Should we get a refund of payments from motability with the lockdown

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    I got a mail from honest john web site saying should insurance companies be refunding customers while unable to use there cars in the lockdown i wonder whether motability or other finance agreements should refund or stop payments until we can reuse our cars again.

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    For some the particular circumstances around the COVID-19/lockdown situation are financially impossible, and for these motability already has a fail safe in place that allows early termination of the lease agreement in exceptional circumstances. Should you be in this situation you should contact them forthwith to discuss. If, however, your exceptional situation is in fact not exceptional, but is the same one we are all dealing with (by definition therefore not exceptional), then I would recommend applying some social responsibility instead. Feel fortunate that you live in a society that supports you as well as it does, feel fortunate that you have a properly maintained vehicle at your disposal should you need or want to use it, feel fortunate that the DWP doesn’t stake a claim for your allowance seeing as you aren’t needing it because you aren’t going anywhere. This scheme offers us as individuals great power. The power to be independent, the power to be mobile, the power to be free to choose how we spend our awards. But with that should come the responsibility to support the institution that offers us all these benefits.

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    I was going to say something pithy about why should we expect anything back, its the hands out culture that seems to permeate the UK etc, but Bowly101 hit it right on the head.

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Viewing 3 replies - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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