to say – they ignored iPads and other valuables- so probably stole to order – tho I suspect they hadn’t realised it was an auto – very professional job  – we got it back about 6 weeks later it had been parked about 20 miles away in a back street – but stupidly they had put my blue badge in the window and a traffic warden picked up that it hadn’t moved.
    My view tends to be try to make sure there are easier targets than you – sad but true.

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    Hi Rox – you have got me thinking – I am aware of trackers but know little about them – not sure how that would work with Motability – I think if I had bought the car I would give the idea very serious consideration – I know some insurance companies encourage cameras in your car and discount for it.  Is there a similar policy for trackers – I wonder if Motability have considered it – I suppose it would relate directly to how many Motability vehicles are stolen – interesting tho 👍

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    Sounds about right tillyman, Mainly they park it up somewhere quiet for a period of time to see if it has a tracker fitted. Often if it has you’d get it back or like in your case the traffic warden’s probally put the plate into the system to check and it’s come back as stolen, as it would most likely of, if they’d parked it on a main road and a police car passed it with anpr.

    Right now there does seem to be a different breed of blazen criminals about from those of the past, that don’t care about human life and come masked, tooled up, mob handed and just force entry. That’s the most dangerous situation, the police seem to or can do very little about house burglaries now or these sort of crimes. Which have even their own name now Hanoi burglary. A ‘Hanoi burglary’ describes a crime in which burglars break into a house to steal car keys. The term is named after the first police operation launched to tackle the problem.

    Pretty muchin  the same way as these moped gangs or those that target cash machines or ram raid shops, with cars they stole, they lawless.

    How anyone would feel after, if you was asleep and woken by someone in your bedroom threating you, where’s the keys and the trauma of it all. It’s bad enough them just being in your home. My kids are upstairs also. It may even be as you come home and just entering the house and they pounce, could be anywhere nowadays, i have seen quite a few videos on youtube, scary stuff.Not trying to scare anyone but sometimes sometimes actions we take to protect stuff puts us in more danger.

    Someone on the forum had their car stolen recently, off their driveway if i remember. Could of even been towed it away that happens also, best outcome imo, is no one is hurt.

    Is very little one can do really if your targeted and it’s becoming more an more common. So my view is if they gonna target you, may as well just make it easy for them and less dangerous for yourself and those you love that there at the time, It does happen and is it really worth the risk for a car that’s insured and being on the scheme you don’t even own.

    I am not saying you should leave the keys in plain view as then that might attract opportunist crime But if someone is determined taking the key upstairs ain’t gonna stop them.


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    A well made case rox – and given your experience you have a close hand understanding of what is possible – perhaps I will leave keys in a faraday box downstairs – but not insight of the front door.

    I have family in the police and doctors and nurses – I know how being close to the action can make you focus on all the possible worst outcomes – police and medics usually get in volved when things aren’t good.

    However on balance I think you make a valid point – I hadn’t considered threats and violence to get a Kona – especially one I don’t own.

    My faraday box arrives tomorrow – perhaps I will find a home for it in the kitchen. 👍

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    Hi Rox – you have got me thinking – I am aware of trackers but know little about them – not sure how that would work with Motability – I think if I had bought the car I would give the idea very serious consideration – I know some insurance companies encourage cameras in your car and discount for it. Is there a similar policy for trackers – I wonder if Motability have considered it – I suppose it would relate directly to how many Motability vehicles are stolen – interesting tho 👍

    I guess so as when I recently got insurance of the scheme it asked if vehicle had tracker fitted as it did camera, alarm etc. I have a dashcam as why to many scammers thesedays throwing themesleves on people bonnets etc.

    There different forms of trackers, even ones that you put in you bike/bicycle frame. Some are battery operated and you stash them somewhere in the car and others can be hard wired into the car and have bettery backup. Some can track more than just location thesedays. Can even track your kids with one.

    Halfords do them or you can goto a company and get one fitted and some offer different levels of support and subscriptions depend on level of cover you want and how much your car is worth. abit of info on that page and different stuff they offer.

    As for mb as far as i know it’s only in certain circumstances they put in trackers and not for theft.  I have been thinking about getting one for my new car, that i just got it in june (off the scheme) but is only a suzuki Vitara but is keyless entry and start. So is something i need to look more into myself.


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    one of my neighbours was tied up and beaten along with his wife and his car stolen from driveway at night. broke in and beat them to find keys.  was a fancy rs2000, the type of car the big nasty boys want.

    not sure how far they go for a kona but it is always in back of mind as i live alone. spare key is in a faraday, but the other is usually in trouser pocket. if they nick it they nick it. its insured better than i am

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    I found bp charger and it’s free 😎

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