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    hi. If you get a car from one dealer i.e. you have travelled for a better deal, do you have to return the car to them for servicing, warranty claims etc

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    No Shaun, you can get your vehicle serviced at any motability accredited dealer, our new vehicle was arranged by a brilliant dealer over 30 miles from us as our local main dealer is sh**e, in fact the Ford dealer we go to for servicing cannot supply motability vehicles but can service them, and it’s on our doorstep, so get the best deal even if its 100 miles away and get it serviced at your local main dealer ( as long as it’s motability accredited )  Hope this helps.

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    ideal. helps a lot with shopping around as I’m quite rural, and limited options locally. cheers


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    The only problem I’ve had is if you go to a non you make car dealer for a service is you may find it can take a little longer to get any parts needed for your vehicle.

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    Glos Guy

    Do you mean if you use a different brand (e.g. you drive a Hyundai but have it serviced at a Ford dealer)? If so, I doubt that Motability would be too happy with you, as having a new car serviced in that way would result in the car being worth less at resale. I suppose if you live in a very rural part of the country you may have no choice, but there is nothing to be gained by doing this otherwise.

    To revert to the original posters question, all franchised main dealers can service your car, regardless of whether or not they supplied it (and must do so). So it’s best to buy from the dealer who offers the best deal (even if a considerable distance from you) and have it serviced at the dealer that is local to you.

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    My local VW dealer is Arthur prince Loughborough just 4 miles away always had motability Golf off them but they couldn’t match £500 off I got at Johnson’s Solihull 4o miles away so I ordered at Johnson’s they have told me I can take it to my local dealer for servicing checks etc which is great news

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    Motability confirmed again yesterday to me when they phoned to check if we were pleased with new car (nice touch I thought) that we can use Any Motability accredited and Manufacturer approved dealership for servicing. Our supplying dealership is 80 miles away.

    just bare in mind you may receive a standard letter stating either your supping or closest dealership from Motability so you will need to let motability know who you wish to use for servicing so they can set it up for you.

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