the joys of living in a “council house”

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    last oct i moved into what used to be a council bungalow now by an arms length housing association.

    basically the back garden if you can call it that consists of 8m x 12m of uneven grass and grass is being generous with a path down the centre from the back door to the back hedge. the left hand side is relatively flat. but the right hand side slopes away from the bungalow and from the path to next doors fence. the bottom right hand corner is approx 18 inches lower than the path.

    being a good boy i wrote and asked for permission to lift the grass on the right hand side level the top half of the right hand side and step the bottom half put down weedproof membrane and gravel. build some raised beds.

    boy what a palaver i unleashed, got a letter yesterday with a list of conditions and requirements the killer being that all work must be carried out by a qualified contractor etc etc.

    you would have thought that they would be grateful someone wants to improve it.

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    Pics @Karenj we love pics if possible, 😆, well done though sounds great👍


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    had a conversation with our local dobbies yesterday and it turns out they will deliver bulk orders and are happy to bring it up to the house. many bulk deliveries will only deliver roadside which is a pain as its 20 odd meters from the road to the gate to the back garden.

    so bags of compost,manure,barkchippings and  decorative 20mm stone chips will be delivered on the 10th. to get it all myself in the car apart from the effort involved would take i reckon 10 trips or more so to get it all in one hit for £30 delivery is reasonable and theyve said i can add to the order if i want anytime up to the 9th.

    just need the weather and the “grass” to play ball.

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    just a quick update to say not a lot has happened due to a mixture of crap weather and pain.

    dobbies delivered 3 pallets of supplies, compost,manure, gravel and chip bark. they managed to get it almost to the back gate which was a bonus. all except 10 bales of chip bark is now on the central path awaiting the rest of the “grass” to be removed to the compost heap.

    i start on the oromorph tommorrow so hopefully with better weather i may get stuff done.

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    here we are again lol its been some time but curtesy of some much improved weather and an upgrade in painkillers i have managed to plough on.

    almost literally as the only way to remove the grass was to dig out huge clumps, so now i have the countys largest compost heap layer upon layer with plenty of garrotta between layers and a regular watering i reckon 8-10 weeks to break it down. so the grass is gone and the bottom 3m of the garden now has weedproof membrane down and bark chippings are in the process of being spread out. a new square raised bed has taken up the bottom corner and should be full of compost and manure later today.

    then its going to be the slow job of getting the top half smoothed over to take the grid for the gravel. and build the remaining 3 raised beds.

    anyway still a long way to go but heres some pics.


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    That looks like a tremendous amount of hard work mitch. I’m envious of your determination.

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    Hell yes, you have been a very busy bee mitch. Look forward to seeing the end product no matter how long it takes.

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    its taken a month of sitting down digging using that camping chair  and i doubt as much would have been done without the new meds so i am quite pleased with the progress. need to order more compost as its amazing how much it takes to fill one bed.

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    That’s digging must’ve been a nightmare, what you replacing the grass with..

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    Oh sorry just read, raised beds..

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    the top part nearest the house i have to smooth it out which will take a while so that it is 2 inches below the paths and then put down weedproof membrane and then these grid squares which all link together and you then put 10mm gravel down so it forms a firm base. you wont be able to see the plastic and it will support a wheelchair/walker etc. plus give a firm base for raised beds etc. eventually i will do the same to the grass to the left of the central path and put up a shed and greenhouse. the side i am currently working on will still slope away from the house a bit but the grids will stop the gravel all ending up down the bottom of the garden.

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    Thanks for the insight mitch, it’s coming along great..👍

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    I think we have the same camping chairs to mitch, I get a pic on later.

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    thats it, i know where to come when i need spare parts lol.

    mines taken some punishment the last couple of months.

    got 33 bags of compost arriving tommorrow so it will be needed for rest periods between wheelbarrowing them into the back garden from where they drop the pallets. hopefully they will get as close as they did last time. i reckon it will take tommorrow afternoon and thursday to get them in.


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    Yeah mines been through quite a bit too mitch, great chairs though..

    Yours is serving you well, that’s a lot of work you got on..

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    well looks like a fun end to the week just been notified david austin have dispatched the 5 roses for the square green bed much earlier than expected and with the compost delivery its going to be a busy few days.

    last time the bulk delivery from the garden centre i had to wait nearly a month for so wasnt expecting them to say we will be there in 2 days lol.

    hopefully the rose delivery they will leave by the front door as i have physio this morning and the courier tracker says delivery between 10 and 12.30. lets hope after 11.30 as i should be back by then.

    hopefully the physio will warm me up ready to shift 33 bags of compost .

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    Not being any kind of gardener I’ve been following your Adventures in Gardening on the quiet (yes, I’m a lurker).  Shifting those 33 bags of compost will be a work-out in itself!  Beware Sunstroke! 😀

    I like those grassy ‘grid squares’ – I might suggest then to the local Garden Centre for their ‘outdoor dining’ area.  The last time I went the wheels of my ‘chair rather dug tramlines across their lovely lawn.  Ooops!

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    yes the grid squares can be used either way fill them with soil and grass seed and it gives you a firm grassy surface. but i hate mowing lawns do not get the stripy lawn people at all. i am going to lay them over weedproof membrane and fill them with gravel 7 or 10mm probably local derbyshire gray. that way once i have to go into a wheelchair i will still be able to get around.

    that will be the interesting bit as i reckon it will take 3 tonnes of gravel to cover what i want to do.

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    3 tons?  Blimy!  Still, shifting the 33 bags of compost will have built up the muscles nicely.


    I’ve always had the Touch of Death to plants, but I used to quite enjoy mowing stripes into the lawn.  Going up and down got to be rather ‘Zen’ after a while.  Now the lawn is ‘grass’ and it gets mowed whenever it’s dry enough and DH has the time!

    Oh well.  It’s green and it’s flat and the moss underlay makes it feel genuinely lovely under bare feet.

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    thats going to be the interesting part as bulk bags dont work as the bungalow is 10m fromthe road so it would need to be in bags on a pallet which is proving difficult at the moment due to the shortage of building supplies. fortunately that will be the very last task so some way off yet.

    the compost will take at least 2 days to shift as i am restricted to 4 bags on the wheelbarrow and need a 10 minute sit down between each load to realigne the back lol. and the sit down gets longer as the day progesses.

    so at best a pallett a day. the gravel would take even longer.

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    These grid things are a great idea mitch, are they expensive though if you don’t mind me asking, or is it a case of shopping around..

    I admire the work you’re putting into this but don’t go staring yourself..

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    20 which covers 5 sq metres any where between £55 and £60. plus the cost of your weedproof membrane to put under them and then the gravel. so all in its probably going to cost me £1000 to do about 30 sq m.

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    Wow.. straining yourself I meant last reply mitch, not starting 👍

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    ok its been a month so i thought i would up date you, the square raised bed is planted now and doing ok, the levelling is continuing slowly moving earth is not easy sitting down but i have levelled enough to start the first raised bed from decking planks 2.4m x .6m and about .75m high there will be 3 so i reckon i will need more compost lol.


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    Wow Mitch looking much better,glad to see the twin chair being used, are you enjoying seeing the improvement.

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