still cant go look at cars because of lockdown

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    still cant go and look at cars because of lockdown ,  i can see me keeping my current car forever ok maybe not ever but at least another year

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    Menorca Mike

    I wanted to take video of my new Toyota Chr coming of the transporter but I’m told I can’t be on the premises !

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    As I’ve been having great difficulties getting my new Vauxhall ST, I started looking at other manufacturers and was told exactly the same, you can’t be on the premises. Can’t even sit in a car outside to try it for size.

    Good news though, they could send me a “brochure” through the post. Not really sure how you’re supposed to choose a new car by looking at a picture.

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    yes i was told they can take an order online who would lease a car for 3 years without trying to make sure it suits ,

    its very strange times

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    The first consideration for me is comfort.  In particular the seats and then the ride quality followed by the driving experience etc. It’s not possible to evaluate these remotely so unless I was going to lease the same car it wouldn’t work and I wonder what motabiliy will do if faced with lots of early termination requests.

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    I Have been able to order since January and the wait is excruciating. I have a shortlist of two that we want to test drive and make sure there suitable, but still waiting. Hopefully we will hear on Monday that restrictions will start to lift soon.

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    Indeed, i was lucky i got to order back in jan 2020 (pre covid) for april handover but the 1st lockdown stopped me getting the car until mid june, it was at the dealers all that time and i did have a test drive prior to ordering. I deffo would not order a car without at least test driving it and sitting in the seats that i would be getting, because not always is the car you do test drive is in the trim you will be getting, often it’s different.

    The other thing is i dunno how mb can hold one to blame if it is not suitable, if you can order but they know that you cannot test it out fully and it’s just not right for you once you get your hands on it..

    Also dealers are taking orders in some cases, then it’s sorry it will be x date then another date etc etc and then it’s 9 months later and still no new car.. Crazy really but as i said mb must take some of that blame imo as surely they know the situation and are allowing ppl to order knowing full well the declaration one signs is now not worth the paper it’s printed on.


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    how can you sign the declaration saying the car is suitable for your needs if you haven’t sat in it

    think maybe they need to change the declaration a bit .

    thats like writing a review on restaurants food with out eating it

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    Indeed but that’s where they mb can be liable in the situation it is not suitable imo, as to order a car you are forced to sign it, albeit digitally right now, but it’s the same as signing it physically. If you tick this box you agree.. but under the law i am pretty sure it don’t mean anything now as you cannot in anycase be sure that it is.. This is what i would use if i was in that situation and unhappy with my choice. Luckily i am very very happy with my car right now. I am only unhappy that due to constant lockdowns / tiers i have not been able to drive it as much as i would of..

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