Sunflower idea 🌻

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    I’m thinking of growing a sunflower in memory of anyone who sadly didn’t make it through the virus….

    Thing is I have very little knowledge of doing so, is it to late in the year to early, I’ve got a pot, some compost no seed or flower yet..

    would anyone else be interested and maybe have updates on our growing experience🌻.

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    What I find annoying is aphids will eventually cause yellow dots/marks or yellow discolouration to the leaves (before or aswell as the shrivelling)  but over watering will also cause them to yellow 😕 trust me tho you honestly can’t miss the aphids when you do have them as there’s always lots.

    Happy to of shared the info, I absolutely loved bugs & insects as a child (still secretly do) but my views on certain ones have changed as Iv aged – and realised the destruction some can cause. 🐛🐌🐞🌻🌻

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    Well, here’s what my stuff looks like now. They are well healthy even if they don’t look good in this snap. No time to do Gardeners’ World front cover photography I’m afraid.

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    yeah well done, they look great, got need to cut a few more sticks for support..

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    I need* 🙄


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    As we wait for our plants to do their thing, why not add anything interesting to the subject, even if it’s just as a pastime, if like me can’t get of to sleep or simply got time in your hands..

    voluntary example..

    Slight cough to clear the throat 🤣..

    Many know peanut butter, some know almond butter, but have you heard of sunflower seed butter? If you have a nut allergy, sunflower seed butter may be a staple in your diet. An interesting fact about sunflower seed butter is that it has significantly less saturated fat than peanut butter, according to the USDA.

    In addition, sunflower seed butter has more minerals than both peanut and almond butters. Having a nut allergy has some benefits.



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    Urrrrhhh maybe not 🤢

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    Ajn you literally had me there for a moment with the photo of the giant sunflower! 😂 it was quite an interesting read about the sunbutter although just the smell of peanut butter makes me physically sick (I can’t even be near an open jar) 🤢

    Tharg your plants are coming along fantastically! I reckon they will outgrow them pots within 2-4 weeks 😳 I must purchase bigger ones for mine and the bamboo stick!

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    Monsters! Doing well there, ajn. 🌞

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    Thanks Tharg 👍,


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    Wow! Well done ajn they look huge! I reported mine a couple of days ago and tied to a stick for stability…..the aphids have had a good go at the leaves 😩 praying they will recover from it! They are still growing in height tho which is a good sign 🌻🌻

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    Well I’ve had a good look under the leaves and on stems, can’t see anything but when my Son was looking after them he said the were 4 tiny black flies the he flicked off under the leaves on the longest plant..

    Something seems to been at mine..

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    Wow nice one ajn 👍🌻

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    My Daughter sent these pics to me, she said she’s shopping in Morrison’s and they’re outside.. look at the new flowers coming through, loads considering the size 😳

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    Oh sorry Joss those aren’t mine 🤣😂, mine aren’t that good  🌻

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    😳 they look great! Mine haven’t even got a bud yet but are on there 4th leaves and have some recently planted seedlings sprouting too.

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    Good Morning found this under one of the sun flower leaves🧐, I’m guessing not good…

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    Ajn that is from a spittlebug, your sunflower will be ok as long as there’s not loads of them (or the foam). Aphids don’t produce foam, they just eat plants alive 😕

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    The foam is to keep the eggs safe until they hatch, you can brush them away or use a bit of water with a teeny bit of soap 🙂

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    Yeah unfortunately it had to go, used my hand sprayer, washed off the goo, a tiny yellowish thing was revealed so just sprayed it onto the grass😳 , Thanks Lou 👍

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    Ah the larvae, good job you got rid of the main beasty. Your welcome 👍 it’s surprising how quick the critters come out for fresh healthy plants

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    Up looking for these shooting stars but all I see is the night sky with a touch of cloud…..gave up and measured the sunflower which came in at a foot and a half with its 5th set of leaves coming thru, maybe I should think about it’s 3rd larger pot before it finally makes it way into the earth 😳 anyway that’s me done for the night, buenas noches 💤

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    Hello, mad sunflower people. Apologies for lack of stuff from me, health problems getting in the way of everything. Had intended to do some snaps but didn’t get the chance. Try later. My triffids are now between 8″ and 18″ tall. According to interweb sources they are ready to plant out when there is no chance of frost. There have been light frosts for about a week now. So I’ll wait for frost-free mornings.

    When I do plant them out I thought I’d do them in groups of three, with about 6″ between each plant in the group. Reckon that’ll work?

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