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    I’m thinking of growing a sunflower in memory of anyone who sadly didn’t make it through the virus….

    Thing is I have very little knowledge of doing so, is it to late in the year to early, I’ve got a pot, some compost no seed or flower yet..

    would anyone else be interested and maybe have updates on our growing experience🌻.

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    Hiya Tharg, don’t apologise hope your are doing better? Your sunflowers sound like they are getting tall fast! If they are the giant variety then they will need at least a meter between each other 😳

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    Don’t believe they are the real “giant” types. Think they are quoted as 1.5m to 2m tall. Will do some more googling to see what I find…🌻

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    Not much happening on the growing front…🌻

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    I’ve had two sunflowers passed to me apparently these are the giant varriety😳…


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    Growth continues at quite a pace. A few are over 2ft high now. Will have to be planted out by end of May at some 18″ apart. Will try to get a snap at some point but it’s difficult to show scale. 🌻

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    The effort will be worth it guys.

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    @Tharg I agree, somehow the pics don’t show the size as well to the actual growth stages.

    I must admit to being chuffed when the seeds germinated, then the second leaf stage, now the massive size difference.

    Cant wait to hopefully get some sort of bloom, seems to be taking ages 🤣, I don’t do much growing at all.

    As Joss has mentioned I thing the flowering, budding stage will bring a sense of pride to me personally..

    Best of luck to anyone trying 👍


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    Need something in the shot to give it scale. A dog would be good if I could get Tilly to stay still long enough! Oh well… Can’t believe the rate at which these monsters grow. I’m putting them out during the day to accustom them to weather and I swear they grow by inches outside every day. 🌴

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    Hello everyone,

    I hope your all doing well, your sunflowers look great! The giant variety you have been handed look very similar to mine although Iv taped 2 giant skewers together and use it as the grow guide and stability for the plant (it’s almost reached the full height of that!). Tharg I think your absolutely correct saying they grow inches a day, I can’t wait for them to flower now. Will definitely feel a sense of proudness/pride when it happens 😊🌻😊

    Tharg I Hope Tilly is well, I wonder what she will think of the sunflowers when they are outside and very tall.

    I have 3 blue tit nests and Iv noticed one of the nests eggs have hatched some teeny tiny totally adorable little babies, the birds are getting thru a big amount of seed daily but it’s so nice to see and hear them everyday 😊

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    Forgot to say, have planted lots of red & white strawberry plants (already flowering) and some cucumber plants too…..will be adding a few varieties of tomatoes soon and have the carrot balls, strawberry sticks, apples and peas aswell 😳 went a bit fruit & veg mad this year! Woops

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    Yup, Lou… we are getting a lot of new stuff int garden right now; replacing stuff lost in the winter frosts. Some tall fuchsias going in; waiting for hanging baskets for front of house (have put up brackets, need something hang on ’em); and piccolo tomatoes to go in soon. Particularly looking forward to the tom’s because Tesco was the only shop doing them and it has taken them off the list completely. ‘  🍅

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    😋 yum! Them piccolo tomatoes are one of my favourite types, I wonder why they stopped doing them. Fuchsias are nice flowers, I have a few hanging baskets too except they are with fake hanging baskets 😂 I would of liked to of grown some herbs and salad too but there’s no room left……I am growing some mint from a cutting tho

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    No, we cannot understand why Tesco stopped doing the piccolos. We used to buy around three packs a week (Mrs T addicted). Had to stop buying them, indeed, buying anything from Tesco. Totally unable to get a delivery slot, Just nothing available. So switched to Sainsbury’s which always has delivery slots to hand.

    Grow quite a lot of me own cooking herbs: mint, rosemary, thyme, parsley, chives, oregano and tarragon. Sadly, with all our trauma over winter nearly all of them are now twigs. Have to start again, I suppose. Would like to grow some cannabis too – not for recreation, but as a treatment for one of my medical conditions. It IS available on NHS. Has been permitted since 2018 but no GPs will write a prescription (!)  🌿.


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    That sounds exactly like myself with losing the herbs over the winter, all that’s left is twigs 👎 the salad planters have been filled with flowers too.

    Tesco were and still are bad for delivery slots, I found Iceland were fantastic but I didn’t use them for a main shop. I just stocked up on some of the small frozen and cupboard items (and some of there limited edition luxury deserts). Sainsbury’s fresh fruit, veg and bakery items are some of the nicest tasting products compared against other shops unless you go further upmarket to Waitrose, M&S and the likes.

    I didn’t know you could legally grow cannabis for medical reasons and I had no idea the NHS prescribed it either. 🌻

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    Well, you can’t grow the weed, at all, for medical or any other purpose. But it is a registered medicine, with NHS “approval” for certain, mainly pain-related, conditions. Has been since 2018. But there have been a total of three prescriptions written by NHS doctors since then. Prejudice will conquer all. They’re simply afraid that they will get in trouble with NHS Dictators, sorry, senior management. The latter, of course, fear that they will lose some of their control if they allow it. Can get it privately and I would but it would mean having to go to a (fully legit registered) cannabis clinic in Harley Street under the Twenty21 scheme. I simply cannot do the journey.

    On supermarkets, have found that aside from Sainsbury’s. the only one doing decent deliveries is ASDA. Waitrose WAS good but then it became impossible to get a delivery without staying up till midnight to book a slot. Even then, you could still miss it. Shame. I like Waitrose. Its produce is pretty expensive but the quality of food is probably the best, bar M&S, which does not deliver.

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    Hello..oh no snapped leaf 😳found this so just took it off from the stem, hopefully should be ok..

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    Tharg I don’t think its illegal to by weed seeds, it’s only illegal to germinate them into plants..

    Has anyone ever made the canna butter, I did it years ago and put it in cakes😁🤪..

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    @Lou falling slightly behind here on the messages, just noticed and read about the blue tit nests, how lucky for you, those little birds don’t stop feeding..

    Our both nest boxes empty this year first time in many sadly..




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    These two plants marked out have gone to new homes now, hopefully to grow into great plants 👍🌻🌻

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    Ajn – good grief – you monsters really are coming on. Think you’ll probably end up with a giant living on the tallest one. The you’ll have to climb it to nick the golden-egg goose to pay for next Motability car (if there are any left!).

    Thanks for tip on the other seeds. May give it a try… 🌿😊

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    Wow wow wow! Ajn! Now they are impressive, I can’t believe the growth yours have had, mines not far off what yours are but I’m still worried about the night frosts 🤪

    sorry if my post is a bit muddled I’m feeling quite unwell at the moment and despite the meds I am still in agony 👎.

    Iv never heard of canna butter and am unsure what it is 😳 (have a rough idea from the name) I was completely unaware about cannabis clinics and schemes but it’s not something Iv really given a thought to or looked into….it’s not a journey I would be able to manage without someone either.

    This little blue tit nest I think is probably the last surviving one, the magpies and crow have killed and eaten the blackbirds and dove babies over the last few days – they seem to be working together. It’s not very nice to witness but there’s nothing that can be done to stop it.

    Asda has always always been my most loved shop hands down, Aldi seem to be ok for the click n collect thing (even tho you have to pay to collect your own shopping)….I believe M&S deliver via Ocado but the prices are still eye watering. I think given the Indian variant starting to take hold, we are going to see less and less delivery slots in the coning weeks if things aren’t put under control.

    I think your plant will be ok without the broken leaf, it’s quite surprising how hardy some plants are really. Iv got the mint cutting in an egg cup of water and it’s doing great despite half drying out after being cut a couple of days ago. The leaves are lovely and green with that fresh mint smell 👌 I hope your all doing well and enjoy your weekend

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    Yes Tharg have to be discreet with those seeds I guess when searching online 👍, I’m hoping the sunflowers don’t grow to massive, it says a meter and 1/2..

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    Those Magpies seem to chase and kill anything insight Lou, I witnessed two magpies corner a Blackbird between the hight of the shed both attacking it, I opened the door and they flew off, the Blackbird lived another day that was Wednesday morning this week.

    The same pair of magpies chasing everything from feeders too🤨

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