Terrible motability dealerships experiences and horrible sales people

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    So I’ve always had a negative experience at car dealerships, we’d always get treated like second class citizens. I enquire about vehicles and every salesperson turns me away.

    Every time I seem to enquire about Motability none of them seem to care and would always say “I’ll give you a call back” and never do.

    I would like to hear everyone’s experiences or if it’s just my bad luck.

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    We’ve had a total of 5 motability cars, (3 one one person and 2 for another) 4 were great, VW VW Seat Seat,

    peugeot robins day chingford, horrible, I got the guy fired in the end I’ve never hated someone in my life.

    gonna try keep it really short

    i was u25 at the time and we wanted an suv, only options are the time were karoq Kuga or 3008, but then Peugeot discontinued the 120bhp engine made it into a 130bhp. So quickly wanted to find one before they all sell out, went to him he said yeah we’ve got 6, gave all the paper work (keep in mind btw this guy worked for DS, it was a Sunday and said I’ll do the application for you) anyway, one weeks passed, nothing, two weeks passed I go in and find out he was lying about having 6, now they’re all sold out across the UK, anyway in the end we were lucky and someone cancelled theirs in Peterborough so we went up and got the last on in the uk, had to call like 40 dealers but just never give up.


    anyway back to the idiot, when I first saw him, I asked about if the ds7 will ever make it onto the scheme, his words “no way that car is way too premium” (funny as it’s on the scheme now) Then he goes “motability is just a to b cars, you should be happy with the choices you have”, im there biting my tongue as I don’t wanna lose the last cars in the uk (even tho in the end he lied) so after 1. Being so rude and 2. Lying, I called up motability complained, met his manager and complained, in the end got him fired. Also this may sound insensitive but karma got him later, during the two weeks I was chasing him to get the car I found out he got beaten up (probably because of his rude attitude)


    anyway moral of the story, if ANYONES rude to you, complain to their managers / to motability as well, enough complains they’ll lose the ability to be motability salesmen

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    Oh forgot to add, the Peugeot in Peterborough, amazing people, picked me up from the station twice, full tank of fuel, everyone in the dealership was nice, even brought the ceo of the whole branch down to thank us for choosing them

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    We’ve had 3 cars on the scheme so far. Chevrolet Orlando, Volvo V40 and a Nissian Xtrail. All dealerships have treated us very professionally. (Charles Warner Lincoln, Stoneacre Lincoln and Trenton Grimsby). Now looking at a BMW at Soper Lincoln for our change next month. All 4 dealers have been great.

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    72 dudes

    Only on our second Motability car, but have had extended test drives in many others while choosing.

    When choosing and ordering our previous Audi Q3, we were treated like royalty by the Audi dealer, a very pleasant premium experience.

    With the Volvo, again the Motability saleswoman did everything to ensure the model we test drove was the correct engine/trim level. Even though she had left by the time handover day came, her replacement was friendly and helpful.

    We only had a slightly negative experience at one Peugeot dealer where the Motability salesman told us that discounts on the AP were illegal and frowned upon by Motability! When challenged on this he dug himself in deeper by saying Mrs 72 dudes could loose her PIP award if he offered a discount. We just laughed it off as him being a cockwomble!

    I do wonder whether some Motability customers on here take the trouble to act professionally by calling ahead to make an appointment to see the correct person.

    Nevertheless, there is no excuse for rudeness and unprofessionalism as described above, but I have found that bad car salesmen/women are in the minority.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    My personal opinion is that all car sales people are generally the same, whether Motability or not.
    Some are ok, some are useless and there to do the bare minimum. I liken them to shop checkout workers (& certainly no offence meant to checkout workers. My son is one). They beep your order through and they’re on to the next.

    And I generally know far more about the car I’m looking at than they do. When you open the bonnet and a salesman points to the plastic engine sound proofing cover and calls it the turbo, you know it’s time to walk away!
    I have never had a dealer call me to update me. I’ve only ever had a call if they want something that’s usually cash related. And that’s in and out of Motability and with a big range of marques.
    If you manage to get a sales person who is good at customer service, because that’s the crux here, hold on to them and never let him/her go.
    They’re a very rare breed. 🐓 🦷

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Roger at Volkswagen in Hull is by far the best I’ve dealt with.

    Vauxhall in Darlington was also very good.

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    I’ve always found motability staff very pleasant to deal with my only complaint is I’ve never had a call from any dealership to update me and I’m on my 6th vehicle from 6 different dealerships.

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    Got my first two cars from J Davy Vauxhall, Basingstoke and they were fine-ish:  The first guy was a bit ‘I’m your new best friend’ who promised a full on pick-up day but failed to put in any at all – which would have led to me running out of fuel on the Basingstoke ring-road if I hadn’t gone for a quick refresher drive around the neighbouring Trading Estate first.  Luckily I managed to nurse it back to the garage and was given £10 of fuel to get me home.  The second time was fine – process went smoothly and I got half a tank full.

    VW guy from Peter Cooper VW Portsmouth was really nice, kept in touch throughout and all went well.

    Also a Thumbs Up to Peter Cooper VW Chichester where I dropped in unexpectedly with an alleged sudden drop in tyre pressure two days after they reopened after Covid 19 shut down.  Friendly, helpful, sorted it out and sanitised everything in less than 30 minutes while I sat, masked and gloved, in glorious isolation in a comfy chair.  Turned out to be another case of Hysterical Car Syndrome, but I don’t know enough about cars to casually ignore warning lights!

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    When I lived in England, generally I’ve had very good customer service from dealerships, especially Toyota and Nissan in Devon. Now I’m in Scotland, I’m absolutely shocked as to what they clearly think is acceptable. Total apathy, a couldn’t care less attitude, once you make the mistake of mentioning motability, well, that’s it. Suddenly the shutters come down, they say they are not trained to tell you anything about the car. I usually say I already know about the APs but still they don’t want to tell you anything and then………surprise surprise, the motability person never calls you! I think in Scotland, customer service in dealerships is non existent. I’ve had some shocking experiences and it’s always the customer that has to keep chasing.

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    I’m on my 4th motability car and ford Croydon have always been brilliant, mercedes Croydon were lovely when we went in looking for our newest car and he even informed me about motability grants even though he knew we weren’t going to purchase the car as the boot was too small. Mitsubishi West Wickam were lovely also. One thing I must say is I have never been shown around the car on handover, just handed the keys and asked do I know how to work the car.

    I have just been through the process of ordering a new car and went to a few dealerships to pick the next car. Audi in Coulsdon were awful and made you feel like why are you here, you aren’t good enough to drive an Audi, so we left and would never pick an Audi as a result. BMW in Surbiton were brilliant, they made us feel like we were valued and they spent two hours with us making sure the X1 was the right fit for us. The motability agent there went through every option and placed the order. He did warn us that due to covid the wait would be long. Having seen on this forum you can track the build week through BMW chat, I asked the dealer for the order number and after. Few days he replied and the build date is November 8th. I then applied for the motability grant once they were open again and it was granted and put through and the dealer was great done his bit to secure the grant on his end and now all I have to do is wait for the car.

    Some dealerships are awful and need a lesson in customer care but generally they are great and once you get the motability specialist at the dealership I’ve found it goes well but I would say ford in Croydon customer care is always very good even when you walk in post-covid without an appointment.

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    My experiences have mainly been positive, VW 2009 golf the sales man made me a Soul and R&B mp3 CD because we spoke about love for music, he kept me informed every month, I got a tank of full and various other bits.
    BMW 2013 they were pleasant, they rushed a bit on handover as he had a few to do but when looking for cars I was just thrown the keys.
    VW 2016 guy went above and beyond and sent numerous videos and kept fully informed.
    Volvo North London Colindale 2016, guy was an utter dick.
    Seat 2017 they were very helpful as I got a stock car, my only complaint is that Cars were being delivered with upgraded alloys but they said as it’s Motability they would prefer them on another car so would I mind swapping them for the original ones. I wasn’t to bothered tbh because the rode better.

    current order in with Volvo W.garden city for B4p R design Pro, got a discount and for the test drive was given the keys to a XC40 R design Pro Recharge. No complaints at all and they were very help and very accommodating. Even gave me a discount.

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    The trouble with car salesmen is that many of them were flipping burgers/cooking fries a couple of months back – and many of them will be selling sofas in DFS a few months from now.

    Luckily I go armed to a car dealership with just as much knowledge as the salesman about a particular vehicle & sometimes I know even more than they do!

    I’ve had about 8 cars on the scheme now & all but one have been good, polite & looked after me. My local Citroen dealer has been the best in the past (Yeomans, Fareham) and the only real stinker I had was Ford in Newgate Lane, Fareham. Utter garbage.

    Generally, car dealerships for Motability customers are, I’m afraid, like Russian roulette!


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    I have had some great experiences and some awful ones!!  The best was bmw, great service, professional and went through everything.

    On the other hand my local mercedes dealership, couldn’t be bothered to offer a test drive, ignored emails and never had call backs.  I definitely got a feeling like I was a second class person at Mercedes.  I am contemplating making a formal complaint.

    Think more of us should complain to the dealerships about poor service.  Maybe the bad ones would then up their game!

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    I really think we should have a permanent thread with recommended dealers and ones to be wary of.

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    I can certainly recommend Marshalls at Grimsby. Ian their BMW Motability specialist keeps in regular contact with me. He’s disabled himself so has plenty of time for Motability customers.

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    can i remind people as a open Forum we are not into the name and shame route, its not fair on the individuals that are not here to defend themselves, We realize there are bad experiences out there but we are here to give advice and guidance to those that need it, any issue with a certain dealership should be taken up within their own complaints route and Motabilility, we are not here to be that sort of Forum as overall it doesnt help anyone and just opens us up to liable.

    thank you


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    why should you get discount on the ap?

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    brand loyal then


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    Menorca Mike

    Own fryer Listers VW Loughborough Leicestershire lovely motability man

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    Stoneacre Seat Wrexham (Tom)

    Very good polite and informative with follow up

    Dickens Vauxhall  Wrexham now Arthur’s Vauxhall used twice and never a problem (Trefor)

    Haliwell Jones Chester (Steve)

    Very good polite and informative

    BMW services best I’ve come across since using the scheme

    Won’t name the Shrewsbury dealership we had our last car from Mazda nothing wrong with the car but not the best experience we have had since using the scheme

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    Audi treated us 2nd class and it was kind of like, what you doing here – sales guy uninterested and didn’t call back as he ‘was with another customer’ every time we rang – when we first went into the showroom, when we made our appointment he shouted MOTABILITY CUSTOMER across the floor, never been so embarrassed … no shame in being movability but just felt that the others in there looked at us a bit funny and don’t like personal details advertised – you know?

    eventually went to toyota bradford who were FANTASTIC – didn’t make me feel ashamed about being a motability customer and we were treated just like everyone else, like normal people lol

    if in bradford, go to toyota 🙂

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    I’m on car number 4 now and overall I’ve not had too much trouble but yes your right there are times when they seem to have no time for you.

    One thing is to keep ahead of them knowing as much, if not more, about the cars there selling that what they do, that way they can’t spin yarns.

    It’s hard I know but I spend 20 times more time on YouTube reviews than the time I spend at the dealers, in fact time in the showroom is mostly sitting in the cars there and playing with things for there suitability to my disablement then I simply ask “can I order one or should I walk, the choice is yours”.

    The only real big issue I’ve had apart from a couple of yarns and a lie is one guy refusing to go to his computer and double check the AP for a car I was going to order with it being just a day or so after a new price list had been release.

    I put the phone down on him and travelled 70 miles to another dealer and ordered the car there and cut a long story short the manager of the first dealer rang to ask why I had not gone in to order the car and I told him about the “can’t be bothered attitude of some of his sales staff”, he apologise and said he hoped I’d come back to them next time and I said I would be but just remember my name in 3 years time.😁

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    Thank you File28

    We are in North Wales and can go to Chester  Wrexham or Shrewsbury. It is nice to know which dealers are serious about motability.

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    Marshall BMW Scunthorpe. Brilliant service and kept well informed during the lockdown.  Mark and Arthur top sales guys.

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