Sunflower idea 🌻

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    I’m thinking of growing a sunflower in memory of anyone who sadly didn’t make it through the virus….

    Thing is I have very little knowledge of doing so, is it to late in the year to early, I’ve got a pot, some compost no seed or flower yet..

    would anyone else be interested and maybe have updates on our growing experience🌻.

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    Love the Tilly & pears pic Tharg, great shot love it 👍👍

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    First – 😁 – sunflower seeds have woken up. Three or four pushing stuff skywards. Jolly quick, I thought.  Second, food – 🌶 – know what you mean, Lou. I love food which is well seasoned with either spices or herbs. Am careful not to overdo it though, like Rick Stein, I mean, chilli on prawns? Kills the light, delightful flavour of original ingreezement.

    Other stuff? “Stavros” (as Di Spencer called him) – met him once when he was being shown round my magazine. Seemed alright, if more than a little three-sheets-in-the-wind (was after a fairly lavish Royal lunch).

    Pics of Tilly – such a camera tart! When she’s walking with neighbour, the latter ends us about ten snaps from every walk.

    Operations: you have our very best wishes, Lou. Believe me, we really do know what you will be going through. Aside from risk of op’ itself, one of the greatest issues is the chance of PTSD after it. Physical and mental stress etc. Try to find someone to talk to during and/or after your operation? We are always here, of course…


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    with most plants retain in pot until roots fill the pot and are exiting the holes in the bottom then repot into a pot 20% bigger than the original.

    most plants from garden centres you will see need repotting almost immediately.

    jerk chicken is one of my favourites it is jamaican i think but most carribean islands have it and on a cruise around the area one time i went on a day trip to an old plantation house for a cooking demonstration where we were shown how to make jerk chicken and a fish dish ackie something i think and associated veg and rice it was delicious topped off with 151 rum punch of course.


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    exciting stuff tharg! Sunflowers all finally on the rise. Mitch after reading what you posted, I think mine are def in need of slightly larger pots….the roots are poking thru the bottom holes.

    Tharg prawns have been a lifetime favourite of mine, I used to be sat on the kitchen side when I was around 4 years of age at my dear great uncles every Boxing Day & we would peel the prawns from full shell to have later in the day (most didn’t make it to the bowl). I still remember him fondly whenever I have them.

    Thankyou for your kind words, my last op went surprisingly well. My late partner was at my bedside from start to finish and although I weren’t great with surgery taking longer than expected, anaesthetic, recovery & oxygen levels I was not too bad. Now he’s gone and with covid restrictions il not only be recovering without his company but I’m not allowed a single person in the hospital with me at all. I have always had a massive worry of not waking up so with the restrictions in place I’m really quite anxious, I will let you lovely people here know how I’m doing after. It’s really very heartwarming to know there’s people keeping me in there thoughts.

    Everyone here has certainly helped me get through one of the most difficult times during my life so thankyou 🙂

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    Lou I hope all goes well for you, and totally understand your concerns.

    Mrs ajn went in for surgery just before Xmas, op to remove some nasties..

    I was shielding but determined to drop her of and pick her up the only thing I could do.

    To be honest I just wanted her back home..

    However if it eases your mind she said the staff realise it’s not easy for people and they really went the extra mile with understanding and reassurance.

    I think people on this forum might have certain views maybe not always agree, but things like this we try to help out even in a small way, you’ve done it too for others.


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    Thankyou, I hope Mrs ajn is feeling better? Please give her my best.

    It’s such a difficult position for people that are on the outside aswell with having to sit tight and wait to hear how everything went. I know I was probably a complete mess trying my best to hold it together when my late partner was in hospital for the 6 weeks before I lost him.

    That has eased my mind knowing how the staff were with mrs ajn, can’t wait for it to be here, over & done with if I’m honest. It currently feels like a dark cloud hanging over my heading not sure when itl pour (my op date is still not confirmed).

    Everyone has different views on everything and I completely respect and understand that, it’s good to have thoughts & opinions either way 🙂 Iv found that something as little as checking in, can mean such a lot to someone….it’s always nice to look out for each other.

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    🌻🌻UPDATE of confusion🌻🌻

    1st pic the large yellows🌻

    2nd pic the medium reds🌸

    3rd pic the smaller multi head 🌼🌼sunflowers

    I posted earlier somewhere I couldn’t remember what was what, however now I can see what’s what👍🌻🌻🌻

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    Mine also doing well. Not quite the Triffid sized monsters of your, ajn. Pics later (when I’ve cut lawn).

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    It’s not all about size Tharg, it’s the taking part that counts.

    Let’s have some Tilly pics too if poss.👍


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    Here’s my seedlings…

    More dog snaps when I can either take them or dig out old computer which has a wealth of them!

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    Well done Tharg, very organised I went for the “chuck em in method” 🤣.
    I  guess I’ll have to either separate them or let them sort it out themselves.


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    Nothing “organised about it, ajn! Found little plastic six-pot thingey in shed. Chucked in some seed-compost. Thrust seeds into it. Watered. 😉

    Curious, though – I put two seeds into each bit of pot. Only one of each came through. Hmmmm…

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    Wow Ajn! Yours have had a growth spurt haven’t they!? Tharg I love your little pot thing, I got a tray & put 6 eco pots in it so they could be watered from the tray (roots upwards). Big mistake! The pots have been falling apart as there just recycled cardboard but my plants are doing good….infact the apples the best. I also put 2 sunflower seeds in each pot and so far there all coming thru so will probably need repotting sooner for the space. Would love some Tilly pics, having a really hard day 👎

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    No planning involved in my wee tray. It was just there so I used it. Mrs T has an identical one for the tomatoes.

    Sorry to hear your day has been less than good, Lou. Hope things improve. Take care…

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    @Tharg it’s a great set up there should be easy to repot…unlike mine 😳

    @Lou this might cheer you a little,

    Mrs ajn advised I get my plants separated, sooner the better or I’ll be lucky if they grow any bigger than a dandelion…🤣😂🤣(I think the multi head ones should be ok)

    I’m going to try it tomorrow😳


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    Oh I could be bowing out early here 🥴, separated the plants to repot..

    I think I left them to late, lots of rips and snaps separating roots 😳.

    Hopefully some might be ok, obviously if they stay upright all good.

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    The black/red  F1’s next 🌸😳


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    Ajn, your post did make me laugh a bit….mine are 2-3 times that length (apples) and still in the flimsy eco pots 🙊 I think yours there should all bounce back after a day or 2…..they look excellent to what my “bare root” strawberries did last year and there going good.

    Tharg my new day went even more downhill after seeing a consultant. More scans, a massive needle directed by ultrasound and quite possibly a second completely seperate surgery which will put my whole arm out of use for months! Knowing my luck I won’t be able to drive my first motability car this year and will probably need a relative to collect it for me 😐 please tell me things will get better? Or would that be jinxing myself? On the plus side, the suns been shining a bit 😊

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    Dear Lou – our heartfelt sympathies. Mrs T and I have been through absolute hell over the past few months. After a year of self-isolating, she had to go into our local NHS hospital. The place was overrun with Covid cases and it was only the life-threatening nature of her condition that got her admitted. First op was bad enough.  Second was many times worse. Honestly thought she was not coming out again. However, and here’s the point of my rambling, things DO get better. Against all odds she improves. We are looking forward to future again. You will be, too, I’m sure.  Enjoy each day, each minute as it comes. The sun shine was lovely today. Many more things will be, again, tomorrow. Take care, my friend… 🌞

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    Thankyou Tharg, very very thoughtful words. It sounds like your year has been awful and terrifying (I remember them feelings). This is what concerned me when the cases were sky high was going into hospital, I went once and felt scared enough. I can’t begin to think how Mrs T must of been feeling bless her and yourself too with the restrictions. Once is bad enough but twice makes me lost for words. I’m really glad and pleased she’s home safe, building herself back up and your both in the most best company in the world (each other) there is truly nothing more better than that. I do hope you both have some nice things in mind for this year and remain in good health 🙂  Thankyou for your kind message 🌞

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    Lou – glad my words could help a bit. It’s what we WMC people are here for. Aside from wittering on about cars and stuff. This is a great, helpful community which I discovered when Mrs T went through her traumas; folks on the forum were wonderfully helpful.

    As for “nice things in mind”, well, we hope to be able to go on holiday later, if the whole Covid thing comes under control. There’s a lovely, friendly and comfy hotel in Tenerife we would love to go to but that all depends on getting health insurance. Given the chances of her condition recurring, the cost of insurance might exceed that of the holiday! Working on it though… a daughter says she’s found a firm which can help.

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    i was glad when I found this off topic section of the forum (took me a while tho) it’s good to chat about day to day things and hard to find on specific subject forums so I’m glad this parts here. It’s eye opening really how welcoming and nice people that you haven’t met can be and often helpful too.

    I hope you get to have a nice holiday in Tenerife it sounds good and you both could certainly do with the break.  Health insurance is so hard isn’t it and the small print is annoying too. My late partner had such a rare disease that absolutely no where would give him an ounce of insurance… was a no go too! I find things like this so unfair for people, there should be something put in place really. We went to Belgium on a whim no insurance but it was only a long weekend. Saying that he did travel to America years ago and he had no insurance, then our last holiday was in the UK so none needed.

    How is everyone’s plants coming along? Ajn I think the wind has carried your growth dust as my sunflowers shot up today and keeps dancing towards the sunlight. I went from maybe 2-4 visible strawberry stick to 26 overnight! It’s all looking good 😊

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