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    i am coming up to the 2nd anniversary with my mini 3dr cooper 7 auto and have only done 3k, partley due to various illnesses etc.

    looking around i see very little that inspires me.

    i am on my own so only need one seat lol, but i have dodgy knees so need an auto i have a slipped disc causing issues but i had a spinal injection so that is under control at the moment. the only thing currently on the scheme that gets the juices going but may be ruled out by the back is the mx5 hardtop auto £914 ap on wpms.

    looking ahead possibilities maybe the suzuki jimny if it comes on, easy to get in and out of etc etc. maybe the ds3 crossback if it comes on looks v nice.

    not a lot of choice in a sense, as i dont need a huge suv type other than for ease of there anything easy to get in and out of that has a bit of wow factor. or am i being picky.

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    Hi mitch   have a look at Alfa  Mito  Velose   or Merc  GLA  or Honda Civic  sport plus  or wait till next quarter

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    Vw up is top notch

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    To be honest Mitch I only order cars which are a bit different and as you say, get the juices flowing, and I’m stumped with the current list of cars for my change of vehicle this year. Fine if you want a golf or boring SUV but nothing particularly tasty. The only wow cars available today are the stunning Peugeot 508 and the MX5. The latter is not practical though as you suggest.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>My VW Up suggestion above reflects the view that there is nothing juicy available so you might as well spend very little–and the Up is a fine car for the money. Good luck but here’s hoping for big changes in Q2. I’m counting down the next two weeks with fingers crossed 🤞</p>

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    Single seat car mitch ? Sounds like the old invalid car would have been just right for you.  😀

    Only joking mitch as no disabled person should be exposed to that sort of abuse. 😀😀

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    Mitch – as you know I am a huge fan of the Mazda MX-5. For some reason, the only auto version available in the UK is the 2 litre RF (hardtop)… which is currently not on the scheme. It was taken off a couple of weeks ago. Not sure why – hopefully only a temporary measure. The soft top 1.5 litre version is available in other parts of the world but Mazda say it is never coming to the UK. When I am due to change, not for quite a while yet incidentally, the first dealership I head to will be Mazda to take a look & a test drive in the MX-5… fingers crossed that it’s still on the scheme of course.

    Other than that – and like you – the vast majority of cars are dull and extremely boring to look at these days. It’s a sea of blandness out there if you don’t particularly “need” an SUV/large car!

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    Depends on what your budget is, I think the DS7 is a good shout for wow factor with those crystal headlights and wacky interior.

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    chrisk, maybe the morgan 3 wheeler?? i would give that a go although getting in and out maybe a bit tricky.

    shaine, thats why i like the ds3 crossback the interiour looks great.

    solent60, i hadnt noticed the mx5 had gone, damn that cuts it even more lol.

    at this rate it will be extend the mini and hope.

    theyve got 12 months to design something.

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    I had a Mini Cooper 1.5 auto before my current car… until it was written off at less than 2-years old.

    Fabulous to drive with a wonderful cockpit & interior. I would definitely consider the 2 litre S next time… although I’m not sure about those awful ‘Union Jack’ tail lights Mini’s have nowadays lol.

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    How about a SEAT Arona, it’s not a big SUV it’s based on the Ibiza and is easy to get in and out of. You can get the top of the range excellence lux petrol auto for £63.09 or the diesel auto £64.42 weekly on WPMS, and are both available with £0 AP.

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