Sporty cars on motability

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    What’s the best sporty cars you have found on motability. For me the golf gtd is leading the way just interested to see what other people think

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    I can name a diesel that was certainly sporty………..BMW335D.

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    Elliot, nice try. But how did it sound hitting the redline at 7000 rpm? Wait, it couldn’t hit 7000rpm? 😉

    Great attempt at sneaking a diesel in, though.


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    A Bentley Speed 6 was quite sporty and only ran to 3500 rpm.

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    Elliot when was the 335d on the scheme?

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    The Bentley is beautiful.

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    @wmcforum fortunately we seem to have TWO people posting under the name    ajn   ….

    Please could one be amended to avoid confusion, I did report the same incident in the week too, Thanks, ajn🤣


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    @Richard “GTD has GTI suspension, bigger brakes, trick electronic diff. It is a long way removed from the standard Golf setup.” I read a new review of the GTD infact it could possibly of been a video review and the GTD doesnt have the same setup as the GTI

    15mm lower suspension like the GTI, yet another pointer to the fact that it is far from a ‘standard’ Golf setup

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    The classic Bentley Speed 6 was certainly sporty, but I reckon the r-type Continental beats it for looks…

    And, at its launch in early 50s, it was claimed to be the fastest 4-seater in the world. I think that classifies it as “sporty”? By today’s standards it is pretty poor performance-wise: 0-60 in around 13 secs. Interesting, though, is the kerbweight – at 1660kg is is the same weight as todays Mini Countryman. Just shows how much extra stuff gets bunged into cars today

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    John Morris

    I wouldn’t class the Golf GTD as sporty at all nor any golf 8! The moose test results are frightening. Uncontrollable at 50mph and could only manage 43mph at best. Fast it is yes, but it’s handling isn’t up to standard.

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    Moreover, from reviews I’ve read, the so-called Limited Slip Differential does not work too well. Had the same combination of engine and ‘box on a front-drive Superb, also not good in the LSD dept.. The front wheels would scrabble out of corners even at low speeds.


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    To be fair I don’t put a lot of faith in these so called LSD their using now, I had a 3 series BMW with true LSD , now that was great, no electronic LSD is going to work like a true LSD is.

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    Elliot when was the 335d on the scheme?

    It never was, but my reply was to the post that said there was no such thing as a sporty diesel.

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    @Richy Yup. Know what you mean. That said, the electric one on the Cooper S seems to work OK at stopping the front scrabbling. Many moons ago, I had an XJS. When that beast decided to use the LSD you certainly knew about it – a kick from the rear in no uncertain terms!

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    I had a Capri 2.8i that also had a lovely rear ended, especially in the wet!!


    As for on the scheme, it’s certainly not got the choice it did have when I first joined……

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    Lively not lovely!!!!!! (Sorry) 😳

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    @DaveW Some would say both lively and lovely! 😉 But talking of “sporty” types, the best of these I’ve had was a Nissan 200sx. Only a 2.0L, producing a mild 200bhp. But outrageously quick. Speed quoted as 150mph plus and I know it would do 145mph, comfortably  too. The rear end of the 200 was brilliant. Told you exactly when it was going to break away and could be held in a drift for as long as you like, all under perfect control.

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