so we gotta pay £6.00 each to enter eu when we leave in 2019

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    just reading a piece on the eu , and they have just voted to make us brits pay £6.00 each and inform them of all past criminal records before a visa is issued for us to go to any country in the eu. they are doing this because they are going to lose billions when the uk leaves so want to get their money back. the uk government is trying to do a deal and sort this mess out, but sounds like its going to be approved in 2 weeks time, not good.

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    Glos Guy

    Struggle to believe this Nick. We won’t need Visas to enter the EU, just a passport.

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    It won’t allow me to post a link saying spam. But it’s on msm and daily mail websites. 

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    Well if Brussels does that then I’m going to boycott the 4 Brussels I have to have on my plate every xmas day.

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    Presumably this means the Republic of Ireland too and the EU will have “erected” a hard border!

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    I vote we charge visitors from eu countries £12 to enter the uk, and the money used to fund our passport fees 🙂  🙂

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    Hi Everyone

    Well don’t holiday in EU countries, that will take the wind out of their sails!

    Maybe people will holiday in the UK more now rather than going abroad.


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    All speculation at the moment. We’ll just have to wait and see what the final outcome is.

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    To be honest i don’t see the problem, currently we pay for a visa to visit countries outside the eu, so when we leave we the eu we must expect the same.  Likewise the same happens in return, those in the eu will have to pay for a visa to visit us.

    I’m having my last holiday for a while to Majorca this year, it’s getting to expensive there. We plan to go to Turkey the following year where a visa currently costs 20 USD (aprox £14.55), but factor in all the costs and it’s £££’s cheaper than holidaying in the likes of the balearics.

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    One way of looking at it is that it’s a damn cheek, another thought is what percentage of the total holiday cost is an extra £6 ?

    I suppose you could argue that “my holiday has just gone up by 0.95 % ” (or whatever it might be).

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    Before I worked in insurance I worked for a travel company selling holidays to Disney land and we always have to read a statement out about past convictions and inform people that as far as America goes their is no such thing as a spend conviction. God knows how much money the American embassy made with all them interviews and sending people to London for said interviews. However iblater found out that they did not have access to the the police database in the UK so you will telling them all about your past then they check it out as once you arrive in us their is no live link to the UK police database. Don’t know if they changed it now and have a newer system but it did seem a little unfair.

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