See how unrealistic car fuel economy figures

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    72 dudes

    Pretty old news Martino.

    WLTP has been around for over a year?

    The only way to accurately monitor fuel consumption is via the brim to brim method over several tankfulls.

    Forget the optimistic on board fuel computer.

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    Very informative, thanks for posting.

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    Menorca Mike

    That brummie idiot spoils car reviews for me thankyou goodness other reviews on you tube

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    Brim to brim fill and empty gives me the correct reading of 38>39 MPG while the cars calculator overall says its doing 33 MPG so KIA don’t do themselves any good having an underestimate.

    I think the cars computer is set to US gallons because if you do the maths 33 to 38 works out about right but KIA says the computer is set for UK gallons but 1,000’s of KIA drivers says the same as me but unfortunate for me I can’t change the settings as you can only do that on the top of the range model and mine is top but one. 😥

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    72 dudes yes it is old news but the bits that got me , MPG Iv always looked at picking a car with mpg usually combined urban and motorway but that even rubbish.

    the fact the way they test cars even the new way, the engine out the car , and the actual driving or how they accelerate slowly its all still really now accurate .

    i think as said on here best way is fill the car drive it refill see what you get , problem with that is you then have the car for three years even if you don’t like the millage

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    Have to take issue with you Mike, over Car Wow presenter Mat Watson. He has 18 years experience in motoring journalism so he’s no idiot, and he hails from Walsall, so he’s no Brummie.

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    Menorca Mike

    We will agree to disagree wigwam I can’t stand him

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    Mike, it’s obvious you for whatever reason don’t like him!

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    Menorca Mike its nice to be nice you should like everyone

    in theory

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    Menorca Mike


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    I don’t know why they can’t just do a brim to brim average in real world driving and tell us what the mpg actually is think of the money they’d save in testing

    Btw my Rs6 averaged 18 mpg of super unleaded, but it was worth every penny. Even the dog had a smile on his face when he went out in it.


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    Too variable – depends on where you drive, who drives, what the traffic was like, if it was windy/rainy, how fast/slow you go etc.


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    But who drives with there engine taken out and placed on a jig  it’s obviously not accurate or cars would be achieving the same or very close mpg to what manufacturers state.

    If they did a brim to brim over a set route with fixed speed limits at the same time of year and similar temperatures  we’d get a truer figure.

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    LRO do a real world test. They have a set route that includes M’way, A&B plus a couple greenlanes. They do it on secondhand stuff as well as new. Usually gives a good indication.

    Tbh though, my old Wolseley 16/60 auto (with a BW 3spd slush box) avgd about 30mpg as did a Volvo 144 auto and many others. Even the 3.0 Capri got 26ish sometimes! So I’m not that impressed when twenty plus years later a Kuga diesel and Sharan diesel only AVG about 44!

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