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    Lou lou

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>hi has anyone had a speeding ticket in a motabilty car what happens when u tell the insurance that u have gained 3 points and a £100 fine the course is not an option as already done that 2 years ago!!!</p>
    Was caught doing 49mph in a 40 zone by a mobile speed camera van to let a fire engine and police through who was flashing there headlights at me to move i no there not to blame and I will take it but what happens with the insurance will they no longer insure me

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    Lou lou it’s a lesson learned and going to court imo is futile if you bang to rights as they will add on more £££ for costs unless you got 9 points already and risk losing your licence then any mitigation would not really qualify and maybe under certain circumstances you’d be able to still drive.. with 12 points.

    You done the right thing  imo as all the court care about is who pays them there costs.

    You was doing 49 in a 40 you’ve admitted it.. and i many years go when working driving a 7.5 ton truck in the middle lane of a 3 dual carraigeway in heavyish moving traffic, did not see the speed signs on either side as they was obscured by another truck and a van in the outside lane, soon after a speed camera clocked me at 56mph in the 40 zone. before that it was national speed limit. No joy had top pay another £120 and the fine on top and got 3 points.

    Although once i got away with 3 points around the m25 another while working as it turns out they cannot give points if you don’t pay the fine and if you hard up you can use that..They’ll give you 28 days more to pay then you call again saying i still cannot pay and then they’ll tell you to send in supporting evidence which i never did. heard no more about it at all..


    Lou lou

    I’m not trying to get out of anything as I did commit the offence im just so confused as this is the first set of points iv eva been given so shall I just leave it showing the SP30 would it make any difference even if the offence was a SP40 they can’t do me for not telling them about there mistake can they!!!

    I would have thought due to the letters stating 40mph speed limit I would have been given a SP40 due to doing 49mph in a 40mph zone

    But on my licence when I have done a check its showing SP30


    SP30 is the offence, it doesnt relate to the speed limit of the road you are on.

    Lou lou

    Thank you Gary


    worrying over nothing there is more important things going on in the world

    Menorca Mike

    Well said Dave we all totally agree


    LouLou took the course of action considered appropriate given the circumstances at the time.

    If an offence has been committed, and a penalty issued; why not writeto  the Chief Constable for the area concerned, and ask their opinion as to what action should have been taken, so as to (a) assist the Police, and (b) comply with the law.


    Sadly you cannot break the rules of the road to allow an emergency vehicle to get passed.

    Although it could be down to the disgression of the Chief Constable but i doubt you’d get anywhere.

    As he cannot condone you breaking the laws or rules can he..

    So pay the fine accept the 3 pts and call it a lesson learned and try not to repeat the same mistake again, thats all one can really do.

    it’s no biggy lou lou.. Same as going into a bus lane to allow them to pass. The local council’s make a shed load of money from them bus lanes or going threw a red light or moving onto a boxed junction ete etc..

    They might not like it but i’d, if approached or berated by them for not doing so, i’d say are you tell me to break the law or that I should break the law to allow them to pass..

Viewing 8 replies - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)
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