The kona electric delivery time thread

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    I know a few of us are eagerly awaiting delivery of these so thought I’d make a thread so we can all keep track of updates etc


    Ordered ultimate Misty jungle (with light leather) on 9th November. Delivery slated for end of March. Dealer has had no update yet.

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    If anyone is after a Kona EV Premium quickly, just seen this on a FB Motability group – posted by a known Motability Hyundai Salesperson in the last hour. Location Coventry.

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    nice colour. good car, so worth the travel if u can

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    Just a quick update, dealer is now telling me August/September which is 9/10 months and is only an estimate, and you can see form other forums there are shortages of delivery drivers to transport the cars from Tilbury to dealerships once the ships have docked.  I have put the car to the back of my mind for now. Digressing slightly, I see that KIA have pulled a lot of cars, so I do expect long delivery times to be the new norm. Also asked the dealer if there are any unsold stock cars of differing trims, and basically nowt.

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    Another early availability one posted on FB Motability group within the last hour – available July. Location Hyundai Coventry.

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    We were told 6 months we ordered our Hyundia Kona Ultimate in November 2021 we are now being told delivery will be approx September 2022.

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    We were told 6 months we ordered our Hyundia Kona Ultimate in November 2021 we are now being told delivery will be approx September 2022.

    I have resigned myself to a September delivery at the earliest, so will put all car thoughts on the back burner for the summer.

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    Hi all, first time poster here!
    We ordered a Hyundai Kona ultimate 64kwh in February. Our dealer rang up on Thursday saying that they have now received a schedule that says it will be built next month, dispatched end of July and available end of September which all sounds promising. However, friends of ours who ordered the ioniq 5 and Kona ultimate (not motability) in November last year (from the same dealer) have now been told not to expect delivery before Christmas. Little bit confused but hey ho, will just have to wait I guess!


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    Guys anyone who hasn’t heard from your dealership should call them and chase it up apparently there is ship at sea. It seems like a lottery though as to who will have their cars on there. Maybe it’s a colour situ.
    Jope that people will start to be receiving hood at news soon. 🙏🏼

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    Grand Pavo just left Ulsan allegedly bound for Tilbury – place your bets 😂👍

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    Takes two months to arrive right?

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    Shipping takes about 5 weeks and 2 weeks to dealership, but at present add another 4-6 weeks delay at tilbury docks due to driver shortage.  the pattern is we all seem to be told is our cars are 3 months away.

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    From viewing posts on this forum – I was under the impression we received our VIN when ship sailed – so I was assuming it would be another 2-3 mths after getting VIN.

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    Garry p

    Anyone interested in kona ultimate electric coming into cars 2 Wakefield end of June in white . a cancelled order

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    We ordered a Kona Ultimate Misty Jungle on 11th Jan and after multiple chases have been told it is “in production” and has been for a month with an estimated delivery date of September.

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    Garry p

    Same as us same date ordered too being told august 16 th

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    Hello Kona Thread. Just dropping by on my rounds.

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    Going off of the posts here and on Facebook and forums, the ultimates ordered between jan/April are being delivered in September. Although that seems mostly for the jungle greens, which have a different name in other countries.

    Hopefully there’s no problems with delivery. Fuel just went up 6p overnight everywhere near me. The anticipation of cutting my fuel bill by nearly 2000 a year is a very exiting thought 🙂

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    I had a email to say

    It is still showing the Middle of July for delivery

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    fwippers it looks like we are in a very similar situation to you. We ordered our Kona Electric Ultimate in Pulse Red on 11 Nov 21 with a forecasted delivery date of Apr 22.

    I contacted the dealer in Mar and was told delivery has slipped to early Jul, went in again today to find out that it has slipped by a further 6 weeks to mid Aug.

    The dealer did say that it was due to be in a ship from Usan in mid Jun so fingers crossed.

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    Chris, is that for an Ultimate or Premium?

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    I am waiting for a reply from Motability dealer as to my latest delivery estimate.

    I ordered late October – ultimate – misty jungle – light interior.

    I was originally told March but took it with a large dollop of salt.

    It then slipped to May – tho I was told it had been built in February – but I think waiting for finishing chips.

    However if it had been built in February you would think the reason for delay wouldn’t be down to external or internal colour – more the fact it was an ultimate with an increased demand for chips.  I suppose it is possible they are putting finishing chips in the cars grouped by colour.

    I will let you know if and when I have an update.

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    Garry p

    We had a update today from supply ( two weeks ago I asked for it ) and they said car would be out off production on the 02/06/22 and on boat 15/06/22 to arrive at dealership 16/08/22 so will see . We ordered a kona ultimate electric first week of January 22 .so I went it to dealership and they told me the same. Maybe they are getting better.????

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    @justme ultimate trim 🙂

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    Garry p

    Dose anyone know the name of the car carrier ship which is setting off with our kona on 15/06/22 I tried looking into it but drawn a blank so far , and it might be fun to track it on its Journey to tilbury

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Grand Pavo could fit the bill – I think it is scheduled to leave Ulsan on the 13th – but they all seem subject to a change of a day or so – especially for arrival at Tilbury.</p>

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