The "B" word has been agreed

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    Guys feel free to pull this post, it appears a Brexit deal has been agreed.

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    Not quite.  The wording of a proposed agreement has been agreed. The agreement has to be approved by parliament and all 27 member states.

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    Yes indeed

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    A number of MPs wanting it rejected based on the leaks that are coming out.

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    Sorry for delay this thread was originally deleted due to emotive nature of a previous thread becoming heated, however it has been decided.

    “We’ll leave the thread open until the weekend due to the immediate interest in this breaking news, as long as there is strict observance of forum rules concerning ” abusive wording” and “poster respect”. “No abusive comments about politicians, even if you think they deserve it”.

    we realise this may not be popular with all and as a Forum we are trusting that all posters respect one another. if it is felt anypost is against Forum Rules or causing distress to any user then the Thread will be closed without warning.

    Anybody with any concerns please contact the Forum

    Thank you


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    JS if there are any problems remove it straight away, its such a massive topic for the country and the people, that it seems rediculous that we dont discuss it.

    That being said its clear that its a subject that can cause friends to fall out and thats the last thing we need. So lets see if we can discuss this as virtual mates and see out the remaining 5 months of this saga with a smile on our faces.

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    It’s just a draft. I for one am really happy that we’ve got this far. Now, we need to see what this actually contains and means…

    And for those who deem it acceptable to abuse politicians; run for parliament yourself if you don’t like it. They are people too and don’t deserve abuse by people who hide behind their keyboards just because they don’t agree with them.

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    Your right Brydo it is important, and as it’s in the “Open Arms” our off topic place to meet and come together as a group it’s hoped it can discussed in a civil manner just as it is most meeting places around the country, you make a good point Rapster it is easy to hide behind our keyboards but we must also remember with such a diverse Forum group it is often forgotten we all have varying knowledge and vulnerabilities. But all have something worth listening too.

    we will see how it goes.

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    Should be discussions and always civility. I taking now relaxed approach and whatever happens will happen. I focus attention on fine coffee.

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    I would love it to say we will adopt the EUs tax cheat crackdown charter that is due to come in just after we leave…. the look on some tories faces would be a picture.
    This is a difficult topic to comment on as it is so political and that is in itself such an emotive subject, although I would be surprised to see anyone on a disability related forum have much good to say about anyone in a blue rosette in the present ‘hostile climate’ for us as disabled people.

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    As a radio amateur years ago, we were told we could discuss anything on air except politics and religion.  On international contacts, apart from technical matters and football, that pretty much left the weather – hence Tony Hancock’s “The Radio Ham”.

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    Guys key boards at the ready, it will all become clearer tonight.

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    Mike 700

    Same say that being disabled can’t be that bad
    ’cause many things free of charge can be had
    With blue badges to park near the supermarket door
    Then 3 hours free parking on yellow lines and even more
    But frankly folks I’d rather pay my own way
    And put off being disabled for another day

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    Very true Mike. I used to be an athlete.

    I just found that hard to say, looking at my condition and chronic pain now.

    They can stick all the so called “freebies” if I could be able bodied again!

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    There appear to be delays.

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    Mike 700

    I really do know that feeling –


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    I saw these silks, that like flags in the wind did fly
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    Yes, parachutes we’re flying through the warm spring air
    Every time I saw them I just had to stop and had to stare
    So not long then before on the dotted line I signed
    And began some serious training of the very toughest kind

    And when the day of my first solo jump came
    The lights went on above the door and someone called my name
    Out I went, speeding through the now cold and rushing air
    And then a sharp jerk and lo, a parachute suddenly appeared above me there

    Things were starting to slow down a bit now
    The view was awesome but so was the herd of Friesian cow
    Right under me and getting bigger and bigger every time I looked
    Must get my act together I thought or my goose will be well and truly cooked

    I landed well, gently ,slightly running , but completely in control.
    Although I was ready, just in case I had to make that forward roll
    The instructor came and shouted something in my ear
    But I was too far away in thought and simply didn’t Hear

    He then said o.k Young Sir, Re- Pack your kit and be about it double quick
    There’s another go for you now that you’ve learned the trick
    So up again I went before I’d even had time to pee
    But this was now the life I’d chosen for little old Welshboy me

    Yup, and frankly it all went well for the first 200 times, and then some
    But something weird happened up there on number two hundred and forty one
    Things got somewhat tangled up way back then that is for sure
    And clear blue skies and silky flags for me would be no more

    Broken bones flew in and broken dreams flew right out of that hospital door
    And a mangled mess I had become as I lay on that cold hard airfield floor
    I know that I’m lucky to still be here , and still in one piece if you please
    still strong enough to fight this new devil and his awful damned disease

    Pops, if the gods can’t get me ‘crashing out of that cold,clear blue spring sky’
    Then disability will not have me either, no Siree Pops no Way, not I
    I’ll fight the brute all the way , This guy will not be giving in
    ‘Cause there’s far far too much to live for , when I see my grandchildren grin

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    We have an agreement, now let’s see the detail.

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    Here’s the draft –

    All 585 pages.

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    Thanks trev…………I think lol.

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    lol it keeps referencing to other pages, confusing as hell.

    It’s being reported 10 ministers voted against the draft, and it was voted through on a majority. Well there is only 21 ministers plus the pm, so that was a very slim majority.

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    I think I’ll wait until a state kingdom national as stated on page 1 through to 585 actually writes it in layman Terms in accordance with not understanding a bloody word of it lol.

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    It’s Brexit Jim but not as we know it lol

    Well well well based on what I can glean from the report, this will suit no one. The Brexiteers will hate it and the remainers will be thinking it’s similar to what we have now only worse.

    i can’t see this being passed by parliament and I think we will see resignations from cabinet ministers today.

    I think we are in for a stormy few days and it’s anyones guess where we will be this time next week.

    As I’ve said for months I can’t see anyway out of this other than another referendum.

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    I’m looking online to see what experts have extracted from the draft thus far, and this is what i’ve found –

    • The UK will pay at least £39bn to the EU to cover all its financial obligations.


    • A transition period of 21 months from the Brexit date of 29 March 2019, during which the UK would continue to follow all European Union rules (in order to give governments and businesses more time to prepare for long term change).


    • Northern Ireland -If a backstop is needed, it will – as expected – take the form of a temporary customs union encompassing not just Northern Ireland but the whole of the UK.

      The draft agreement describes this as a “single customs territory”.

      Northern Ireland, though, will be in a deeper customs relationship with the EU than Great Britain, and even more closely tied to the rules of the EU single market.

      But the backstop (referred to in the text as the Protocol on Northern Ireland) would only cease to apply if “the Union and the United Kingdom decide jointly” that it is no longer necessary. In other words, the UK will not have a unilateral right to bring those arrangements to an end.


    • No agreement on fishing – The draft agreement simply states that “the Union and the United Kingdom shall use their best endeavours to conclude and ratify” an agreement “on access to waters and fishing opportunities”.


    • Commitments over citizens’ rights after Brexit – people will be able to work and study where they currently live, and to be joined by family members


    • Protection for 3,000 “geographical indications” including Parma ham, feta cheese, champagne and Welsh lamb


    • Alongside the 585-page withdrawal agreement is a shorter document setting out what future UK and EU relations will look like. If this can be agreed in time, it would kick in after the transition period ends in December 2020.

      It envisages a “a free trade area and deep cooperation on goods, with zero tariffs and quotas”.

      There would be “ambitious customs arrangements” that “build on” the arrangements in the withdrawal agreement.

      The two sides say they want this new arrangement to solve the Irish border problem, removing the need for that troublesome backstop.

    I’m in agreement with you Brydo, too many if’s, but’s and maybe’s for this to be passed – if 9 or 10 of her own ministers couldn’t agree it then really there is fat chance of it going through.

    Though if i was a minister in disagreement, i wouldn’t be resigning just yet, the sword should fall on the pm’s head, and surely will do come the vote next month if the draft doesn’t get passed.

    The DUP are going to be outraged that to pull out of the backstop it has to be a joint decision between the EU and UK, the UK unable to activate themselves. That point there fails the whole draft imho.

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    Very helpful stuff Trev.

    Those with nothing better to do might watch the Parliament channel from 10.30 onwards and see the proposals debated/destroyed by MPs.  One cabinet resignation already this morning. How many more before the day is out??

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    Think the resignation letter says it all Wigwam, no doubt the pm will replace resignee’s with ‘yes men’… if she can find any!

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