Skoda VRS 2017 Please say yes!

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    Hi guys as the topic goes my disease which is progressive has lead me to want the above car as a treat to myself! My wife is even in agreement!!!

    My car change date is the 20 July. Out of interest I rang the main Skoda dealership today to ask about the 2017 model however he was unable to confirm if the 2017 vrs models will be available on the scheme, as the model going out was only put on recently which may have been to get rid of old stock.


    Could any any fellow members please give me their opinions on this situation as I have lusted after this car for years and hope I’m not going to be left disappointed!


    thank You

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    When i was in the Skoda dealership in Jan they told me that stock for the current VRS was none existent and they were no longer taking orders for that reason. If you order one now you WILL get the new model as that is what they are listing on the UK web site on there motability list. 230bhp, hold on to your hat when driving that baby šŸ™‚

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