Should we, and or,Motability favour British made cars?

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    It is a disaster for anyone to lose their job and we have heard of many being told they face a period on the dole.

    Initially i thought Motability could maybe reduce the AP on British made cars, making them, hopefuly, a bargain on the scheme but this will probably be against fair competition rules.

    Would anyone favour a British car just because its made here, or would that be unrealistic?

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    Yep it would look like the tourettes had came back lol

    What a loser that guy is

    Anyways I hope you’re having a nice weekend mate, back to Defcon 5 lol

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    hehe, I am, hope you are too Winston.

    Best of British to you lol

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    have I missed something?

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    Ach it was just some numpty spewing crap and bad mouthing us all as per Brydo

    He pops up every now n again

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    My Mini from 2018 was built in Oxford so that is a nice bonus knowing it is helping to keep people in work here. However my main decision when choosing a car on the scheme is the actual car and its suitability not the county that it is made in.

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    The way things are going, I think the price of most cars will rise sharply after ‘Brexit’ (whatever that eventually turns out to be) so it won’t so much be a matter of ‘Buy British-built’ but ‘What’s Left on the List that I can actually drive’.

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    Rene nothing about Brexit in my post, just a question to see if there was any way we could help the thousands of British people who will soon be out of work. No hidden agenda. We have a Mantra on the forum that there are no stupid questions only questions that are not asked. You have ridiculed my question but I am thick skinned and can take it, but if I am a lurker, reading posts on the forum but not sure if I should take the plunge with my first post, and I read your reply, I would have second thoughts. People who post new thread’s are the life blood of the forum so let’s not dissuade anyone from doing so.

    I’m sorry, i have “ridiculed” your question? I’ve pointed out the obvious, that’s all. Yeah, you didn’t mention “Brexit”, but in a discussion about car manufacturers closing plants and stopping to produce certain cars (X-Trail etc), what do you think will inevitably come up?

    As you clearly can see, i didn’t “dissuade” anyone from posting, i stated my opinion on your approach. You then, after two answers went ahead and “called” the discussion already, ignoring basically every response you’ve gotten, failed to explain why it should be our responsibility etc.

    I also didn’t call your question “stupid”, i assumed that you would like to have a discussion about this topic (clearly not the case). In which case you go to the root causes, and that includes Brexit. I even gave you a more detailed answer (which you entirely ignored, even in your answer).

    I’m honestly a bit at a loss here. For a thick skinned guy you’re quick to take things the wrong way/read stuff into statements, i’ll say that. As a comparison, that’s what you said to me: “really hope you enjoy the car lol” which at face value is a very ironic/cynical sounding statement. Made to a guy that was (is, to be honest) jumping up and down like a child counting the seconds to what we deemed basically a new life.

    If you don’t agree with my assessment of your question, tell me. I don’t mind at all, i indeed expect to be challenged on my views in a discussion – that’s why i participate, you can only broaden your horizon by doing so. But attack the argument, instead of pointing out imaginary “ridicule” and then ignore the rest of it.

    To be clear, there’s no bad blood in any of my posts.

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    Glad to hear there is no bad blood Rene, none her either. As I said it was not a loaded question no intention for it to go the way of  Brexit, didn’t even consider it would go there.

    My intention was to genuinely ask if there was any way we could help the people losing their jobs.

    I didn’t think I had suggested people should be forced to buy British or guilted into it. In my head I was looking for motability to maybe encourage people to do so via lower APs.

    with regard to your assertion that you haven’t stopped anyone posting, well that is something we will never know. Just because people post it doesn’t mean others have not been put off.

    You seem to feel that you didn’t call my question stupid and that is correct. I think you called it ridiculous.

    You also question my post about your new car I said “really hope you enjoy your new car lol”,  directly before that I had said “Rene I will say this only once” which was a joking reference to the tv show Allo Allo. Nothing sinister or nasty.

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    Nice one guys, let’s leave it there please.

    I just noted on another thread that I was told Mazda choose there UK holding area in Belgium due to rate and tax incentives.

    I question if the government are doing enough to attract overseas manufacturers to invest in plants / holding areas, etc in the UK. Surely rate / tax incentives that may be given, are made up from the manpower they then employ and taxes the employee then pays. Is there not a bigger picture here that the government aren’t seeing? Perhaps they already do, but are being undercut by our European counterparts.

    Either way, something is wrong when a Japanese manufacturer chooses Belgium for a holding area, rather than the UK, when transport costs from Japan to Belgium/Uk would be equal.

    @drphibes I live just outside Oxford, and people here are very concerned for the future of the Oxford plant. Around me are all the F1 team bases as well, and the same rumours are going around about them potentially uprooting and going abroad.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if other european countries are using the ‘fear factor’ of Brexit to entice UK businesses away and set-up base with them, with rate and tax incentives to do so.

    Sorry, but Brexit was mentioned in previous posts, it was never going to be avoided.

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    When I saw the original post I was reminded of Mrs Mertons classic phrase ‘Let’s have a heated debate’, so we got one.


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    JS (justsaying)

    And on another note some great deals on none European holidays. Canada has some great offerings.

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    When I saw the original post I was reminded of Mrs Mertons classic phrase ‘Let’s have a heated debate’, so we got one.

    That reminded me of a Fred Wedlock song about having, and I quote “a peaceful riot”. 😀

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    Persuader I didn’t think this thread would cause a heated debate, I did think it would have got some support, which it clearly didn’t, but certainly not the replies I anticipated.

    I opened the Brexit thread on the “off topic” section of the forum (which is massively underused) anticipating a variety of views and opinions, and we certainly got that, but this thread I thought would be full of “yes what can we do to help” comments, but no not one.

    Very surprised but every days a school day lol.

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    Glos Guy

    To revert to the original question, I don’t believe that Motability should ever ‘favour’ any type of car as that is not their purpose. They are not a lobbying group or political activists. Their sole purpose is to keep disabled people mobile and this is only achieved by providing the widest possible choice. To ‘favour’ one over another, whether that be country of manufacture, fuel type, body style or whatever will, by default, be at the expense of another.

    It is a great shame that some British car manufacturers are in trouble, but in any free market only the strongest survive. Lots of excuses are being banded around, but there is no single cause. Car manufacturing in Britain is now mostly upmarket niche or mass market foreign owned but with factories here and none of the former are eligible for inclusion on the Motability scheme. Shame, as I could be very tempted by a Range Rover Velar! That being said, having driven most products from the Land Rover stable, they all look fantastic and are peerless off-road (where I would never go) but there are better cars out there for normal on-road use. It would be nice to have the choice though!

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    Brydo  the question  will eventually  have to be asked   your  just  ahead of the game  !

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    Aren’t Caterhams Noble and the Arial atom made in Britain? I’m sure we could get Motability to bring TVR back to life and get them to make a specialist Motability vehicle.

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    Robert there are a few I didn’t list as I had never heard of them and hadn’t seen them on the scheme, so left them out.

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    Aren’t Caterhams Noble and the Arial atom made in Britain? I’m sure we could get Motability to bring TVR back to life and get them to make a specialist Motability vehicle.

    The question is what is a British car and what has happened to the British car industry?

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Oscarmax you won’t be surprised to hear that I think we have missed out massively with regard to EV’s. There brand new ev car companies starting up in various parts of the world but not here. We have had the opertunity of a life time to get in on the electrification gravy train but have made no significant steps in this direction.

    What ever happened to this nation, a nation that for a period of time invented everything worth inventing, where are we now?

    On the subject of what is a British car, ideally it would be a car owned built and designed by a British company but as they are as rare as hens teeth, it would be a car built in Britain.

    I would also give a shout out to any car whose parts are predominantly manufactured here but built elsewhere.

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    There was a patriotic push to ‘Buy British ‘ in the seventies . Trouble was, the vast majority of British cars were total junk.

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    The Allegro was a true legend.

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    Hi,  well said Brydo !!

    Oscarmax , cars built here weren’t the best in the seventies.  However I remember the push to buy British in seventies/eighties,  didn’t M&S have a big banner advertising 90% of their goods being British made? and of course that was when their products were top quality! I still have some St Michael underwear, or is that too much info for a Sunday afternoon?

    Regards, wonky

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    Wonky I’ve just eaten lol.

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    Not a British Car in sight.

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    The end of the Allegro production line opened into a scrap yard to save time didn’t it?

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