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    I have an MG HS which I still love – despite some niggles and  issues – most important it’s the most comfortable car I’ve ever driven & minimises the discomfort & pain more than previous cars.

    An ‘comfort’ suggests update has been issued by MG U.K.  and it covers a numbers of issues with the tech that most owners have had – some extremely annoying.

    as MG IK deem the suggested nine critical – there are asking dealers to charge for it & as not critical it’s not covered under the warranty!!

    Some dealers  are installing the suggested for free and others charging up £150 or more etc… my MG dealer is one that is charging.

    I feel the existing software is not up to the job nor fit for purpose because the MG HS was rushed to market.

    it’s very remiss of MG U.K. and very bad practice imho.

    I raised the issue with Motsbility operations and they will not cover the charge – as they are aligning with what MG U.K. are saying.

    any other MG HS customers ???

    do other manufacturers charge fir software updates ??

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    I assume it’s infotainment or satnav software your talking about and not critical safety software.

    KIA do the same for their infotainment units and the satnav maps in that they used to charge £25 to update but a few week ago they put it up to £40.

    I updated my maps for free using a torrent, a bit naughty I know but when the maps are a couple of years old when you collect a new car I’m not paying them to do it.

    KIA says its up to the dealer if they charge to update during a service but my maps are up to date for free and no way I’d pay. When the car goes back next year I will swap the SD card over and put the original one back in so when they resale the car the maps will be at least 5 years out of date but not my problem.

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    On my old vw i just downloaded the updates from the site and installed myself as it was put on a 2 year service plan and i wasn’t going there anywhere soon. I know it came with updates for the 3 years as the nav is extra and on the honda i got now it’s has garman sat nav, thnk it might be for 2 years so one the 3rd year what then.. but alot of the time i just use android auto and that didn’t come for free on the golf and personally i would not pay for extras, so i just use my phone in a vent mount.. You could just take the car to another  mg dealer for service if they will do update for free and then your local one has lost out on that income.. Thats all i can suggest..or look and see if you can do it yourself, it would deffo put me off getting any of those cars from those makers though..

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    Car Dealerships may not (allegedly) make any money selling Motability vehicles, but they do make money Servicing Motability vehicles.  You could point out to your Dealer that If you can get another Dealer to do the updates for free they will also get the Servicing work?

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    I have the same problem with my MG HS. If bought before October 2020 then you have system alerts on the dash when the vehicle is turned on, All the alerts are are sound alerts by the computer which are loud bongs like a seat belt alert noise but you get this for every safety feature the car has. So it bongs to tell you that your wheels are not straigh when parked. The lane assist on or off. Cameras blocked with dirt. When parked and turn off and exit vehicle you get the bong for ages telling you to take your keys. And other features also. Plus the car has a triple beep when exiting from passenger side or if walk past front. Very annoying. So the update is abit of a fix and tone down of all this stuff. No horn beeping and constant binging for the safety features. Most MG Garages don’t have the file update so be prepared for a wait of mess around. Also it is chargeable depending on dealer and your issues. I’m still waiting to get mine updated and I bought it in September. Not a priority in lockdown. Car works no other issues so will get it in when I can.

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