Should we be able to challenge the price Motability offer us if we decide to buy

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    Should we be able to challenge the price Motability offer us if we decide to buy our car after three years?

    This is a question ive asked myself but i don`t have an answer. I doubt there is a body set up to deal with this and if there was who should it be?

    This maybe a stupid question but it`s never stopped me before, if you buy the car do you still qualify for the good condition bonus? I would say the obvious answer is nooooo, but if not why not.

    Motability obviously want us to continue leasing through them so giving us a good deal is not in their interest but someone should have the power to look at this to decide if an offer is reasonable or not.

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    Motability is regulated by the FCA thus any challenge would need to go to them. You would need to prove that their offer is unreasonable, which would be a very tall ask in my opinion.

    Prior to this step, I would say if upon receiving the offer to purchase, you could counter-offer through an official complaint – complaining the offer is too high, giving reasons and making the counter-offer.

    The good condition bonus is given when you return / hand-over the car in good condition. By purchasing the car you are not returning it, thus it is not payable.

    Maybe you could argue in your complaint, the GCB is money you would lose out on by purchasing the vehicle, thus the counter-offer you give includes this amount deducted.

    As long as their offer is equal or below the used dealers book price (parkers?) for the vehicle, taking in to account millage, condition, and any adaptions – then i would see it deemed fair. To be honest i haven’t looked at this from when members of the forum have disclosed what their offer was, to see if it is or not.

    Some good questions there Brydo, will be interesting to hear how others see this.

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    When I bought my Motability car the start of last year the price I paid was about right having checked how much a similar car was but without adaptions would have cost me.

    That said I would not say it was a very fair price or a bad one? A car with the same trim (VW Golf 1.4 TSi DSG Match) was sitting on the forecourt of my local dealer for £14,000 and Motability asked for £12,000.

    Taken those two figurers with the different of £2,000 it looks on the face of it a no brainer but the £14,000 price tag with the dealers car is not set in stone and I’m sure a few hundred could have been knocked down on that.

    Now with the good condition bonus it’s a funny thing because if you take that dealers forecourt price again, it’s a car that’s fully service and comes with a 6 months guarantee and had all the tiny scrapes and dinks that 3 year of use does to a car taken out, but my Motability car does not have any of that because Motability cars are not serviced at 3 years and you buy the car on the basis of “Sold as Seen” as they use to say but you do of course know the history of the car but any car can have a major mechanical breakdown at any time.

    With that in mind, let’s say I’m the type of guy who doesn’t give a Monkeys about any Motability car, after all, it’s not mine, so let’s say I’ve hammered the guts out of the engine and gearbox, parked the car in a way that it was likely to get knocked about by others or driving through country lanes and destroying the paintwork the hedges, you get the picture, but now that car is going to have an even lower resale price than that looks like new car sitting at the dealers.

    So this area is a clouded one and I would never personally buy a 3 year old leased car unless I had to and in my case I had to to guarantee my mobility, that and with the over ruling fact the car was fitted with adaption that would cost over a £1,500 (£2,500 with the auto gear box) outside of Motability subsidies.

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    Glos Guy

    I have always asked for the purchase price of every Motability car at the end of lease out of curiosity and it has always been too high. In every case I could have bought a better car for less elsewhere. I guess that if you have expensive adaptations fitted, the car has been a peach and it suits your needs perfectly, then it makes a stronger case, but the damage caused by the adaptations come the time you want to sell it will knock the value down. With our last car they asked for a price that I knew was around £2k too high. A couple of months later I managed to track it down online for sale at a dealers on the other side of the country for £2k less than Motability had offered it to us. Keep in mind the auction fees and the selling dealers margin and it made me appreciate, as others have said, that it is not in their interest to encourage people to leave the scheme, especially as we now know that Motability Operations make £1k per lease profit (on average) from every car that people lease through them.

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    Let’s assume I was exchanging my current car for one of the same make.

    I negotiate with my chosen dealer that he takes up his option of taking my current car into his stock and agree a  price to immediately buy it from him.

    Question is, would he get it at a sensible price from Notability, so he can afford to sell it to me at a better price than Motability would?

    This is because I want a second car…

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    I paid nearly £3000 AP and another £3000 in extras (not adaptations) will I be offered a price based on a base model which has no AP and no extras? I’d been let down by another dealer and yes I ended up with a great car but I didn’t have a lot of choice given that I needed an automatic estate car straight away.

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    I gushed it depends. we got ours FOC from motability when we went for an unregistered cancelled car via our dealer, options weren’t mentioned on the invoice..

    Only on the cars details.

    Im guessing the guy who cancelled paid on order?

    But like all second hand cars they whatever you’re selling is never as good as the stock they have. 🙄

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