Suitable vehicle for "Large" person

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    I am very obese with multiple conditions – the details I’d rather not discuss. I do have a very real practical problem for which I seek advice. I have a Kuga with an electric hoist for loading my wheelchair into the boot. The wheelchair “just” fits through the boot opening with some jiggling. After hours checking out the sizes of vehicles on the scheme I found that the Galaxy has a wider boot opening so, even though twice the AP of the Kuga, fitted the bill. Another issue with the Kuga is lack of clearance between “me” and the steering wheel.

    Sadly I wen to test drive a Galaxy yesterday and it was no go. The steering wheel pushes into my lap and gut even more than the Kuga

    I need suggestions for a suitable vehicle. Luxury is not important. I’ve saved ¬£2000 in 2 years so that’s kinda my AP max.

    Large boot for hoist and chair
    A steering wheel that is very adjustable, preferably that can be tilted

    Help ūüôĀ

    Grand C-Max 2.0 tdci zetec - Autochair 80Kg Hoist
    Kuga 2.0 tdci zetec - Autochair 80Kg Hoist
    Kuga 1.5 eco 176ps awd auto titanium x - Autochair 80Kg Hoist- lease extended by 2 years due to horrendous AP to replace.

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    Hi have you looked at the Peogeot 3008/5008 they have a small steering wheel with a lot of  adjustment

    Peugeot 3008

    Width of boot opening at bottom
    Length of boot floor with back seats up
    Height of boot opening measured from floor

    Opening of boot, height / width (mm) 821/998

    AP from Р£1299 man/ £1899 auto

    Peugeot 5008

    Width of boot opening at bottom
    Length of boot floor with back seats up
    Height of boot opening measured from floor

    Opening of boot, height / width (mm) 820/1120

    AP from £1799 man/ £2399 auto

    Hope this helps

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    Hi Moody,

    Stupid question but did you adjust the steering wheel and lowering seat in the Galaxy? In terms of large cars that can also take a wheelchair and have seats. I’d look at the Ford S Max, Peugeot 5008, Skoda Kodiaq and Karoq,¬†Hyundai Santa Fe, Citroen C4 Grand Piccasso and¬†Ssangyong Turismo.

    Those are all the ones I can recommend from the top of my head that you can test drie right now. There is also the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross that is suppose to come on the scheme in January.

    Some of these will be out your price range but i suggests you speak to Motability’s Grant Team to see if they can help. Call 0300 456 4566 and ask to speak to the Graant’s Team. Sometimes they can make adaptations to vehicles so you get what you want without compromising. So say on the Galaxy, they may be able to do something with the position of the steering wheel or remove padding in the seat or even make it sink a little more so you can ‘fit’.

    I hope this helps.






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    Hyundai Tucson not sure on sizes as yet I can’t find my Brochure but with money available I wound suggest trying the Tucson Sport from ¬£699-¬£1199 as the front seats are fully electric/heated/lumber but as also the steering wheel is fully adjustable up/down but also in/out, Good visual driving aids including reversing camera auto lights/wiper . Overall great car to drive. If your not already an Automatic driver than a change to that would allow you to have a slightly better seating position. good luck and merry xmas

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    I ptesume in the kuga you have adjusted the steering wheel as far as it will go – the other option – amd this applies to nearly all cars – is to see if the seat rails can be moved – and by this i mean that the seat is relocated on the rails to allow a couple of more inches rearward movement albeit at the expense of the passenger who sits in the rear behind the driver – its usually a case of removing the seat undoing ths bolts and then redoing them in different holes underneath – one for the dealer obviously – but they would know

    Did that many years ago on a early car to accomodate a more generously sized driver ( in my misspent youth) who was a mate and struggled in his dream car ( a suburu wrx ) where he had no room at all under the steerung wheel- we also dropped the front so the seat was at a slight tilt downward

    Might have to check with dealer what can be done – they might have to think and take a look first – but a good dealer will have cars i. Stock they can check

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    What about the honda crv massive boot I found. Or maybe the new skoda cars coming on q1 so people say. Grand c4 is a big car flair model very nice. Is their an option to have seats ajusted as an extra to help from motability. Ive seen swivel seats to help people. Just a thought.

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    Loads to look at there. Some of which I’ve already considered some new leads. Much appreciated. I will, when I have the final solution, communicate it. I’m sure there are others who have had and will have this problem

    And dont let my issue put anyone off the Galaxy. My wife test drove and said it was perfect otherwise

    Grand C-Max 2.0 tdci zetec - Autochair 80Kg Hoist
    Kuga 2.0 tdci zetec - Autochair 80Kg Hoist
    Kuga 1.5 eco 176ps awd auto titanium x - Autochair 80Kg Hoist- lease extended by 2 years due to horrendous AP to replace.

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    seat alhambra before it also disapears from the list

    Front headroom
    Second row headroom
    Front legroom
    Second row legroom

    from £1599 manual to £2199 auto
    Second row elbow room
    Third row elbow room

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    I’m not small at closing in on 140kgs, but it all depends on the relationship of leg/arm length vs belly roundness…speaking from experience as an average height but rotund individual with very short legs/arms¬† (29″ inside leg).

    This created an issue with the Turismo, it has loads of room once i’m in, but getting in I was always bashing my head on the door opening as I couldn’t stoop/bend enough to get my head in the door once I was sitting on the squab at its lowest height – I think the combo of the really tall seat (making me rise up to sit on it and high floor went against me as its hard to bend when you can’t support your weight on a leg(s). But brill and comfy once in the car and acres of space everywhere in there.

    Thankfully my 6′ son isn’t like me, he’s taken after his mum, a pencil with the wood shaved off with 35″ legs!

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    best of luck with your choice and hope all goes well, even 2000 is a good ap, and their is always the chance of a deal with the dealer, as I said maybe look to see if the car can be adapted to suit you by motability if it falls under your condition as they will do this at a massive reduced cost sometimes free depending on what you need, and don’t take long at all. anyway best of luck, lets us know how you get on as I’m sure their might be someone else who might be in same boat as you and this info might help them out.

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    Visited Arnold Clarks Peugoet in Huddersfield. Brilliant staff. However even though the 5008 is bigger than my Kuga I could not get in. Door shape and size and the position of the seat are no go.

    Evans Halshaw Batley – useless. Numerous calls and emails not returned. False promises to arrange test drive and information.

    Evans Halshaw Huddersfield – Brilliant staff. Galaxy worse for space between me and the steering wheel compared to Kuga

    D M Keith Skoda Huddersfield – Helpful staff but my wife didnt even bother getting me to try the Kodiak. She said the door is awkward shape and steering clearance was obviously inadequate. Said it was a shame as she loved the car otherwise


    Honda CRV after xmas

    Grand C-Max 2.0 tdci zetec - Autochair 80Kg Hoist
    Kuga 2.0 tdci zetec - Autochair 80Kg Hoist
    Kuga 1.5 eco 176ps awd auto titanium x - Autochair 80Kg Hoist- lease extended by 2 years due to horrendous AP to replace.

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    Don’t forget the Tucson! CRV you may have same issue with awkward door as windscreen sweeps back, the ssangyong jobby what ever it’s called is supposedly one of the biggest.

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    I’ll throw one in to the ring if you don’t mind, how about considering the Jeep Renegade?

    Read here a hoist can be fitted and the cockpit looks quite roomy.

    Good luck, i’m positive there is a vehicle out there that will put a smile on your wife’s and your face ūüôā

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    I am 2m tall and have difficulty getting in and out of cars. I am normally the only person in the car so passenger space is not a priority. The height from the ground is important because standing up from a low starting position is a problem, while seating adjustment and steering wheel alteration is important. The SUV models appeal to me and as small as possible.











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    Did you get any ideas? I have a similar situation.

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    John Carr

    Ford Tourneo Connect. Got one – love it.

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    Michael said “as small as possible”, John!

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    Vw T-Roc

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    Berenice Whittington

    i am very heavy have very short legs i drive peugeot 1007. Hey dont laugh 

    You can get one cheap under 3000 and low mileage.

    The seat can be adpted to take a tilt and revolve driver wheelchair transfer seat.

    You could put a wheelchair on roof box hoist on top.

    Okay they are only available as used. But the driving position is good.

    Plus any faults are fixable i have had mine 10 years and hope to keep it much longer

    If you are willing to transfer from your chair into a drivers seat.

    Using wheelchair with transferable seat if you cannot stand then believe it or not smart cars are really good. There is loads of room for the driver. I was amazed.

    Plus both cars are automatic to a varying extent.

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