Seat Terraco Vs VW Allspace

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    Not had a chance to visit any dealers yet, is there a rundown of what the differences are between the Tiguan Allspace Match auto and the Terraco Xcellence auto in terms of kit?
    The Seat is a couple of hundred pounds more AP. Anyone know if it comes with heated seats? They are a £285 option on the VW.

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    No heated seats on the Taracco – but I looked at both and went with the Taracco – the ONLY thing I don’t like about it is that the boot wont go down via the remote………… just goes up with it.



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    Had a good look round a Tiguan today, very impressed so it’s at the front of the queue.
    The dealer did warn of 6-10 month waiting times though!

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    karl mountford

    are you sure about the heated seats because it says on the seat website that the tarraco has heated front and rear seats

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    karl mountford

    just had a good luck at seat’s website …heated seats only on the excellence lux model which is only available in 150bhp and manual 🙁


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    Hi – yes i’m sure – it’s only on xcellence lux and they don’t do that in an automatic on the scheme 🙂

    If your after a manual then it’ll be fine.



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    I’ve just checked this exact subject with Seat UK. Leather is now an option on the Terraco Xcellence trim so wanted to know if it was heated and electric but they said NO as to get heated seats you need a winter pack which is only part of Xcellence lux.

    So after cancelling my allspace as the dealer ordered the wrong spec I’ve re ordered another Allspace.

    The Allspace rear hatch wont go down by the remote either as the dealer confirmed with VW on Monday. I was going to pay £70 for the wavey foot thing but he said not to bother as it wont add closure from the fob.



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    I spoke with my local seat dealer today and he said the Excellence lux dsg is coming to the scheme January 1st as thats what i am looking for as well

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    Andy, do a search on this forum re the Tarraco.

    I had this shortlisted but have read some horror stories here regarding wrong cars being ordered/delivered/the recipient’s car being sold from under them prior to hand over (dealer makes more ?). This is enough to put me off I’m afraid. You may be braver though! ?

    I’ll be aiming at either another X1 or a Tiguan if funds allow.

    Good luck to you

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Hey just thought I’d throw my two cents in I ordered a Tarraco xcellence first edition in August. I spoke to them that day and then again last week to arrange collection for today. Just picked it up. No hassles. Was in and out in under 30 mins. Car was the one we ordered. I don’t doubt there are some nightmare dealers out there but they’re not all like that

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