Skoda not making manuals anymore

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    Ordered our Skoda Kodiaq back in Feb, a manual.

    It arrived at dealer with an auto/DSG gearbox, hence £400.00 more upfront, which we negotiated away.

    Apparantly Skoda aren’t putting manual boxes in 1.5TSi anymore, so all are coming with auto box.


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    Been driving a Superb with DSG for the past 3 years and been quite happy with the gearbox. Do find it best to pull the shifter back into sport for pulling away from junctions and islands though.

    Having driven automatics for what must be 13+ years now I wouldn’t want to go back to a manual.

    I’m surprised they would try to charge you more AP when it’s not your fault the spec changed after you ordered.

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    Wait… You ordered a manual car, they delivered and auto AND they asked for an extra £400 for providing a car you didn’t order?

    Thats insane, I’d of just laughed and walked (wheeled lol) away.

    They would have known about that long before delivery and should have been in touch to ask if you would be able to accept the change.

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    Also worth noting they still let you choose a 1.5 manual on the Skoda website, strange if the dealer claims they don’t make them any more.

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    Auto boxes are the future, the days of 3 speed boxes with PRND12 have gone. New auto’s are getting better economy than manuals in real world driving. Manual economy figures are based on the perfect gearshift at the perfect time, new auto boxes with 6/7/8 gears are always in the perfect gear for the situation. As more and more EV’s come on the market eventually everyone will have an auto box.

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    Menorca Mike

    I’ve been driving automatics for 35 years passed my test in automatic I will miss my suburb dsg box in my golf if I have a Toyota or Honda hybrid

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    Menorca Mike

    It’s the noise with the cvt box I don’t like

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    John Newton

    If it is true that everything will be going automatic soon, then that can only be good for us because there will be no price increases for automatics because everything will be automatic so they can’t get away with that anymore

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    Some EVs/PHEVs already don’t have a gear box with choice of ratios (and I don’t mean CVT): the motors just drive the wheels via fixed ratio gears.

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    Growlingdog, don’t worry, you’ll love the DSG gearbox and the Kodiaq. Had mine for two and half years now, and just can’t fault it.

    Post some photos when you can.  Enjoy the your Bear.

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    I’m going to say it and I don’t care – I LIKE changing gear in my manual car!  Judging the revs, pressing the clutch, shifting the stick – it reminds me that I’m driving a car, not just sitting in an armchair with moving wallpaper.  It’s fun!

    I liked hauling on the handbrake, too, but they’ve also all but vanished.  I’ve only had 3 cars – 2 with manual handbrakes that gave me no trouble at all, and this one, where I’m having to take it into the garage every 8 months for reprogramming because the electronic handbrake keeps ‘grabbing’ when I try to release it.


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    the last time i drove an auto was a volvo 6 wheeldrive dump truck and various other plant looking forward to the dsg box in our ateca

    "the world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams-its heaven and hell "(RJD)

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    Just to compare a friend of mine had a Ford Kuga ecoboost auto 4×4 (17 plate) liked the car but not the gearbox and fuel economy.

    Gearbox took too long to change gear which badly affected fuel economy – euro average 37.7mpg- my friend 26.4mpg.

    If I had to have an auto anything from VW group but I had a manual fabia (11 plate) loved it, very reliable, didn’t cost anything apart from wear and tear. Swapped it for 64 plate fiesta which I like apart from fuel economy. I would have another Skoda in heartbeat but couldn’t find one with the spec I wanted.

    Hope this helps

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    Just had a golf and the dsg was alright, no real complaint at all.. Well are a few i guess no auto is perfect..

    Now i got a cvt which i was worried about a bit, I dunno why?.. it’s awesome, so smooth, no clunking like with the dsg as sometimes it would as it thinks you want up but you want / need to change down and it don’t have a 3rd clutch.

    Plus it would alway change up way to early to keep revs ultra low but as we move towards Zero emissions even hybrid cars will need an autobox of some sort to blend the 2 engines together.

    I cannot drive a manual anymore and that i do miss but The honda i got has paddles as well and it’s a beast of a car when i use them. 1.5l 182bhp vtec cvt, It’s like driving two cars. Really am liking it alot. thinking though I’m gonna get caught out speeding it’s that good. It’s Like a go cart in sport mode without the paddles and a race car using them..

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