Sunflower idea 🌻

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    I’m thinking of growing a sunflower in memory of anyone who sadly didn’t make it through the virus….

    Thing is I have very little knowledge of doing so, is it to late in the year to early, I’ve got a pot, some compost no seed or flower yet..

    would anyone else be interested and maybe have updates on our growing experience🌻.

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    Hopefully that should be big enough now🤣😂, the joys of gardening…


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    Thankyou ajn that really is kind of you to say, here is the only place Iv freely been able to chat without feeling like a burden 😕 but I don’t wish to cloud everyone else’s enjoyment. After a sleepless night and that horrible relentless cough I have had some good news!

    My very first motability vehicle is due to be built week 25 (I was initially told week 28) and have been estimated collection for end of next month (I was initially told August to Sep!) the grants team have allowed some wiggle room and Iv kept all the optional extras I chose too which I’m quite pleased about so now……the excited and anxious long wait until I can finally be more mobile/independent. 😊

    One of my sunflowers had completely come away from the bamboo stick yesterday, even the ties were missing 😐 but Iv reattached and it’s looking ok (still having missing leaves). Iv also started to see some strawberries growing nicely and will look forward to them, I don’t think my strawberry sticks will fruit until next year tho. The broad beans have been planted against bamboo sticks yesterday too.

    your sunflowers look fantastic ajn, def look more settled in the bigger pot. Your son has done a good job there 👍 I think itl outgrow the pot tho 😳 my sweet peas are getting really really long but there suppose to smell nice when they flower.

    P.s my motability vehicle news – your the first Iv told and I’m still smiling (is it ok to get excited about?)


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    That’s great news, the wait is annoying, but at least you got a time scale.

    Soon you can do as you please, excitement and pain, well let’s just say it beats just pain 😁.

    Hope your sunflowers are ok.

    looking at the pic I posted do you think the sunflowers were pot bound.

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    The dealer sounded more excited than me 😂 it was his first motability application however & came with its obstacles/miscommunications. Being able to go to the places I once enjoyed with my late partner will be difficult but hopefully nice when I can do it. I don’t mind the wait as Iv been doing it since Oct 😳 but it’s a shame half the year (and warmer weather) will be easing off.

    I think yours did need the bigger pot from what I saw but I do think there going to outgrow the new pot aswell (I could be wrong) if I’m honest I don’t think my beds big enough for mine as it only seems to be growing upwards (more slowly) with no buds 😕 I think we’re doing pretty good for first timers tho – especially everyone else including yourself! See how yours go over the next few weeks, I expect they will become more fuller and taller now 🌻🙂🌻

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    I was hiring cars whilst waiting for our car to get delivered, thing is  I didn’t realise you could get a car in stock, being the 1st time, just ordered and waited

    Ended up waiting months, 🙄 anyway enjoy being excited..👍.

    Those pots are bigger than they look in the pics Lou, and these sunflowers aren’t giants, supposed to be 2 m high, biggest about that now, hopefully they should be ok.🥴


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    That must of cost a small fortune, I didn’t know about stock cars until I was waiting either. After finding this forum Iv learnt a lot already, Iv been lucky with lifts but have had to work around them.

    Thankyou, it’s strange because it’s something I would of shared with my late partner so Iv found that a bit hard. Hopefully Itl be a July delivery as expected.

    I see, deceiving photos 😂 they should be fine in there, mine still look like skinny stems (compared to your beasties) with sparse leaves every few inches! God knows what’s going on with mine 😐

    Do you know what to do with them after they have flowered because I have a clue 😳 I am under the impression they aren’t yearly flowers?


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    Well with the cost of hire, I seemed to be lucky, reason I say that I would book the smallest cheapest car online.

    However when I turned up the first time the staff said you won’t be comfortable in that (corsa/fiat type) it’s too small.

    I explained the situation of waiting on the delivery.

    After chatting with them they for a while, seemed to build up a sort of customer/staff relationship & they upgraded me with larger available cars throughout my leases.🤝👍..

    As for the grown sunflowers Mrs ajn will put them in a vase I guess..🌻🌸🌼

    When drying out the seeds will go to the birds, might keep some to try again some time.😁

    Also got to giant ones, these are very slow growing, I’d say about 3 foot, sparse droopy leaves on the bottom but tops just picking up now..🌻


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    These are the seeds I’ve used

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    However I think I’ve got 3 🌸🌸🌸and miniature multi heads 🌼🌼🌼🌼, instead of the one 🌻 at the rear.

    So what was meant to be 🌻🌸🌸🌼🌼🌼 is now 🌸🌸🌸🌼🌼🌼🌼, in the mix up I gave my 🌻 one away ☺️..

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    Woops 😂 going by your description, it would seem Iv done the giant type 😐 that’l explain why Iv got no buds yet as they are still orbit bound!

    I have leased one car in my entire motoring life when I was in my late teens and it was (from memory) around £40 for the day hire, came with half or full tank which I refilled upon return. I had a quick look at the options but my useage would be few and far between at the moment so I don’t think it would be worth my while to do it, during this whole lockdown/grieving process Iv realised it’s quite amazing at the little things that are luxury or taken for granted. I think my outlook on many things has slowly changed.

    I was thinking of using some of the seeds for next year but wondered if the seeds from now would still be any good (Iv got a few little bags). I have got a “Titan” variant I think it’s the bird table type – lots of seed for them. I think I accidentally done the regular giant type instead! Il be following in Mrs ajns footsteps with putting them in a vase at the end because they go nicely with the kitchen colours (it’s a country style).


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    I was hiring 4 days every 3 weeks or so, it was a case I had too, or buy a little run around, then would mean insurance, so just rented, I used europcar.

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    I pondered the idea of a little run around but once you factor in all the insurance etc it worked out expensive, doable of course but money that could be saved for AP or that first full tank. What is europcar like? I used a smaller rental company 🌻🙂🌻

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    Europcar was great in my opinion, more importantly there when I needed, so yes it did cost about £100, sometimes less if booked in advance..

    However I was using my motabillity payment for what it’s intended for so not all bad, just had to space out the hiring and try cram everything in when we had the transport.

    Ive been advised not to use public transport, yet still had hospital appointments, and everything else such as shopping, prescriptions, I think I picked up the motabillity car Dec 2020.

    It took about 5 months to arrive, well over what was promised..hence the hiring situation..

    The COVID thing caused mayhem along with shielding too..

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    Morning, and I have news of a full Johnson’s black magic f 1 sunflower.

    I will get a pic later on, and the lower buds seem to be thriving too, however this comes with a slight surprise as it’s meant to be yellow 🤔😳🧐, meaning I seem to have 3 of the above instead of 2 🥴

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    The full open flower and some of the other buds, lots of tiny ones coming too

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    Brilliant, ajn. Hope mine are even half as good as that.

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    Here are the miniature multi heads, first buds but not multi-ing at the moment🤣

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    These are the giant ones I adopted they were 8” when I got them, not sure what they are called🤨

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>These are the giant ones sorry about the order of the pics, not to good at the tech stuff</p>

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    Thanks @Tharg, I recon we all done well getting them to germinate, joint effort I see it as..👍🌻🌸🌼

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    Checked mine just now. Five of them have developing flower buds; some developing better than others. Hope to see opened blooms in a few days.

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    Well Done Tharg congratulations 👍👍👍👍

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    They look really great ajn, the colours quite impressive too! Big well done, you have done so well with this, your giant ones look very much like mine so it seems that’s the variant I have grown.

    I look forward to seeing yours Tharg 👍🌻🙂🌻

    Hope your all enjoying your Friday

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