Sugar Tax…..WooHooo

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    Good idea or not.??????

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    I think not, all the tax does is give manufacturers a reason to reduce the size of the products and increase the price at the same time, as if we haven’t got that going on to the extreme’s already through brexit fears.

    Sorry, don’t know the answer – improved nutritional education for both parents and children perhaps?

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    Trev,It’s that’s Jamie bloody Olivers petition that’s done this surely it’s upto people to decide whether they want to drink sugary drinks not hit in the pocket again and again having said that I personally don’t like the stuff ,but we are slowly getting closer to a nanny state.

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    Our corner shop will use it as an excuse to put up the price of all soft drinks including those with no sugar in them

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    I’ve just filled up with fuel and a young girl in front of me at the cashiers was being asked for identification to be able to buy a fizzy drink! The cashier was embarrassed to ask but explained it’s company policy and that they have too. I’m not sure who I felt more awkward for.

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    Perhaps something like this would have a better effect?

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    Where’s the fries Trev.?

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    I’m all for it never drink fizzy drinks a dentist says online your teeth are swimming in acid with cola in your mouth ! Gorgeous women drink water

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    waiting for the salt tax lol

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    i used to drink a 6 pack of full fat coke each day Mike – yet all my teeth are my own and i have zero fillings – don’t drink milk either! Like all the gorgeous women i only drink water 😉

    I gave up the coke as i needed a series of blood tests and they could never get any from me, the coke was dehydrating me, so with alarm bells ringing i stopped and been drinking only water ever since! Never any middle ground with me, all or nothing lol

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    Where has Louise minchin gone trev ? She hasn’t been on bbc breakfast all week ? I too drink lots of water with all the gorgeous women lol

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    She’s a triathlete so perhaps taken time off to watch the commonwealth games… just a guess.

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    Could be Trev she may be back tomorrow ?  Lovely bottom rarely seen

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    Calm down Mike, you’re being sexist.

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    To be fair to Mike, he has said my bottom was lovely too…. peach was the word i think he used lol

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    I’ll withdraw my ‘sexist’ criticism then Trev (lol), and replace it with “Stop being “Bottomist’ Mike. It’s fine admiring attractive people, but without being specific about body parts! Thank you guys.

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