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    nick gray

    so ladies and gents , who is planning to go to the big event, I think it would be nice for us to meet up and say hi to each other.

    I’m up for it, anyone else,

    lets plan this out.

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    Unable to make those dates, sorry.

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    When is it ? I’d love to meet you all

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    Hi nick gray

    I would love to come along and meet the forum guys, however being up in North East Scotland and no event anywhere near me it is unlikely that will happen.


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    nick gray

    I understand trev, you too good to be seen with us. lol

    look a shot in the dark here, but I know for a fact we could pull this off.

    me, justsaying trev, pops, Winston, so many of us could arrange this.

    ( which motability big day out event)

    why not hold our own, speak to local dealers, ie kent, London, sussex, Essex, devon, thames valley area, south wales, north wales, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, and arrange for a dealer that holds multi brand stock cars and arrange our own events and invite all to attend, sure the dealers would be happy to hold the event and offer deals on the day.

    whats your thoughts ?

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    I’ll be up at NEC this year 6th July

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    I don’t know what I’m doing this weekend, let alone early July; but will bear it in mind.

    Are you all going to wear red roses, so you’re easy to spot?


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    I’m with you Tony I don’t know, but guys if I can make it I’ll be there,  we have a great community on the Forum and it would be great to put faces to words, very few groups or Forums share openly knowledge and experiences like everyone here, from carers to family  and everyone effected by day to day struggles of our common interests i salute you all and would be great to meet up, you should all feel proud of your input and help that you give to others.Thank-you

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