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    I must admit I am not a big reader of books but it’s clear that some on the forum are.

    I could of course be tempted and no better time than now when we have very little to do.

    So I thought it would be interesting to hear from members their recommendations.

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    Such a tragedy what has befallen Palmyra in the last few years due to the actions of certain extremist factions: the cella of the Temple of Bel destroyed, Monumental Arch destroyed, Temple of Baal Shamin destroyed, Tetrapylon destroyed, Theatre severely damaged . . .

    Breaks my heart.

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    A terrible loss, Georgie. Just another of the awful things people do in the name of their Invisible Friend(s).

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    O.K.  That’s what happens when I spend 20 minutes writing a message and then skip back a page to see if there’s anything else to add . . .  All deleted!

    Sooo . . . Once more with feeling . . .

    I’ve been happily working my way through The Expanse books – just finished vol. 5:Nemesis Games which has brought me up to date with the Amazon TV series (roll on Season 6 starting December 10th!).  Volumes 6, 7 and 8 are sitting on the bookcase, taunting me, while volume 9 should arrive on December 2nd.

    I must stay strong and deny temptation . . .

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