Still using 3G, 5G is coming

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    What is 5G? | CNBC Explains

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    interesting, so we’ll get the latest tech years after everyone else and will have to pay through the nose for it…. sounds about right. Anything about internet speed and uk is far behind, even today may rural locations still don’t have basic fibre connections. Where i live only 02 provide a strong enough signal for me to get a reception signal indoors, and that is patchy at the best of times.

    They mention how 5g will be used in autonomous vehicles, well surely the whole country would have to have 5g coverage, otherwise if you drive in to a black spot will everything go dead? An awful lot of hurdles to overcome, and our internet/mobile providers here need to wise up and act like those providers in the us and china, and get more proactive.

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    i saw this on bbc click last week they was testing it and it looks like Bournemouth has bid to be first in line to have 5g as the council as agreed funding for it. but downside was they need masks everywhere as 5g is a thinner signal and cant get through walls and rain. so to me it sounds like a waste of money and should invest on better 4g even Bournemouth has no 4g hence they bidding for 5g. but on bbc click they was saying 5g is needed for auto piliot cars ( to drive them selfs) however the minute you leave the 5g signal area the car would lose control, yeah sounds like we will be waiting many years for the whole of uk to be 5g.

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    Nick I take it you mean masts and not masks or maybe you just think the idea stinks lol, but you both are right there would need to be masts everywhere which will be a bit of an eye sore and safety concern with regards to autonomous vehicles. I read another article that spoke about military uses for 5G but got bored reading it as it was late, but that could be a reason for rolling it out quicker.

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    I agree with Nick, that coverage needs to be improved on 4G before thinking about 5G, question still remains why are we so behind other countries? Without bringing politics in to it… well yeah i am… would our services not have been better if they were nationalised, as it seems to me the reason for us being behind in the internet tech is the private companies primary aim is to please shareholders, rather then invest in the basics of coverage especially to those rural areas?

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    I went to see my mum and she lives in rural Wales middle of nowhere and the ee signal is so bad their. I called ee as a new tower had been built and though it was ee and asked when it’s going live well it’s not theirs it was Vodafone and he said nearest signal to mum’s house was about 15 miles away and surprised we had any signal at all. He looked and said no plans to upgrade that area at this time. So he offered to cancel the contract as they can’t provide service. But for some reason mum could only get on ee as failed credit check with everyone else because she is retired she was told. Weird.  So for now I’ve had to train her how to use wi fi calls but on a plus side she got the good old house phone lol.

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    Yeah we had the wifi calls with ee, perfect mobile reception that way, but as soon as we went in the garden and out of range of the wifi, it was dead!

    We ended going with Sky mobile which piggybacks off the o2 network, sim only deal as have our own mobiles, they gave us a double data deal as we have sky tv, so got 1gb data, unlimited calls, unlimited texts, for £5 a month each…… never had a problem… best service and cheapest price. Plus the data we don’t use goes into a ‘piggybank’ that we can use at anytime, we got 9gb saved this far which we’ll probably use when on holiday abroad.

    We’ve really played the game with Sky using their retention’s discounts to the max, our landline and broadband part of the bill is £12 a month – that includes free line rental, £2 for anytime talk incl mobiles, and £10 for unlimited fibre… really can’t go wrong. Our TV bill is £38 a month, we have sky q with the hd pack and a multiscreen box.

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    A look at 5G technology and how it will change our lives, you will not need to leave the house, sad.

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    looks like something out of a mission impossible film! I’ve not delved into the virtual reality world, maybe i should or i’m going to be left behind, or shall i wait for 6G? lol

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    The way things are going Trev i think it will be sex G lol.

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    Winston has a pill for that lol

    (don’t know if you saw his post before it was promptly removed – if you didn’t bet your mind is wondering now lol)

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    Yes I did see it Trev

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