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    I’m thinking of growing a sunflower in memory of anyone who sadly didn’t make it through the virus….

    Thing is I have very little knowledge of doing so, is it to late in the year to early, I’ve got a pot, some compost no seed or flower yet..

    would anyone else be interested and maybe have updates on our growing experience🌻.

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    Will this stuff do the job..Compost

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    Woow you can get miniature sunflowers 60 / 90 cm for anyone without a outside space..

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    That’s a good start ajn. now you just need the seeds. Best time here in the UK is spring. That is April/May.

    Here’s a link on how to grow sun flours in pots.


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    Seems pretty straight forward Joss, love the Red ones, I think I’ll go for a medium size outside and a miniature in the green house, Mrs ajn grows tomatoes, however working from home I dare not disturb her yet lol, she finishes in about 20mins..

    Her face was a picture seeing me with compost & pot planning my idea.

    Have a go Joss

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    Oh yeah thanks for the link Joss and taking the time🌻

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    Great idea, ajn. Grow them, or try to, every year. Big, bright, happy cheerful chaps. Can get VERY BIG. Love it!

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    Mrs Ajn just dug these out of the greenhouse, I’ll try one (not sure if they will beanstalk) but Joss sent a link with red wow we both love that idea, we’re going to try reds I think..

    medium and miniature hopefully, @Tharg I’ll post on here you can see my attempt..

    Sunflower seeds

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    Having lost my partner to covid just under a year ago I would like to say Thankyou, this is a very touching thought. I have got my sunflower seeds and will also be joining in 👍

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    Hello Lou, so I’ve got some seeds that Mrs Ajn found in the greenhouse.

    They have been out there a while, so this afternoon I’ve put some in a glass soaked in water for a while, some in damp folded paper towel and some will be going straight into compost.

    Not sure how many will sprout, however I’ll pass any extra to people around me.

    Ideally I’d like one large yellow, medium again yellow maybe and I love the idea of the miniature one which would like red.

    Joss found and posted a great how too on here.

    Looks straight forward love to read any updates Lou, sorry to hear of your loss. 🌻

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    2nd & 3rd look great 

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    Please do not class me as a mentor. Mrs T is the guru on the flowery and tree-ish things. I just cut the lawn. Any questions, please do ask, and I’ll pass ’em on to the real expert.

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    Thankyou so so much ajn! And everyone else that participates & shares really thoughtful kind words, it makes me smile and gives me a boost for which I’m very very thankful for. Your sunflower seeds ajn look good and your current set up sounds spot on, I’m going to start mine in pots and then transfer them to the garden in the hopes they grow lovely big and tall. I’m also trying to grow some red peppers from seed 😳 so far that’s proved fruitless although it’s not even been a week and Iv been successful in germinating 5 apple seeds straight from the Apple (which are currently in damp kitchen roll inside a freezer bag stored in the fridge for the last 3-4 weeks!) they will need potting very soon 😊 I’m not a green finger by any means but I enjoy attempting some veg/fruit (the easier stuff). I look forward to seeing your sunflowers over the coming weeks/months. It’s also very kind of you to be sharing your unused sunflower seeds, the little miniature ones sound nice…Iv not heard of them before. Happy flowering 🌻

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    Love the apple pips/seeds success, we succeeded with plum stones/seeds last year, as you say Lou process of firstly drying them of the flesh/fruit, then place the stones/seeds in a damp paper towel in a plastic bag into the fridge…

    After a while they sprouted, then transferred into a pot,  grew about 20cm, and died off, however its spouted leaves over these past weeks and looks great.

    I’ll get some pics tomorrow to show 👍🌻.

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    oh wow that sounds good, plum pips/seeds hasn’t crossed my mind. Oh il be interested to know if it grows fruit….the leaves sound promising. I’m also (trying) to grow Snow White strawberries, there white. I planted them late last summer & they have grown with good leaves so I’m hoping to get some strawberries from them this year. Planted a couple of raspberry plants about a month ago too 😊

    Look forward to the pics 👍

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    There the plum tree from  stone/seed from last year Lou, think it could do with a trim and new pot..Plant

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    @Lou going to try these ones Lou, any left overs my Son’s mates Mum will be having, I’ve just planted some from the seed packets I posted above, these will be getting planted soon 🌻Seeds

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    Blimey! That’s looking so good, I hope you get some fruit from it. Not going to lie…..seeing your plant has made me want to try growing one. Well done ajn 👍 Thanks for the pic

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    They look cool I didn’t know you could get different variations of them, Will they grow roughly the same height? I so look forward to seeing how these turn out

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    Tbh Lou I haven’t got a clue, guess just wait and see..👍

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    Looking forward to it, I have purchased some carrot ball seeds (they apparently grow into a ball shape) and some strawberry stick seeds (apparently they grow upwards like a stalk and you can eat the leaves too!) and some cress seeds…..Iv also got 2 different types of sunflower seed and some peas to Chuck into the mix, did I mention the 2 raspberry plants already planted? Think Iv gone a bit crackers 🤪

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    Yes gone crackers, however why not, plenty of colour, with something to eat 🌻🌼

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    it must be that time of year, i have just ordered 2 large planters for my back garden i hate lawns so the so called grass at the back is going to go and raised beds/planters are going in.

    weedproof membrane and bark chippngs or stones around the planters. rather ambitious given my back and knees so it aint going to be quick.

    with luck it will keep me sane and who knows i may lose some of this lockdown weight.

    never tried sunflowers more of a roses man. but i will give a couple a try.

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    Hello Mitch, I’m quite lucky, my Son is a great help for anything I need help with.

    I’ve never grown sunflowers ever 1st, just my way of getting through this virus to date..

    In a way in memory of those not so fortunate as us today.

    Lou seems to be growing anything she can Great stuff Lou, hope we get some pics of the sunflowers Mitch 🌻🌼👍

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    My plan is as follows, we found some seeds in our seed tray, I think they are full on large ones👀, so planted 3seeds just incase, but trying to germinate 3 on paper towel too, then bought the above.

    Going to try large to the rear, medium, dark reds in the middle, with the multi head miniature’s proudly in front..

    Joss posted a link above great info..

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