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    Hi, I’m new to forum but have been watching for the past 2 years, I am due to change my mobility car very soon so I thought I would  arrange for a test drive for the car that I was interested in. I did this through SEAT main web page and they past my interest through to my nearest dealers  which is IMG SEAT Warrington , They rang me back and asked me when I was thinking about having test drive , I told them what ever was better for themselves and it would be a mobility car ,they then went onto say they only had a manual and no auto in stock , I said it was the manual that I was interested in anyway, he said leave it with them and he would sort something out, Needless to say no further communication, Once again like so many on this forum I feel classed as second rate human being, We are still paying money for these cars and we all deserve respect, I know I will be told just use another dealer and I probably will , but if I had been a private buyer they most likely would have arranged a test drive there and then, is this not discrimination against disabled people once again ?

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    I feel your pain, I had this with my Local Vauxhall dealer in Leeds, we went in on the spur of the moment just to have a quick walk round to have a look if possible at a Astra estate at the time. the sales team was round me like flies S### but once I explained what the car was for and from whom, they suddenly walked back to their desks to continue play candy crush on their mobile phones, and no Motability adviser was available to help. say the least we never returned or never will. as said we are paying hell of a lot of money still for these cars, not as if we are getting them for free.

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    Some dealers definitely are not as interested. I have made several enquires in the past few weeks and some haven’t returned my call, or followed it up.

    I think part of the reason is cars are just not available generally to test drive.

    Ford and VW both of whom I am currently looking at for my next 3 year renewal have been fine, but it depends on the individual dealer.

    It does feel like we have to do all the work and pester dealers sometimes.

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    There are good dealers out there too and, if they’ve badly offended you have a word with Seat head office.  Even the dealership principal may help the sales person to see the error of their ways.

    You are not a second rate human being, it’s not a free car.

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    I think it is all down to the ethos of the particular garage you walk into. I have had atrocious service from a Kia dealership, poor service from a Mini dealership and excellent service from a Honda dealership. I don’t believe it is purely the fact it is Mobility sale that determines the service provided as I have had poor treatment from some dealerships going in as a private cash buyer. I believe if you are not taking out finance deals and adding extras the salesmen don’t get as much commission and this affects their interest in concluding a sale.

    At one point in my working life I was purchasing vehicles for a quasi government agency, the manufacturers had to sell to us at virtually cost price but had the potential to move large quantities of vehicles. The attitudes of the manufacturers varied so much that future procurement was often determined by their attitude rather than the suitability of the vehicles.

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    Remember when BSM went from rovers to vauxhalls, that was all because of one arse of a salesman, 50,000 cars over a multi year deal lost because of a single muppet, I would even suggest that may have led to or at least contributed to the demise of rover!

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