shortage of engines

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    been told by mobility that audi  A1 35 1.5 tsi not on scheme yet due to shortage of 1.5 tsi engines.

    anyone any news on this,

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    Cos they can’t make them work and still meet emissions hence all the threads about the VAG Kangaroo, I suspect it may be withdrawn for now until they can figure out how to cheat again!

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    Cos they can’t make them work and still meet emissions hence all the threads about the VAG Kangaroo, I suspect it may be withdrawn for now until they can figure out how to cheat again!

    Yet another stuff up from VW, do you remember the 1.8TSI, eventually VW recalled and had to fit all the engine with a redesigned pistons, how can they get it so wrong?

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    The fact that they don’t give a monkeys might be at the forefront

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    The A3 is about to be replaced by brand new model anyway

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    You wait till 2040 and no new car will have any engine, souped up milk floats only.

    Unless you live somewhere money doesn’t make the air any cleaner.

    Anyone see the hilarious program the other night when John sergeant, Lionel Blair and the hi di hi biddy tried out a Tesla?

    First they couldn’t open it as it was done via an ap, then they had 5 mile range and had to find a charge point, in the pouring rain. It took so long to charge they went for a meal in the pub. I think they left it there charging and the camera car took them home.

    I really hope Things are a lot easier by then.


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    Phil also in 2040 the DFS sale will be on

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    Yeah but it’s a real Double Discount one… 🤣🤣

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    Phil, Phil, Phil you old neanderthal.

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    I’m all for progress but only when it’s a step forward and not just to join the bandwagon.

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    Brydo I like life to be as easy as possible, I live with pain and feeling crap everyday I don’t want to do things I don’t need to,  just to make others happy.

    Especially with a car.

    None of my kids or grandkids suffer from this so called co2?

    Christ my first job was an apprentice for London transport back in the 60’s and we had to walk through a garage full of diesel smog with cold engines starting up, you couldn’t even see 6ft away and I’ve never had any breathing problems.


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    Phil my friend only joking, i understand how hard life can be and how it can effect you every single day. Life is hard and cars are only cars, they can be important things but negligible in the grand scheme of things.

    We all have done silly things in our life, i worked in a lab for a number of years and the things we did may yet come back to haunt me health wise.

    However you just have to watch the TV to see floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters happening on a regular basis. Trump thinks they are just happening and that’s life, i tend to believe in global warming and i think evs will help reduce the effects of a warming world.

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    That’s true mate.

    My disability is down to an accident not environmental changes or bad health choices.

    My mum was even allowed to smoke on the maternity ward when my brothers were born?

    Yes I get it, the planet is being ruined in places by humans greed.

    But making more cars and scrapping perfectly good ones will pollute the planet even more.

    So will making all this extra electricity and batteries we will need.

    But im just interested in making my day and life easier.

    I’d have never chosen an SUV even 4 years ago. But now needs must.

    But In my borough even a hybrid isn’t a big enough step.

    When the mayor drives round in a diesel merc?

    The councillors live outside the borough and have recently been shamed that they all drive into work. 😂

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