Should we, and or,Motability favour British made cars?

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    It is a disaster for anyone to lose their job and we have heard of many being told they face a period on the dole.

    Initially i thought Motability could maybe reduce the AP on British made cars, making them, hopefuly, a bargain on the scheme but this will probably be against fair competition rules.

    Would anyone favour a British car just because its made here, or would that be unrealistic?

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    I think mine is on a few forums, probably a few dating sites as well (fingers crossed…lol).

    She will be a very active member of Vampire Knitters Monthly or Craft Projects for Werewolves. Often disappears upstairs to her lair craft rooms where she streams Netflix teenage shows whilst making some hideous creations.


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    ‘The UK government needs to create a new car company after Brexit’

    If Brexit happens then the government should use it to create a UK-run car company, says Mike Rutherford
    I’m glad it exists, because it creates so many jobs and consumer products which, in turn, offer freedom of movement to people across the world. But even I concede that when looking at the numbers, global car manufacturing is a bonkers business.

    This industry is colossal, superbly organised, highly efficient and deeply impressive. But there’s also an unfathomably illogical side to the car-building game.

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    My cousin was in charge of the team that designed the mini metro and the Morris ital.


    Would you believe the final year of production it was made in China. They’re prob the ones that never fell apart when you closed the door.


    mind you I’d have a mertro 6r4 an original is worth a packet.


    In the 60’s 70’s and 80’s most of my family worked for either British leyland or British steel.

    Once we joined the EU it was to polluting to have large factories over her churning out smoke.

    Before that nobody cared, we’d all be dead from lung cancer or similar.


    Dyson is getting into making electric cars, just not in this country. They charge too much tax, rates and wages.



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    Excuse the grammar I’ve just had a large amount of legal drugs.

    Which I may have to grow my own after brexit?

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    Philjb I worked on the Leyland test track when it was getting built.

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    I remember that episode of top gear when they did the water on lap test as they used some of the course.


    Then in a few episodes after what was left of the British car manufacturers buildings, not many still left standing and most were empty plots with just a few old bricks remaining.

Viewing 6 replies - 76 through 81 (of 81 total)
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