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    Just to confirm what was said a few months ago. I have ordered my car from Bristol street motors in Mansfield and I couldn’t have had a better experience. Anyone wanting a Seat,Hyundai,Citroen, Mitsubishi or Honda please dont waist your time in chesterfield all the dealers are unhelpful or unwilling to get even a test drive in some cases. They seems to have a don’t care if you buy it or not attitude with one of the dealers wanting a £100 deposit just for the test drive. I’ve written to Motability about this but cannot see them doing anything about it. So as if you are about ready for picking a new vehicle just have a drive to Mansfield they really do seem to care about every sale not just the ones not on Motability. ?

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    Mcarther glen shopping outlet junction 28 M1 also very good

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    I think it’s very helpful to commend good dealers, and as I said elsewhere today, I’d personally travel a considerable distance, even overnight stays, to have a humane experience as to a dehumanising one. I’m wary of calling out bad by name ( which you haven’t done ? ) and I think dealers should just strive for good commendation.

    What about a couple of sticky threads;


    1) conditional to not identifying the dealer by name or location, what we might deem as a bad experience, poor service or unacceptable treatment and/or process.

    2)Equally, a thread where naming can occur where good experience, great service and appreciated treatment and process.

    These could be openly consulted by dealerships to identify where they make unwitting errors, or could improve their own training and practise. Also to see what constitutes from our viewpoint the service we are entitled to receive.

    It’s also an incentive to be commended.

    Is this possible mods?

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    It is possible and been covered before, existing threads can be found using the search box on the right hand side.

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