Suzuki Vitara vs SEAT Arona

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    The latest Suzuki Vitara is supposedly the most advanced Suzuki ever, we test it against the class-leading SEAT Arona.
    The pace of progress in the compact SUV sector means that if you’re standing still then, actually, you’re going backwards compared with your rivals. Suzuki knows this, which is why it’s updated its Vitara model with a new 1.0-litre petrol engine and extra equipment that the Japanese brand claims makes this “the most technically advanced Suzuki to date”.

    It’s also subtly massaged the styling so the visuals match the upgrades elsewhere. But given how crowded this class is, it’s no surprise that the latest Vitara is faced with many talented competitors, the best of which is the SEAT Arona.

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    i spent yesterday looking around the small suv market and was impressed at what is available and it is a difficult choice i may need a higher seating position and something easier to get in and out of than the mini 3 door i currently have and both the arona and suzukis offering were up there with the best. both offer comfortable cabins and either would be a good alternative if they cant sort my back. it would come down to personal needs beyond the cockpit for others,the suzuki i think looks a bit better and seemed roomier the boot seemed a bit better all that would depend on an individuals need for wheelchairs etc. for me the only must have is the ability to get in and out and an auto box. of what i saw yesterday my favourites were the citroen c3 aircross,mini countryman and the arona or ateca for that bit extra.

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    Mitch we make a list of what we need, boot big enough for wheelchair, SUV so it’s easier to get in and out, heated seats to help with back pain etc.

    Then a list of desirables leather seats etc.

    Im sure everyone’s list is different.

    Then I fine tune my choice to two, maybe three cars, then go see them in the flesh, test drive etc.

    There are very few bad cars now a days but few that will suit ALL our individual needs.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Suzuki dealers seem to do well in customer care as well i remember having a 1990 suzuki swift gti that was a great car a bit flimsy but never had any trouble with it and when it went for service i was lent a suzuki vitara and although these were manual gearbox i thought it was great.As these were my own cars and suzuki has come a long way in build quality then the old days i think you cannot go far wrong.


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    brydo, i am lucky in a sense my requirements are an automatic for dodgy knees and now the ability to get in and out due to a slipped disc and arthiritis in the back. at the moment i dont need a scooter/wheelchair and i am on my own so no wife kids or dog to main focus is the drivers cockpit so to speak.

    the best of which yesterday was the bmw x1 but the car is huge for what i want and has disappeared from the scheme. i would like a look at the jeep renegade but there arent any dealers near me likewise the ds3 as they have moved their stock into “salons” and theres not one close. a suprising outsider is the 3dr corsa i was suprised at how high the seat appeared and it was easy in/out. fiat were quite good but ive heard theyve had problems with engines and stuff. again on the huge side the volvo x40 looks good but huge ap.

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    It’s very frustrating when the car selection changes mid-way through the quarters. X1 was a reasonably likely candidate for me and it felt like they did a reasonable increase in the number of grades available in April. But now not even 1 left.

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    The  Suzuki Vitara comes in white as standard, but they want £500 for anything else! The SEAT Arona doesn’t have this limitation.

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    nairn62,for motability thats waived for most metallics etc by most manufacturers, usually you only have to pay for special paints and just the difference between metallic and the specials. so if the basic paint is free and metallics are £500 and 2 tone or specials etc are £750 you would usually just pay £250 for the specials etc.

    check with the manufacturer your interested in but its usually the case, mind i dare say theres always one thats awkward.

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    Some Suzuki dealers don’t know the product fully. When I enquired about the s-cross and vitara they told me the auto is CVT. The brochure says 6 speed auto.  I have read that earlier versions were CVT and the latest version  is torque converter auto

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    I certainly found the Vitara easier to get in and out of than the Arona when I was looking around recently. Mainly due to better roof height more than seat height.

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