Tesla Model Y 2020: specs, pictures and on-sale date-£30,000 WHAT?

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    Production of the Tesla Model Y SUV could start six months early, reports suggest

    Last Updated: 03 Dec 2019 tweet

    The Tesla Model Y could enter production earlier than previously announced, according to reports. Rumours suggest that Tesla’s suppliers have been asked to provide parts six months earlier than planned, which would bring production forward to the early stages of 2020.

    However, Tesla’s most recent update on the matter said production would begin in the summer of 2020, and no official communication since has suggested a change to this timetable.

    The Model Y was officially revealed in March 2019, with the SUV set to join the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X in the US company’s model line-up. The mid-size SUV is built on the same platform as – and shares many components with – the Model 3.

    Tesla is continuing its efforts to move into bigger-selling market sectors with the launch of the Model Y; it’s second SUV after the Model X. The Model Y will be priced from $39,000 in the US (around £30,000 at time of writing) and will be offered in Standard Range, Long Range, Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive and Performance variants.

    The Model Y doesn’t get the ‘falcon wing’ doors synonymous with the Model X, but like Tesla’s larger SUV, will carry up to seven people. Tesla says the car’s 0-60mph time will be as low as 3.5 seconds and top speed will be 150mph. The Standard Range version has a range of 230 miles on a full charge, with the Long Range car boosting that to 300 miles.

    Inside, the Model Y boasts a panoramic glass roof and raised seating to give occupants a good view out. Keyless entry and exit using a smartphone app is standard, while up front there’s a 15-inch touchscreen interface to operate most of the car’s functions.

    The aforementioned app also offers remote unlocking, pre-conditioning of the interior temperature and ‘summon mode’, where the car will drive itself to you from a parking space. The Model Y is compatible with the Tesla Supercharger network of rapid charging stations, including the latest V3 upgrade, which can add range at a rate equivalent to 1,000 miles per hour of charging.

    Deliveries of the Model Y are set to begin late in 2020 for the Performance, Long Range and Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive models. The Standard Range version will follow in early 2021. Production is set to take place at Tesla’s Gigafactory in the US, with the newly-announced site in Berlin also set to take on Model Y production when it opens in the next decade.

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    Just wondering about the “7 Seat” thing, looking at the picture I assume it is only available as a 7 seater if you’re in the Mafia and can transport the extra 2 bodies chopped up in the boot or at least with the heads removed! 😁

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    So in the USA the equivalent in dollars of £30k, by the time it comes to the U.K. more like £50k plus.

    Then to get on the scheme they’d need to fit a tiny electric motor to be under the 225 bhp cap.

    we won’t be allowed anything like this for years yet.

    I can see the headlines in the daily mail. Disabled drivers killing the planet as they only drive the most polluting free cars. 🤔😂

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    No way will this be on the scheme or any other Tesla model. The reasons being very few showrooms, cars are normally brought on line, not the way motability cars are leased. Let alone getting it serviced. Can you imagine the publicity and the comments about a Tesla being on the scheme, the same problem with JLR cars not being on the scheme too higher profile for the disabled driving these type of cars.

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    I will confirm yesterday I went into my local Tesla dealer and I never seen any Motability signage on the walls or windows there.😁

    I say dealer but its more of a shop as its a shop within Cribbs Causeway shopping complex and is along similar lines to the Apple shop just along the way there. So the dealer/shops are about but there just in strange places where you don’t expect to see them and on telling my gran-kids about their granddad being on the ball they had great pleasure telling me they went in there ages ago.

    Had a quick look inside the model 3, at the front of the shop and thought it looked like my living room with a large TV screen right in the middle of it and on first seeing this in real life I was taken back how empty it seem to look other than that screen.

    The car next to it that I forgot to take note of what model it was had a massive boot looking at it from outside and I thought my scooter would fit in the back of that except of course it had usual slope towards the rear that makes the rear door low.

    After five minutes in there with all the sales people tied up with customers and me not winning the lottery last week and of course the lack of Motability signs I made my way out with no doubt the security guys great relief seeing me leave on there cameras as I scooted around the shop on my scooter.😊

    Tesla in a shop

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