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    I’m thinking of growing a sunflower in memory of anyone who sadly didn’t make it through the virus….

    Thing is I have very little knowledge of doing so, is it to late in the year to early, I’ve got a pot, some compost no seed or flower yet..

    would anyone else be interested and maybe have updates on our growing experience🌻.

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    Aww Tilly – Dog, shes got just the sweetest of faces! She looks very much like my sisters staff in her plane spotting pic. Well done Mrs T, your morning glory plant is beautiful…the petals have got a nice deep and vibrant colour I really like the look of that plant.

    Thankyou, thats really bad with how widespread the humongous waits are. That was my exact thought with Boris and his pals, Im not in a position to go privately but had I of been then I wouldn’t of hesitated (have been bed bound the last few days in excruciating pain). He is certainly making a shambles of things isnt he?

    Oh no sorry for your delay too, are you able to track the progress of yours? I hope you get it sooner than expected however I know that may be wishful thinking in the current climate. I ordered an Audi Q3 and expected delays a lot longer than present. I was under the impression it wouldnt be ready for collection until mid to late Aug going by what the dealer had said from day dot with timings but itl be a little earlier than predicted which is a nice plus for me, being my very first motability car. I werent given a tracking code for my car at all but the dealer has been really good and made contact fortnightly (sometimes weekly) to keep me in the loop. I had a Q3 years ago privately so knew it would be ok for my needs, Im not so sure if i will be able to get used to a touch screen instead of a control knob tho.

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    How lucky to have a helpful dealer bloke. Mine’s OK but not fully aware of some stuff. Asked him for a tracking number, all I got was the order number. So not totally sure whether the order has really gone through. “Provisional” build week is first October but I reckon it’ll slip from there. Reckon you’ll enjoy your Q3 – a slightly larger and more shiny version of the T-ROC – and I wouldn’t worry about the touch screen thing. I, too, was concerned about them but had them in my two test cars and found them pretty intuitive in use. Still prefer knobs, buttons and levers though.

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    That doesnt sound reassuring with the dealer, and you have quite a wait too. Itl def be worth it tho…I do hope your build date does not slip further. What colour did you go for? My dealer was good until the admin side came into it and he eventually told me I was his first ever motability customer lol In the end he had to cancel the order and put it thru again a week later but a further month later he had to cancel the application with motability and redo it all (not affecting the actual order). I still felt so much more at ease with him and was glad to be kept informed of progress, I would of loved to of been able to track it tho. Am glad to hear the touch screens arent as scary as I thought, did you get used to them quite quickly? I think the option of knobs and buttons should always be available personally, I must admit im starting to look forward to pick up day and new car smell. I had a look at the T-ROC, lovely looking car.

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    Your Audi bloke sounds really helpful. Touch-screens… well, having a small, basic one in the Mini I guess I was a bit prepared. So those in the T-ROC and GTE took a couple of minutes to get the hang of. Did it while driving (on very quiet empty road!) and didn’t miss too much. Colour? Oh, it just had to be Feckless Tart Red…

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    Oh nice one Tharg, from that angle it looks so similar to the Q3. I think I will spend a bit of time inside it while its parked so i can get to know everything, I remember there being a little scroll thing on the wheel but I only used that for the radio years ago. Once im a bit clued up I will give it a go while on the road, the nav is going to be an absolute god send especially being cleverly included in the dash (if wanted) aswell as the touch screen. I went for glacier white, originally i said the regular non metallic colour but the dealer said i could get metallic for free (I werent too fussed however) but he selected it anyway. I do hope the MPG is better as the old type was terrible. Itl be nice when collection day comes for you and myself 🙂

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    Yup. They do seem very similar. Believe they are based on the same Volkswagen-Audi Group chassis/platform. Basically Golfs with posh frocks and high heels!

    And, while we’re doing pictures…

    Tilly checks speck in grass is not a pear (always hopeful).

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    Awww Tilly-dog bless her heart…she will be dreaming pears, looks like you have had some lovely weather today. Love your flowers in the background…forgot to mention earlier about the tomato flop! So i have a few beautiful full and green tom plants growing nice and tall but….only one has lots of little toms starting to grow, another plant has a measley single tomato growing lol The strawberry plants are huge but not a single strawberry in sight (the white variety) and the cucumbers have some cute little ones starting to grow. I think the carrot balls will need pulling soon in the next few days, the strawberry sticks i think are lost to aphids 🙁

    Your right about the cars being posh golfs with the skirt & heels! They are def on the same platform, I had no idea that the mini & bmw were lol I do know about land rover and jag sharing tho (we have defenders in the family).

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    Interesting to hear that your tomatoes have gone a bit wonky. Our aren’t ding so well either. Plenty of flowers and some healthy looking fruit forming but a couple of them look pretty unwell: brown leaves and stems despite being properly watered and fed. Might take them out to avoid contaminating the healthy chaps.

    L-R Defenders in the family? Lucky you! Hope they are the original big square box things and not the new expensive Tart’s Handbag that L-R foisted on us. Love the old ones. Was lucky enough to drive one on a special off-road course with big slippy hills and waterways etc. (snorkel needed). Quite marvellous. Felt it would go just anywhere you wanted to point it. Brilliant design – no-frills,  simple vehicle, made to do a job and who cares what it looks like.

    Would love to have a go in one of the really old “lightweight” Mk 1 or 2 versions or the absurd military “air-portable”.

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    an armoured workshop i was posted to in germany used to rally a snatch landrover that they adapted “slightly” with roll cages,bucket seats adapted gear shift and an uprated engine, went like stink.

    great fun on a boring sunday.


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    Sounds extremely “interesting”, Mitch. Some friends (long ago) got hold of an air-portable, stuck a Ford V6 in it and had fun in some serious off-road driving. Went link stink!

    Rallying a Snatch L-R? That armoured monster weighs at least three tonnes! Must have been a serious engine upgrade!

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    Thats odd you say that Tharg, a family friend has been having problems with theres too including the strawbs. Wonder whats going on there. God no not the new type, the one in the family is the very old square box type….we all say it looks like a safari truck lol. I havent drove it myself, would love to but its a bit of a beast! It sounds like you really enjoyed your go in one, I would love to be a passenger until brave enough to do a course like yourself. Thats the stuff I prefer, simple no frills and built to last. Speaking of engine upgrade, its had one of them….think its got a 4 liter, it sounds like a tank. Mitch the landrover you are talking about sounds good fun! I must admit I find it strange how everything on the defender can be easily popped on and off like the doors, imagine that sort of simplicity on cars now.

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    Yup. Fully agree, Lou. The original Land-Rovers could be reduced to a fully open truck. No sides, no top, no back, no doors. Love the fold-down windscreen too! The 4.0L sounds interesting. Shame there are no British, frill-free and simply-does-the-job motors left. Understand that if you want something like that then there are some made in India and China.

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    Tharg, Lou I won’t be here as often as from now, guess all great things must come to an end, just look at that, just a minute to look, isn’t great, truly great..

    Thanks 🌻🌸🌸🌼🌼🌼

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    Wow ajn, you have certainly ended your time on this thread with a fantastic couple of photos! That sunflower is something to be proud of, well done! I think and hope mine is on its way to start budding but im not holding my breath…..its still climbing in height tho.

    Tharg that sounds very much like the type we have where all the doors and pretty much everything can be removed, the guy who had it previous wanted to mod the thing out with extensive kit and then stopped after changing the engine….its got a chunky winch on the front tho and a ladder to the roof thing. Bench type seats in the back aswell, im sure its around 20-30 years old. I didnt know that choice of vehicle (simplicity) was so few and far between, I like gadgets and buttons dont get me wrong but when they break they do it in a huge way most of the time – in my cases lol.

    One small question, my immediate family have a tobacco pot made from the houses of parliament stone (with certificate) and 2 bookends….i understand they are rare. Is it worth keeping hold of them? Also, are vinyl records worth anything these days as we have been told otherwise (have a very vast collection)

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    Dunno about the bookends and humidor. Might be worth something, if well made. On subject of vinyl LPs… only folks telling you they are worthless are the folks who want to get hands on them and make a great deal of money! Hang on to them and Google the titles you guess might be worth a bob or two. Certain Beatles records can fetch thousands. I’ve got quite a few LPs myself and still actually play them – much “warmer” sound than CDs and a million miles above the internet quality (most Beatles stuff on a certain streaming service have been done at incorrect speed – Macca seems to sing far too high and quicker than originals).

    Many different types of LP can be worth something. I’ve got an album of the South Pacific soundtrack. One of the first ever stereo records to go on sale. Marvellous quality. Worth up to £100. Anything pre-1970 is probably collectible. Pressed before oil crisis forced a cutback to all oil products – like vinyl – and after then, LPs became much thinner and crap in quality.

    The whole vinyl thing is undergoing a resurgence now: modern bands releasing LPs or excellent recording quality at a premium price. The right sort of vintage vinyl can be worth pots of dough. What sort of stuff have you got? I only know a little about 60s’ stuff and might be able to help.


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    The stone stuff is in mint condition, was only ever on a fireplace…its got the winston churchill lead stamping too (really quite a nice looking piece in my opinion).

    Sadly you are correct in what you say, also had a nice piece of wooden furniture worth around 350-400….was told it was worth nothing and talked into selling it for 50£. Had a grandparent pass away  and he was a collector in a large way (knew what to look for). Am not sure of the years on the LP records but theres bags full of them and some in good nick. Bags full of the old beano comics aswell, its overwhelming trying to sort thru it all really. He has left behind a magnificent record player…the pins are worth more alone as they no longer make or sell them.

    Tharg when i get hold of the LP records, could i mention a few to you and see what you think? I would be ever so grateful if you are happy to 🙂 I could type up a list but i think itl be long.

    I dont think there will ever be any music that can match the quality it was made at years ago, most of the current artists use a lot of digital enhancing stuff….I went to a live thing years ago. Only 2 singers sounded exactly as they do on the radio and i found that quite disappointing. The Beatles were a favourite of mine!

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    Yes, Lou, would be happy to get a list of titles and dates of issue. Will help if I can. Be careful with the comics too. Don’t know whether the Beanos are collectible but early 2000ad comics can fetch a fair bit. Comics is a very variable market (used to write/edit for them) and prices can vary enormously. A number one of 2000ad with its free gift was once worth over £500. Don’t know what it would fetch now. Again, sorry to repeat: don’t listen to anyone telling you LPs are worthless. I have a mono Sgt Pepper unique advert issue that’s worth over £1k, so I’ve been told. Also got a mono Stones album worth around £100. Bought them when originally issue just to listen to, not as an investment. ANY Beatles stuff is worth investigating as are lots of other 60s bands.

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    Tharg thankyou! Thats really good to know, its a shame that theres still the cowboys out there after a quick buck….you are restoring my faith that there is still good people. The comics if i remember correctly are very pre 2000ad, I hadnt realised the LP’s could fetch that sort of amount to be honest. There are some vintage barbie & ken dolls (barbie when it was Cindy) the clothes look 70s era or earlier. I have an interesting pocket watch (russian)…Molnija 3602 Pocket Watch Red Garde WW2 Elite Troop Russian Watch (I dont know serial numbers) but it still ticks beautifully and is in perfect nick. My relative was indeed in the army, he went to Egypt for quite some time too. 🙂

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    Mornin’, Lou. Sunflowers first… mine are getting to their best. A couple have gone really high – 10ft at least – one of these has flowered, the other is working on it. Will try to do snaps when it stops chucking it down.

    Love the sound of the CCCP watch. You’ve got to love that Soviet-era stuff. Really simple mechanical design and built on a monumental scale. From cars to cameras. My first 35mm camera was a Zorki 4 (Leica copy). Worked very well. Cameras are an odd thing in collectibles. Bit like watches – they sell on names. Leica, Rollei command high prices others, just as well built, go for next to nothing. I have a 1936 Leica which still works perfectly!

    Don’t be tempted to part with the Barbie/Cindy stuff until you check very carefully. Some of the more unusual/rare stuff can fetch thousands from collectors.

    Do let me know about the records when you get time. Like, what period are they from? Sixties, earlier or later, maybe?

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    Hiya Tharg, crikey 10ft!? Thats an impressive height, i feel mine have a way to go yet then (about 5-6ft) still not flowered or sign of bud. Yours sound like there doing really well, il look forward to the photos.

    Im pretty sure he was given it in the army (after the war)….its a nice piece and has the original chain attached, he had a few different ones and quite a few watches too but i dont think they were collectibles altho i didnt properly look. Iv got an old jack in the box, looks a bit creepy to be honest especially when its wound up.

    Cameras, the tool that allows us to capture them moments which can take us right back to the when it happened….i do love taking a photo. Your 1936 Leica sounds really interesting, are the stills on the old style film/roll? I noticed one of them on ebay for little over 78k, thats quite something!

    The barbie stuff is from 60s-70s possibly earlier, there was some china dolls too but I wouldnt know where to look to get them sold. We had 3 (maybe 4) auctioneer people in that turned out to be cowboys…I think the things we were going to hold on to (until we found a vintage/collectible buyer) were the cindy/barbie stuff, the comics and houses of parliament stone (from when it was bombed).

    I certainly will Tharg, I think i remember seeing some elvis ones in a bag…there possibly 60s or earlier. My grandfather was in his late 80s but im not sure if any of them could be passed down. I havent been to his house for a few months so am going by memory at the mo. Sorry i know thats not very helpful! I will definitely let you know once iv been back 🙂

    I hope you, Mrs T & Tilly-dog are enjoying your day, hopefully the rain will ease up for you. The slugs and snails ate all the runner bean plants a few weeks ago, the environment for them was ideal after the storms….it was pretty gutting having sorted all the stakes for them to climb.

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    Haven’t been able to get decent snaps of sunflowers. Too windy. Too wet. Try when the wind drops.

    The period of the LPs is quite promising. It seems to be one of the most collectible periods. Elvis stuff can go for up to £1k. The Leica uses 35mm cartridges but I have a few proper roll-film cameras. Dead tricky to load and stuff, but you get marvellous quality. Best quality from a vast Rolleiflex twin-lens model. Weighs over 1kg!

    And, talking of Land-Rovers, I reckon one of these is the absolute classic. Sort of Big Daddy to Mini Moke! Can’t get anything like it now

    Reckon this chap is unique – single seater with steering wheel in the middle of the car!

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    Thats alright no worries, hopefully it settles weather wise soon. Really? I had no idea about the Elvis ones, i assumed because he was so big that they would still be quite easy to find so that good to know. The quality is what would make the fiddling and learning how to reload all worth it tho, I am quite shocked at the weight of that camera.

    Great photo Tharg, That car/truck inbetween is something else isnt it!? That would be a dream to drive, its definitely unique iv not seen one like it. Having the seat and wheel directly in the middle would throw me off a bit lol whoever own that is one very lucky person.

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    At last, managed to get flowers to hold still long enough to get a snap. The big thing on the right is tallest sunflower. Big thing on left is Yucca palm tree, flowering madly for the second time this year (meant to be once every two years). Leaves are razor sharp, literally, known here as “slasher palm”.

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    Very nice Tharg, they’re huge …. well done you!


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    Thanks, @POPS. Well, they were huge. Last night’s storm-force wind reduced the 1oft tall one to a sad 3ft. Luckily, does not seem to have snapped the stem so it is now propped up again, preying for a light breeze. Gale also did for one of our begonia hanging baskets, busted the bracket right off wall, busted the pot and all. Have replanted it more in hope than expectation! Ah, the delights of an English “summer”. 🙄

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