Sunflower idea 🌻

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    I’m thinking of growing a sunflower in memory of anyone who sadly didn’t make it through the virus….

    Thing is I have very little knowledge of doing so, is it to late in the year to early, I’ve got a pot, some compost no seed or flower yet..

    would anyone else be interested and maybe have updates on our growing experience🌻.

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    Mrs Ajns cooking sounds delicious! Thats so nice to have people from your old home still asking for baked yummyness, that sort of stuff doesnt last long with me either- i blame my sweet tooth. You have got me wanting to try the plum sponge cake 🙂


    Ah Tharg that sounds so good! I think I may of had it as a child minus alcohol, I would love to try the one you have described. Thats a shame you cant enjoy it with Mrs T too.

    Thankyou im hoping so, I have a little procedure in the next week and have been told i will strictly need to rest with no lifting or driving 🙁 With some luck itl help tho. Bless Tillys heart and her love of pears

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    Lou – well, “no lifting”, there’s no problem with that, But “no driving” – with your brand new, all shiny new charger outside? Difficult!

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    Popped to the cemetery, lots of cut multi head sunflower placed at my parents grave stone 😐, lots on the plants too..🌻🌸🌼 👍..

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