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    I’m thinking of growing a sunflower in memory of anyone who sadly didn’t make it through the virus….

    Thing is I have very little knowledge of doing so, is it to late in the year to early, I’ve got a pot, some compost no seed or flower yet..

    would anyone else be interested and maybe have updates on our growing experience🌻.

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    Wow that post above looks so drab here we go🌻🌼🌻🌼🌸

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    Yep Iv definitely gone crackers, forgot I am currently trying to grow some red pepper too 🤦‍♀️ Ajn your plan sounds good, this is the first time with the sunflowers (secretly everything Iv got) aswell so I’m quite excited to see how we all do. I’m lucky in the fact that my dad will plant everything in the garden when it’s established & my mum will water them and pick any fruit that I get

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    Well large yellow🌻 (not much info on these) planted yesterday, medium reds done this morning🌸, the miniatures (yellow muti head) soon🌼..

    Well done Lou, good luck with it too..


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    Good Morning Lou, going to hopefully plant the smallest of the sunflowers today (hopefully).
    Then it’s the wait until 🌱..

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Few hours out today great stuff, nothing mad mainly in the car as more freedom at last..</p>
    My sunflower seeds are planted, watered and hopefully preparing to grow. I’ve done about 6 of each hoping for at least 2 or 3 of each to germinate..

    However if I had my way …

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    So Bob Dylan live at the Albert Hall, 1966 version, while do the seeds, Great Day Today…🌻🌼🌸

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    Thanks for the pics ajn, it has certainly made me smile this evening! Nice to hear you got out today….I haven’t for almost a year! I miss them more country road drives especially when it’s warmer summer evenings. At the moment this one thing that you started is one of the main things that’s keeping me going and I find it very meaningful. Wouldn’t it be nice if we really could have a sunflower field 🙂🌻

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    Same here Lou, shielding letter til 1st of April, but driving today, much needed, shielding  just over a year, other than hospital-appointments,  vaccines and late night dog walks just local.

    Nothing changed though people still annoying out there 🤣.

    Oh to be at the field of sunflowers 🌻

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    Ah our little dog died just a month after my partner which I assume was broken heart as he had her from 8wks of age (she was 20!) so no more dog walks for me. All my appointments have been over the phone with the exception of scans & bloods and Iv found it quite frustrating 😕 people seem to have a little bit more crazy inside them these days, I’m quite glad to be staying in 😂

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    Oh, Lou. So sorry to hear of your losses. Knew about your partner from previous posts, but the pooch as well. You have our sympathy and much respect – takes a lot of courage to cope with your stuff.

    Hope to join the sunflower brigade but things are a bit mad at present so might be delayed. (Trying and failing to get this year’s tomatoes in as well!)

    Ajn – same as you on isolating: since last March, two days after getting latest Motability car,  have not seen children or grandchildren or anyone. Hardly been out at all except dire distressing hospital episode for Mrs T (two v. nasty operations). Only person-to-person contact has been visits to local butcher who is very, very good on protective kit. Will confess that I do take a long-route home from him so I can exercise the Mini to clean brakes and refresh battery and, oh yes, enjoy the drive!

    Bob Dylan, 1966 eh? Great gig – watched it live (?) on telly at the time. My own latest listen-to (while cooking) is Hugh Laurie and his albums of jazz/blues/soul/even bits of country-and-western.  Eccentric, surprising and most enjoyable.

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    Just a repeat of Tharg’s condolences Lou, when our dog of 15 years was put to rest, tears around the house over a week.

    I must admit to dropping a few of the wet things from the eyes into his final resting place as I lowered him down, Also with the added loss of your loved one must tuff on you..

    wow live on TV, I guess my Dad must listened with my Mum as I wasn’t even thought of in 66..

    Oh as for the 🌻 seeds it’s a waiting game now, be great if they, when they show signs..👍🌻🌼🌸

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    Thankyou both, it was like a double whammy…she was such a strong little one having open eyeball surgery just under 5 months earlier and recovered phenomenally aswell as her life saving surgery at the age of 17 – the vets were astonished by her, she was just 4kg naturally.

    Going out with her everyday after my partner was what got me through them first weeks, the comfort I got from her il never forget. She was so massively dearly loved, there were a lot of tears when she went too but I’m certain she’s up there now with her dad.

    Tharg I’m in the same boat as you with the sunflowers and tomatoes as they still haven’t been delivered 😕 am certain it’s because they are just seeds rather than a plant despite the site saying dispatch within 24hrs (it’s nearly been a week!) Itl be nice for us when we can make a start with them.

    Aside from my next appointment being over the phone I have a feeling my major surgery will soon be booked in which I’m massively anxious for, the last time I had major surgery was in the same hospital and around the same time of year but with my partner by my side. I don’t think I’m even allowed someone to be with me this time.

    I hope everyone’s having a nice Sunday.

    P.s…..Bob Dylan, I use to enjoy his music around 10-15yrs ago although I’m an 80s baby so weren’t here for the live TV, I have no doubt it would of been good tho.

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    There’s plenty of time it’s just I had them here, lucky enough that some were bought for me too, and with the extra time on my hands got carried away..

    Might even be to early, soaking the seeds for 12 hours can speed up germination time apparently..


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    That’s right, soaking does speed it up but that’s alright I think yours will be just fine 😊

    Im looking into getting a cheapy windowsill propagator to start mine off in and will then move them to the garden along with everything else that’s due to be delivered (got carried away too, woops!)

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    Well one good thing about shielding Lou, we don’t miss any deliveries 🤣🌻

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    😂 the delivery workers probably love the ease of the job! That’s a win win in my eyes

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    Couldn’t find any sunflower seeds in our pile of seedy stuff so ordered these ones…

    Our local garden centre does some brilliant “already done” sunflower stuff in pots. Have had these for past couple of years so will try again this year if we can get into the place safely. With seeds, it’ll give us a double chance of success.

    If neither work, there’s always the hollyhocks and/or the yucca both of which are really “in-yer-face” sort of flowers!

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    They look great Tharg, bet we all end up buying a already growing one, I keep looking at my pots almost ordering them to grow😂, apparently singing works, I might just shove the Bluetooth speaker in there, with Bob Dylan encouraging them out..

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    Not Bobby D, no. Pete Seeger (same vintage) doing Where Have all the Flowers Gone!

    Sorry. Somebody had to do it!

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    Oh well you’re  right Tharg, Dylan refused to play he’s got  Helianthophobia..🌻

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    They look great tharg, itl be good to see how your ones grow. I considered ones already started from a centre too but the enjoyment is different although if I have no luck myself then il get some from a centre. Singing to them 😂 that’s funny, reading the thread today has made me laugh

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    I can’t believe I’ve been out and had another look for any sighting of greenery through the compost, I know it takes a while however I got no patience 🌱🌻

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    😂 your be getting a baby monitor before long ajn

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    Ha yeah, one of the camera ones, night vision  👍

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    This was posted on another thread but what a happy memory remembered by Brydo…

    By coincidence the sunflower is my oldest daughter’s favourite flower.

    When she was younger she had photos of them all around her bedroom.

    Also frequently one grows from random bags of potting compost in my garden every now and then.


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