Sunflower idea 🌻

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    I’m thinking of growing a sunflower in memory of anyone who sadly didn’t make it through the virus….

    Thing is I have very little knowledge of doing so, is it to late in the year to early, I’ve got a pot, some compost no seed or flower yet..

    would anyone else be interested and maybe have updates on our growing experience🌻.

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    @Tharg, I might try some of the fuchsia in baskets..

    The ones I posted I don’t think those are trailing, hanging type.

    Ill ask for basket ones I think..👍

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    Well done, ajn. Yours are the first of ours to burst into bloom. Mine have great big  healthy buds but not opening. Pretty much the same for rest of garden, particularly the fuchsias. Buds abound; flowers nearly none.

    @Lou How’s things? Is your nasty sore throat gone?

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    Hello everyone,

    I hope your all keeping well in this warm weather? Thank you for asking after me, after what felt like a long slow time and antibiotics I am feeling better (and have my voice back!) am just seeing off the last off the chesty cough.

    Ajn your pics really made me smile, the sunflowers are looking incredible and a really nice deep colour. I’ve still not got a single bud! But some of the strawbs are redding 😊

    Tharg how are yours doing? I hope Tilly – dog is well.
    My responses will be slightly delayed (apologies in advance) having some technical issues which I think are going to prove costly ☹️


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    🥳🥳@Tharg as if by magic, @Lou is here😀, glad you’re feeling better Lou, been trying to temp you out from hiding with almost every bud/flower I’ve got 🤣😂..


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    😂 haven’t felt that unwell in a while, glad to be back. The little potted flowers you saw in the shop grow really lovely and quite big, have had the same bush in the garden since I can remember (a good number of years) and it does need trimming back…looks like it dies off in winter but it blooms back just as bushy in spring – a nice addition I think. 👍


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    Miz Lou. Lovely to have you back. Glad you’re feeling better. Sad you had to go through all the pain and discomfort. My sunflowers still have buds that get bigger but refuse to open into bloom. Tilly is as ever. Not enjoying the rain as she misses out on her sunbathing. Sat beside me at the moment in “armrest” mode. Only thing liking the rain are the plants and grass but I reckon they’ve had enough by now!

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    👍 7 open Red sunflowers 😁

    I would’ve been happy with one from anyone taking part,

    However at the moment we have 7 full flowers, even more still buds, and still producing…

    Yellow 🌼🌼🌼 smaller multi heads 1 opening buds all over ..🥳


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    Update from my Daughter friends, 👱‍♀️👱‍♀️👩‍🦰👩🏻‍🦳👱‍♀️👧🏻(they adopted my extras), all still growing skyward, yet one has a sunflower, she sent a pic it’s great 👍.


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    Sunflowers getting ready to bloom (I hope). Here’s one today…

    And her’s the burgeoning fuchsias…


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    WELL DONE @Tharg
    Looks great can’t fault it 👍🥳

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    Thanks, ajn. It is unlikely to open today as it is tipping down and cold and will be all day. Happy Midsummer Day! Pah!

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    Well I have a bud too on the giant sunflower🌻👍, this I didn’t grow from seed, I adopted it from the Father in Law after a visit to Scotland..

    It was about 6”, now around 6’..

    Seems Lou is becoming a figment of imagination..

    Hope all is well Lou..

    Hope your keeping well…


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    Ajn, congrats on the giant, Mine are only 3′ to 4′. Hope today’s sunshine will bring at least one of them into flower. @Lou Hope you’re well. Please, do let us know…

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    Update here are some pics, a single giant bud, Mrs Ajn pot of miniature multi head yellow sunflowers, and a shot of my Black magic f1 sunflowers

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    Here are the ones I started with 🌻🌸🌸🌸🌼🌼🌼🌼

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    Well I’ve completed what I set out too do, I’ll post some pics from start to finish..

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    Pics might be out of order but I guess it’s easy to work out😂😂😂

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    Ajn, only just seen your snaps, above. Brilliant, many congrats. Mine sit stubbornly in bud. Will make it in the end though, I hope.

    Stuff that HAS made it are the tree-variant fuchsias which I mentioned a wee while ago. Now in flower and wonderfully so.

    @Lou Haven’t heard from you for a while. Hope you’re OK. Do, please, let us know. Take care…

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    Loving that pic @Tharg, sunflowers everywhere on the original plants, the giants have a bud each, they seem to be taking ages..

    Can I take this opportunity to Thank You Tharg for showing great support and taking part in the growing experience, Same for @Lou and anyone else who contributed👍🌻🌸🌸🌼🌼🌼

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    Should be me thanking you, ajn! My contribution to gardening has been just cutting lawn and a bit of pruning. Never grown anything from seed, let alone planted things. Your sunflower idea made me have a go at it. Fun isn’t it

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    Same here Tharg I splash the watering can about for Mrs ajn on the toms, sometimes herbs she like to grow for cooking, but don’t actually grow stuff either..

    I must admit to being chuffed to bits with the out come..

    Let’s face it any thing that brings a bit of harmless joy through the recent times we have all gone through is a great thing..


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    Well now we’re both well and truly Thanked Tharg, @Lou too, here’s the the slowly developing adopted giant bud, and some heartbreaker bush tomatoes

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