The Great SUV Debate – X1 versus Tiguan versus Kuga

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    Glos Guy

    As some on this forum will know, I have been doing the research and groundwork for my wife’s Motability car renewal later this quarter. She wants another automatic SUV (she has to have hand controls) and would prefer 4WD with a 2.0 litre engine. Based upon brand and styling preferences, likes and dislikes etc we had narrowed the shortlist down to 3 cars from the new Q1 list, namely;

    BMW X1 2.0 Petrol 4WD X-Line Auto
    VW Tiguan 2.0 190PS Diesel 4Motion SEL DSG Auto
    Ford Kuga 2.0 180PS Diesel 4WD ST Line X Auto

    Yesterday we viewed all 3 cars back to back in order to make direct comparisons. The easiest one to dismiss was the Kuga. Whilst the styling of the ST Line versions massively enhance the visual appearance of the car over the very staid and dated looking Titanium X or Vignale versions, the car falls significantly short of the other two in terms of quality and technology. It is, after all, quite an old vehicle now compared to the X1 and Tiguan, which are both all-new models launched within the last 2 years. So we were quickly down to a choice of two.

    Whichever car we end up with, we would be adding a number of expensive options and it so happens that the X1 and Tiguan would both come to £5k once all options are added to the AP (and allowing for a £500 cashback offer on the Tiguan that we found through this forum). To the X1 we would add Electric Seats with drivers memory (manual leather seats are standard), Technology Pack (Comfort Access, Rear View Camera and Harman Kardon HiFi), Panoramic Sunroof, Driving Assistant, Park Assist with Front Parking Sensors & Sun Protection Glass. To the Tiguan we would add Leather Trim with Electric Drivers Seat and Memory, Keyless Opening & Closing with Fully Automated Tailgate, Park Assist with Rear View Camera, Voice Control & Tyre Pressure Monitoring. As I say, with all options added, that makes them both the same price.

    My wife currently has a previous model Tiguan 140PS Match 4Motion DSG Auto (to which we added Xenon Headlights, Cruise Control, Heated Seats and Tyre Pressure Monitoring) but fancied a change. I am also a big BMW fan, having had lots of them myself from 3 series to 7 series, and I currently own a 520d Luxury Auto, which is the best car I have ever had in 35 years of driving. So we had high hopes with the X1 but were sadly disappointed. It was certainly a big step up from the Kuga in terms of fit, finish and technology, but fell noticeably short of the prestige look and feel that I have in my 5 Series. However, the biggest issues were the lack of room inside (It would be a little too cramped for our needs) and the extremely poor seats. In terms of space and comfort, the Tiguan felt like a class up from the X1. Perhaps it should be called Tardis rather than Tiguan as it is deceptively big on the inside. Conversely, the X1 is smaller on the inside that the exterior would lead you to believe, but I don’t know an equivalent analogy for that (answers on a postcard).

    So, in summary, here are the improvements and extra kit that we would benefit from with the Tiguan over the X1;

    – Significantly larger cabin (with drivers seat set for me, sitting behind there was less than 1” between my knees and the front seat back in the X1, versus a good 6” in the Tiguan)
    – Larger Boot (folded wheelchair would only fit in the X1 boot with the rear seats moved forward one click, further reducing rear legroom. In the Tiguan, the wheelchair fits with the seats in the rearmost position).
    – Larger and far more comfortable seats. The standard X1 seats were too short, lacking under thigh support and simply did not feel comfortable. The optional Sport Seats are too firm. The Tiguan seats were noticeably larger, offering more under thigh support and were chalk and cheese in terms of overall seat comfort.
    – Memory function on drivers seat (with optional leather electric seats, which we will add) has 3 memory positions (versus 2 on the X1). This is very useful for us as we can have his and hers settings as well as an entry/exit setting to ease access and move clear of the hand control equipment .
    – LED Headlights have Dynamic Function (shades out oncoming traffic and vehicles you are following, sending full beam either side). My BMW 5 Series with Adaptive Xenons has this, but the X1 Adaptive LED Headlights don’t do this for some reason (even the optional High Beam Assist is just On or Off)
    – Electric Lumbar Adjustment On Drivers Seat
    – Auto Hold (standard on other BMW models but not on the X1, even as an option, for some reason). We would really miss this.
    – Adaptive Cruise Control
    – 4Motion Active Control with switchable On Road / Off Road / Off Road Individual / Snow modes
    – Active Info Display (12.3” High Resolution TFT Dashboard Display with customisable menus and information) – this is really cool and looks fabulous, as well as having tons of useful features. By contrast, the X1 has a conventional dash with hideous orange illumination at night.
    – Driver Alert System (tiredness monitoring)
    – Mobility Self Sealing Tyres
    – Foldable Front Passenger Seat Back (useful for long loads)
    – Folding Tables with Cup Holders on front seat backs
    – Active Bonnet with Pedestrian Protection
    – Driver & Front Passenger Knee Airbags
    – Auto Dimming frameless Rear View Mirror
    – Power Folding Door Mirrors with Puddle Lights
    – Ambient Lighting including around the standard Panoramic Sunroof
    – 3 Zone Climate Control (Driver, Front Passenger and Rear passengers)
    – Simultaneous Pairing of 2 Mobile Phones (so you can have work and personal mobiles connected at the same time)
    – Apple Car Play / Car Net Guide & Inform / Media Control (infotainment system controllable via Smartphone or tablet)
    – Better standard fit audio system. I have learned to my cost that the reason that BMW have several upgrade options is because the standard fit stereos are poor. We were going to add the Dynaudio system to the Tiguan but were staggered at how good the standard setup was, so won’t bother. I’m sure that the stats would indicate otherwise, but the standard Tiguan system sounded far better than even the extra cost Harman Kardon system in the BMW.

    Finally, the Tiguan has a Diesel engine with 400nm torque, versus the 280nm in the petrol X1 so, in addition to better fuel consumption, will be far more responsive in day to day driving.

    We had been disappointed a year ago to see the 25d X1 disappear from the scheme as that engine is a peach, and equally disappointed this year to find that the only X1 now on the scheme in X-Line trim is a petrol, but even if the full range of diesel engines suddenly became available, including the 25d, we would still go for the Tiguan over the X1 for the numerous reasons given above.

    We haven’t had test drives yet, and have no doubt that the X1 would probably have a slightly better ride, as the Tiguan SEL unfortunately comes with larger 19” Alloys (we would prefer the perfectly adequate 18” ones on the X1). BMW’s are also fantastic drivers cars, whereas the Tiguan will be a bit less involving, but there’s only so much driving in anger that you can do with hand controls!

    I have found this forum to be very useful and I hope that these extensive notes from my detailed investigations will be of interest to some others.

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    Hi all

    It was with great interest that I read the very detailed correspondence from “Glos Guy” as I am too looking at the same 3 SUV’s for my pending and first Motability car, an excellent write up may I add.

    I have discounted the Kuga due to it simply being a “Ford”. I worked for them many years ago so let’s say no more!

    With regards to the other two for comparison purposes, namely the BMW X1 X-Line 2.0 192ps Petrol derivative and VW Tiguan SEL 190ps Diesel 4-Motion I would offer the following comments and in particular reference to points various people who are interested in these cars.

    I have been fortunate to have owned many Ford’s, BMW’s, Audi’s and a couple of VW’s during the past 35 years (approximately 40 cars) and before my disabilities absorbed my life I was actively employed in the motor industry for 30 years in various capacities.

    At present I own a VW Golf GTD which was my first venture into VW ownership some 4 years ago….and what a nightmare ownership it has been! Without writing an exhaustive list lets just say it has had a replacement DSG gearbox, 3 sets of shock absorbers, 2 drivers seat squabs, 2 electric window regulators, various electrical modules, a media unit screen, etc, etc!! now after all the aforementioned inconvenience why would my wife then want to purchase a brand new 2017 VW Tiguan 2.0TDi 190ps – 4 Motion DSG – R-line?…..quite simply she liked the look of the car and enjoyed the test drive. Her factory order had a very high specification and took 5 months from order to delivery.

    Now to the debate of VW Tiguan Vs BMW X1

    I would add that the Tiguan is an extremely smart looking motor car (especially in R-Line Spec) and has some high tech in its specification. In terms of space and comfort I would in my opinion comment that the X1 has a greater load space than the Tiguan although official statistics would state otherwise. Maybe the fact that the X1 has a mobility kit and no spare wheel which gives the greater sense of more room is quite possible, but I am not alone in commenting that the Tiguan Boot space is quite shallow when the boot floor is in the raised position. If you have a OEM boot liner then it will not fit while the boot floor is in the lower position. The space under the floor is not particular useable in the raised position either due to the space saver spare wheel unlike that in the X1.

    I am also not convinced that the Tiguan’s cabin is noticeably larger than that of the X1, it is however just like the X1 having a ergonomically, well laid out interior designed and assembled with quality tactile materials, although the Tiguan appears to have the more modern looking cockpit. Considering the most important feature in my opinion, the seating I will confirm that my wife’s Tiguan was specified with the leather interior option which is quite an expensive option at £1,500.00 The leather used on the Tiguan seats is not of equal quality when compared to the X1’s “Dakota” leather. The standard Tiguan seats in the SEL are covered in Alcantara and of the “Ergo Active” design which benefits from seat heating, massage function, electric adjustment (Drivers only) and an extendable seat squab. When choosing the leather option you lose the massage function and extendable seat squab. Because of the lack of under thigh support on the Tiguan with leather seats option I believe the Sports seats, which are a cost option on the X1 – X-Line derivative offer far greater support for my disabilities which I understand are not suitable for others with different disabled needs. The standard seats on the X1 – X line in my opinion are quite poor in terms of lateral support and so would only chose the X-Line with the sports seat option.

    With regards to the standard fit entertainment/music system I have to confess that the Tiguan’s is of a decent quality although my wife has the Dynaudio system in her Tiguan which is very good. The X1 I test drove (2.0d M-Sport) had the BMW speaker system which is a £250 ish option and well worth the cost over the Harman Kardon speaker option.

    The “Active Info Display” on the Tiguan (SEL and above) is a very nice touch although not of the quality of the similar display found on some Audi’s it is my preference over the analogue clock display on the BMW which appears dated. What has surprised me with the X1 is the notable absence of a anti dazzle rear view interior mirror and vanity mirror courtesy lights which are an extra cost option…..penny pinching by BMW me thinks! The infotainment on the BMW is iDrive controlled and the Tiguan touch screen. I have to confess that the Tiguan menu’s can be quite fiddly and inaccurate. The iDrive has won many commendations over the years as the best in class although I have no experience of the present generation so would refrain from commenting.

    Moving to Powertrains I would add that although the emissions scandal is still raw in the minds of many owners, the VW engine units in the Tiguan appear to be of a decent turn of refinement and power although my experience would dictate that the 190ps engine is preferred over the 150ps which suffers more from turbo lag. Fuel economy as expected is no where near the manufacturers quoted figures. The best economy achieved in my wife’s Tiguan is 44 mpg although it averages on a mixed cycle barely 38 mpg. The BMW diesels are without question some of the best available in the automotive sector so need no introduction, the petrol engines, in particular the lower capacity units which are manufactured in the West Midlands are recognised for their varied reliability history which has resulted in many documented failures although BMW appear to have corrected these issues in later models. I am yet to test drive the X1 with a petrol engine although I understand it is more powerful than the largest capacity petrol engine offered in the Tiguan. The auto gearboxes are 7 speed DSG in the Tiguan and 8 speed ZF units in the X1. My experiences with VW DSG’s has not been the best of relationships as of the 2 VW’s we own we have had one failure and the DSG on our Tiguan has a defect which we are now in legal dispute with VW and the selling dealer. The ZF gearbox of the BMW is a delight to use and offers the best refinement of any auto gearbox I have driven.

    Interior space wise the Tiguan just pips the X1 for occupant space, the standard specification on SEL is quite high and above that offered on the X1, although it is worth noting the Advance payment for the 190ps Tiguan SEL is at £2,749.00 which translates to approximately £1,350.00 more than the X1 X-Line 2.0 Petrol. If adding optional extras like “Glos Guy” (and I am not criticising him here) you could be hitting £5,000.00 advance payment in no time, which if my calculation is correct, when combined with your weekly payment realises an average monthly payment approaching £400.00 or £14,000.00 over the 3 year ownership.

    At present the BMW X1 meets my requirements and it would be nice to return to brand which I last owned in 2005. The Model I am interested in is the 2.0 Petrol X-Line although I would have chosen the diesel had it been available. However, the petrol derivative will suffice given the fact I will be only covering 6-8,000 miles per year. The optional factory options I am interested in are -;

    ·        Mineral White or Mineral Grey Paint

    ·        Black Dakota Leather Sport Seats

    ·        Loud Speaker BMW Advanced

    ·        Electric Power Fold Ext Mirrors

    ·        Sun Protection Glass

    ·        Lumbar Support Diver and Front Passenger

    ·        Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror.

    If I was buying this car outright I would choose other options but given that the car is to be with me for 3 years without any return for those additional costs I have only chosen those options that will benefit me the greatest.

    If I have left anything out or anyone has any questions about either car I will do my best to answer them.

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    Glos Guy

    Thanks for adding so informatively to my post (and for your kind words about it).

    I am on around my 8th BMW (520d Luxury Auto, although I have had 3, 5 and 7 series) and my wife currently has an old model Tiguan with the DSG auto (and, between us, we’ve had 3 of them, all DSG Autos, including an R-Line) so, if I may, I can offer both confirmation and some slightly differing experiences on your comments.

    Interior Space – Somebody else has commented that it feels that you could fit the X1 inside the Tiguan! I wouldn’t quite go that far, but it is noticeably larger and feels as though it’s a competitor of the X3 rather than the X1. My main test was rear leg room for someone sat behind me once I had set the seat comfortably for my driving position. The end result was 1″ in the X1 and 6″ in the Tiguan! Of course, for many people this wouldn’t be an issue.

    Boot Space – On paper the Tiguan boot is much larger than the X1 (around 20% bigger I believe). It is, but they are shaped differently. The hidden compartment under the boot floor in the BMW is very large and, as you say, there is no usable space under the Tiguan floor and the slightly variable load height seems pointless. I don’t use under floor storage as we have a wheelchair, so the key issue for me is fitting the wheelchair in. I tested them both with the wheelchair in exactly the same position. With the rear seats in the rearmost position, the tailgate would not close on the X1. Same test in the Tiguan and the tailgate closed no problem.

    Seats – You are correct that the Tiguan SEL’s standard seats have marginally extendable under thigh support. It is very marginal and would not be used by my wife, so is no loss. However, the standard SEL seats are NOT electrically operated – only the lumbar is. To get electric adjustment (with 3 position memory) you have no option but to go with the leather. I would agree that the quality of leather used by BMW is better but, given how tiny the seats are in the X1, you get more of it in the Tiguan 😉 Neither of us like BMW Sport seats. They are rock hard and give me leg pain.

    Autos – I would agree that the auto box in my 5 series is fantastic and the VW DSG system is not as good. However, the auto box in the X1 isn’t the same as in my 5 series and has a more old fashioned looking shift lever. I believe that this might be changing though.

    Reliability – Sounds as though you’ve had a nightmare with your VW. As I say, we have had 3 Tiguans, all with DSG Autos and never had a problem with any of them. In fact, no issues full stop. Of my 8 BMW’s, all 6 diesels have been fantastic but the 2 petrol cars I have had both had engine issues. I would be wary of another petrol BMW but would have no worries about a diesel.

    Music System – I may have mis-read your point on this, but just to clarify that the BMW speaker system just improves the speakers. The Harmon Kardon system is far superior (but costs more) but, to be honest, still didn’t sound as good as the standard VW one. Standard BMW stereos are rubbish. It’s the only poor thing in my 5 series and I deeply regret not opting for Harmon Kardon (given that I ticked most other option boxes)!

    Sat Nav / Infotainment – I have the Professional Nav system in my 5 series (the level up from the standard one in the X1) and it is excellent. Whilst the setup in the new Tiguan is far better than in our current model, I have no doubt that it won’t be up to the standard of BMW’s iDrive. My wife doesn’t use Sat Nav, so won’t notice it! I will console myself by enjoying the fantastic digital dash (which you cannot opt for on the X1, even though it’s available on older BMW models?)

    Costs – You are quite correct with your cost calculations. As I have said elsewhere, the argument for taking a Motability car is not a financial one, in my view, as you can do better privately. My £41k privately owned BMW has cost the same to run (after allowing for the £10k discount I negotiated, less depreciation, cost of servicing pack, tyres, insurance, road tax etc) as my wifes £31k Tiguan through Motability. But, like so many people on this forum, the ‘peace of mind and worry free motoring’ aspects seem to outweigh the hard financial logic. However, my role is to advise (and cough up some of the cash!) and, as I said in a previous post, with all that she has to deal with, I am happy to go along with her decision.

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    Richard Hewett

    I have had a Ford Kuga titanium x 2011 plate from new it’s done 115k and it’s the 140bhp 2wd other than tires and servicing nothing has ever gone wrong on it attitude has been a fantastic car drives a complete dream has always gone through every mot no problems I think ford made a fantastic vehicle in the mk1 kuga something that has been lacking in the models since.

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    Whilst the space in a Kuga doesn’t suit me personally, I do think the Kuga is very visually appealing in its ST Line specs. That said have you noticed that the gauge of the metalwork on the panels maybe a touch thin? I only say that because every later Kuga I see appears to have mis-formed metalwork around the door handles particularly the drivers door which is very obvious on darker colours. i.e. Its as if repeated opening and closing of the door bends the panel. In fact maybe its a ford range thing as I saw a mondeo taxi recently where the panels around the front and back door handles were really caved in.

    Am I seeing things guys?

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    Some excellent posts here. I am not able to order until Quarter 2 week 1 and as Advance payments are a factor will have to hold fire until I see next quarters prices.

    I have looked at the Kodiaq, Karoq, Eclipse Cross, Kuga, CR-V, Rav4, X trail and the X! and Tiguan.

    I do not wish to spend more than is necessary on extras.

    I am left with a choice between the X1 and Tiguan (with the £500 cash back it is more attractive). The Kodiaq is (imo) too pricey at £3750 as is the Karoq. The Kuga did not appeal and is thirsty. The CR-V, very disappointingly, looked a bit “low rent” and was£3599. The Rav4 had uncomfortable seats and the Eclipse Cross a smallish boot. The X trail is my 3rd choice.

    We all have differing needs. I have an old friend who will only consider higher performance cars as the extra power and acceleration he feels is essential and has said has got him out of “trouble” more than once. I am sympathetic to this line of thinking and ideally want a car with a sub 8.0 second 0-62 time.

    This would lead me to the 190ps diesel in the Tiguan which lists at £2749 £2249 after cash back). The petrol, my preferred choice is thirsty. The X1 is £1299-1499 and has 3 petrol choices and a diesel in sport mode.

    Driving is another factor which can only be determined by a test drive.

    In terms of options, for an X1, Folding door mirrors and auto dimming mirror would be the only 2 on sport trim with possibly sports seats on the X line. On the VW, no extras are needed. Both cars are suitably well equipped for my purposes and both have pleasing interiors. Externally, I prefer the X1, but this is a matter of personal choice.

    The VW in real life driving is likely to return me 40mpg in diesel and 32 in petrol compared with  46mpg diesel and 36 in petrol from the BMW.  Around £800 in extra fuel costs.

    Given the BMW costs around £700 less and will cost less to run I have to ask myself does the Tiguan make a more compelling case than the X1? The answer at the moment is no. A test drive and Q2 prices might.


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    I hve a kuga tit x and have seen no problems at all so far with panels ( mine as the 2015 late model – so maybe its some thing that affected the mk 1 ?


    Would have to say mine has impressed so far as has the dealer – from an old school manual petrol the mpg on the petrol woukd be an improvement as mine only achieved 26 ( it was a 2.0 petrol) the current kuga is a diesel and does 46 around town at the mo –  but will be going petrol next time


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    Glos Guy

    Sounds as though you are being extremely thorough and will no doubt make a very informed choice. For what it’s worth, I think that your predictions of real world mpg are probably very accurate. Although, in the end, choosing the Tiguan became a far easier decision than I thought, I would have to agree that the X1 is a nicer looking car. But, as my wife says, you aren’t looking at it when you are driving it – but you do have to sit in the seat!

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    Glos Guy

    You aren’t seeing things Macca. It’s the way modern Fords are styled. I bought my daughter a Focus 6 months ago and every time I look at it I think it has been dented. The styling lines flare out into the bodywork and give a visual appearance, from certain angles, that the vehicle has been damaged. Catches me out regularly. Only good thing is that if she does ever bump it, I may not notice!

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    “Glos Guy” you have clearly done your homework and explored the detail of both models meticulously.

    The following YouTube Video confirms the subtle dimension differences between the BMW X1 and VW Tiguan -;

    I’m in total agreement with you on the subject of Interior space although my experience of the Tiguan boot space does appear at odds with the official figures. There just does not appear to be 600+ litres of boot space, that is unless the measurements were taken with the bench seat at its furthest point forwards, then I could possibly agree somewhat.

    The seats again is a subjective opinion, some of my cars and those of my wife during the past 8 years have consisted of BMW X5, Audi Q7 and Audi A4 Avant which came with standard specification larger seats which I found very generous and supportive which were absent on the A3 Sportback, Golf and Tiguan. I like a firm seat and prefer the support that an extendable seat squab offers, which is only available as a sport seat on X1. The seats on my wife’s R-Line Tiguan offer very little lateral or thigh support to a point that if you turn into a tight corner you are literally sliding onto the passenger’s lap, more so with leather seat facings.

    The 7 speed DSG is a vast improvement over previous version, however, the refinement is still raising concerns for many owners with reports of several failures. In my opinion the ZF 8 speed is in a different league for refinement.

    The standard VW speaker system is good but like the BMW system vs the optional Harman Kardon system the optional Dynaudio in the Tiguan is a far better system than the standard VW offerings which produces deeper bass and rich treble for a far superior listening experience.

    As mentioned previously the cockpit layout of the BMW is starting to show its age none more so when compared to the latest offerings from the VAG group. BMW are slowly addressing these styling shortfalls and I believe a “semi” digital dash is available on some higher end newer models, notably the X3. Not sure if you have viewed the new X3 but it is a nice car and possibly my wife’s choice when hopefully our Tiguan debacle is finally resolved.

    Which leads me onto VW customer service. I have to confess that of the many cars I have purchased over the years the customer service received from VW and its customer Service Department in Milton Keynes “after” purchase and when things go pear shaped does unfortunately leave a lot to be desired, especially when compared to my purchase experiences at Audi and BMW.

    Your final comments ‘peace of mind and worry free motoring’ just about sum up the very reason why I am looking at joining the Motability Scheme. If what you are planning makes your wife happy then who should deny her that choice.

    I trust with your good self at the controls you will deliver the best result for her!?


    “Nerhipperton” ……

    “I have looked at the Kodiaq, Karoq, Kuga, CR-V, Rav4, X trail and the X! and Tiguan.

    I do not wish to spend more than is necessary on extras.

    The Kodiaq is (imo) too pricey at £3750 as is the Karoq. The Kuga did not appeal and is thirsty. The CR-V, very disappointingly, looked a bit “low rent” and was£3599. The Rav4 had uncomfortable seats”

    ……… thoughts exactly!,,,,,for me its either the X1 or waiting until the 2nd quarter releases hoping the choice is greater with the added bonus that the advance payments reduce.

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    Wait it out if you can, let things calm down once manufacturers get used to the more flexible parameters

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    Glos Guy

    Thanks for posting the video link. Shame that they miss the legroom dimensions, as that is the area that the biggest and most noticeable difference exists between the X1 and the Tiguan. Interesting also that the only area where the X1 is bigger is headroom. I am 6ft 2” and headroom wasn’t an issue in either – even with Panoramic roofs.

    I have always found the BMW buying experience to be far superior to the VW one, but I should warn you that their after sales experience is as bad as any manufacturer. I have tired of telling them that their servicing experience does not match the prestige of their cars or showrooms!

    If you do go for the BMW, don’t end up like me regretting not getting the Harmon Kardon system. The standard fit stereo in my daughters Ford Focus Zetec has far better sound than the standard system in my 5 Series. Interesting to read your comments re Dynaudio, because we were going to add it, but were blown away with the sound quality of the standard 8 speaker Tiguan system, given that it sounded far superior to the Harmon Kardon system that we had just listened to in the X1. We did listen to a Dynaudio equipped Tiguan as well, but didn’t notice any difference, but we aren’t massive HiFi buffs – we just know a good sounding system from a poor one!

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    Always bear in mind the Kuga is in a size class up from the X1 and Tiguan. I’ve tested all of them.

    I find the titanium x pack has better specs than the ST depending on what you want.

    Another thing with a Kuga is it is reputed to be one of the best handling SUV.

    I have the old shape 2014 AWD 180ps diesel and handles like a hot hatch.

    Ford downgraded the included equipment levels when they did the facelift so you now have to pay more for stuff I got as standard.

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    Glos Guy

    Whilst it could indeed be argued that the Kuga is a class up from the X1 in terms of size, the same cannot be said of the Mk2 Tiguan. Whilst the exterior dimensions of the Kuga are a little bigger (most notably external length and height), the interior packaging of the Tiguan (which is slightly wider) is better. Compare them side by side and the interior of the Kuga is certainly no bigger and, due to the interior styling (as someone else mentioned earlier) the Tiguan actually feels larger inside. Also, the X1 and the Tiguan both have sliding rear seats, giving you ultimate flexibility between boot space and rear passenger space, whereas the rear seat bench in the Kuga is in a fixed position.

    As I have said before, the Kuga is a perfectly adequate SUV, but compared to the X1 and Tiguan is a clear 3rd in every respect, other than perhaps seat comfort and space versus the X1. It is essentially a 10 year old car that has had a mild facelift. The X1 and Tiguan are all new models launched within the last few years and it really shows. The technology of the two newer cars is light years ahead of the Ford, particularly in the infotainment department.

    I am quite a fan of Ford, particularly at the lower end of the market, as they make very easy to drive, comfortable cars with very slick manual transmissions. Both my daughters have had Ford Focuses and both have been great cars. But, at the higher end of the market I’m sad to say that they just aren’t competitive. Whether it be engine refinement, economy, auto transmissions, ride quality, suspension, build quality, fit and finish, quality of interior materials, infotainment, technology or pretty much anything else you care to mention, those ruddy Germans leave them standing.

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    I have had a look in detail at the spec’s for the X1, X line and Tiguan SEL. The former offers leather, electric boot and tyre pressure monitoring, none are “essentials” for me, The latter has Sunroof, Adaptive cruise, 14 way electric driver, lumbar, front parking sensors, dynamic light assist, lane assist. I have adaptive cruise on my current car and its excellent. Front parking sensors and lumbar support are both very desirous as is the electric drivers seat. Given there is just a couple of hundred between the two when Folding door mirrors, auto dimming rear mirror and front sport seats are added, its a closer call. Test drives will be the deciding factor, and possibly a visit to South Oxfordshire.

    #38628 Reply

    It’s good to have some meaningful choices again on Motability after a fairly lack lustre year.

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    Glos Guy

    Hi Nerhipperton.

    Please be aware the the 14 way adjustable drivers seat on the Tiguan SEL is manual adjustment and not electric. This seems to be confusing a number of people. The lumbar adjustment (4 of the 14) is electric, but the other 10 movements (backwards, forwards, seat back forward & recline, tilt up & down and extendable under thigh support) are all manual adjustments. For all of these to be electric, you unfortunately have no option but to pay £1505 for the leather trim, which adds fully electric drivers seat with 3 position memory (inc door mirrors) but deletes the massage function (which is a slow up and down, in and out of the lumbar) and the (very marginally) extendable under thigh support, which I would possibly use but my wife (the main driver) would not as it made the seat too long for her legs (and someone else has reported that the plastic adjustment lever can dig into the back of your legs). I have tried the Alcantara standard seats and the leather ones at length and both are supremely comfortable and far superior to either option in the X1.

    #38641 Reply

    Thanks for that info I assumed all electric. It’s all going to come down to the test drives. I had a choice between a Merc and BMW 6 years ago. The BMW (1 series) drove like a dream, The Merc was just awful. It became an easy choice. Having driven VW’s in the past I know both the Tiguan and X1 should be good drivers cars.

    #38645 Reply
    Glos Guy

    No problem. From a ride and handling perspective, I very much suspect that the X1 would be the better car. The only negative that I have read about it is excessive road noise at speeds over 70mph – so much so that you have to raise your voices to be heard. This has been consistent feedback from all the reviews I’ve read or watched on the X1, but I asked Pops about it on here as he has one and he reports no issue. The one review that I found that compared the X1 and the Tiguan directly said that the X1 was the better drivers car but that the Tiguan was more practical and offered a better overall package. Of course, the test was diesel versus diesel as most SUV drivers opt for oil burners, but thanks to Motabilty we are faced with a choice between a diesel Tiguan with up to 400nm torque and (if you want the X-Line) a petrol X1 with up to 280nm torque, so I fear that the driveability advantage that the BMW would normally win on would be severely eroded.

    #38678 Reply

    The CX-5 has now entered the scheme but with high Auto prices. BMW and VW prices are looking more and more competitive. Lets hope other manufacturers respond with better prices in q2.

    #38773 Reply

    Hi there!

    im new to the scheme, and I was comparing the X1 and the Tiguan also. What’s the £500 cash back deal that I’ve seen mentioned? I’m not aware of it.

    thank you, I can’t wait to test drive.


    #38780 Reply

    Hi Sarah,

    Welcome to the forum. If you look at a couple of threads down, you will see one titled vw dealer advice (or similar).

    That is a page set up by a couple of kind gents at Marshall vw. They are offering new orders £500 off. So technically your AP is reduced.

    The only nack currently which is highlighted in another post is that you have to physically go to the dealer to order and physically go to pick up. Otherwise Motability will cancel your order.

    Good luck

    #38799 Reply

    Hi Sarah…. If you do decide to go for a VW there are a few dealers around the country that are offering the £500 discount…. South Oxford, Bury Lancashire, York etc So hopefully you will have a dealer close enough for you to get to and benefit from this offer…

    I can give a thumbs up for the Tiguan, I’ve gone for the Tiguan Sel 2.0tdi 190ps 4Motion in Caribbean Blue and I cannot wait, I got the discount from Inchcape Bury……

    Good luck in your car search and please use the forum for advice etc as there’s a good bunch on here who are ready to help…..

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by Avatar AlanC.
    #38804 Reply

    Sarah Johnson’s VW solihull West Midlands also offering £500 off motability is Bryon

    #38838 Reply

    Sim0ke for he. One is a BMW and I will never buy, hire or lease tgat companies products.

    for tge other two, one has no room in the back and the other has no room in tge boot.

    go for the Peugeot 5008 or Skoda Kodiaq, much better cars

    #38846 Reply

    I liking, sir, very much BMW model X1 and also Active Tourer series 2 and, sir, also liking Tiguan from Volkswagen. I going crazy with excitement deciding which I shall wanting order as next car motability. I feel I should look at other cars but these are the ones I liking much, sir. Thank you for reading this post, I hope everyone has fine evining.

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